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Alright! | Date With A Comedian ft. Anushka Sharma & Ambrish Verma

I’m in a state of dilemma whether I am feeling happy or sad because it’s the first time that my boyfriend has apologised to me um, sorry my ex-boyfriend He said, I’m extremely sorry that I was in a committed relationship with a woman like you I think it’s not working between both of us and you know what was the reason he gave He broke up saying that you are not creative enough She’s mad but she’s magic There is no lie in her fire Very creative Are these your original lines? How does it matter, really? I am the one who has put these lines to use Okay! So, by the way Is it your first time on this app? Oh yes, I’ve broken up recently What was the issue? She said I wasn’t creative She was not completely wrong though So she could’ve been mad at me Instead of cheating on me Oh, so you’ve really gone through a rough patch Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Are you indirectly asking me out for a date? I had no intention to But It doesn’t seem like a bad idea Hauz Khas is nearby to my place Okay then Tomorrow 4 PM, Social Offline, Hauz Khas #deshbadalrahahai This car has Dillu’s heart, no one can stop me from towing the same What is this stubbornness of yours? What about these 3 cars which are parked in the same row as mine? Hi Vrashank What is happening? Hello Come on, pull it over One second I don’t know why is he getting so furious There are other cars parked here as well, why are you towing only my car Are you out of your senses? But what happened brother, at least tell me Brother my foot How dare you tow away this car from here First things first Dillu doesn’t talk one on one with a lady and when it comes to daring I’ll tow your car too in front of your eyes and no one in Delhi has the audacity to stop me from doing so Let me talk Consider me your younger brother and get done with all of this **** If I lodge a complaint against you in a police station your license will be cancelled Go ahead File a complaint You are not gonna understand this way I have to call Balli bhaiya One minute Balli bhaiya, the one who is a body builder Mr. Delhi He is my elder brother Madam, you are our very own Let’s settle down the payment at 100-200 Unload the car right away Please don’t tell Balli bhaiya He’s gonna beat me up real bad Should I tell you an interesting fact I don’t even know who Balli bhaiya is You killed it You would’ve have paid him a good amount of money till now But I’m sorry Because of me the whole date got ruined Ruined? Who said that? Those people are extremely lucky Who get to experience adventure instead of romance on their first date I wasn’t aware about all this Now that I’ve worked so hard, I don’t wanna leave from here with an empty stomach I have an idea Let’s pretend like none of this happened now you and I are gonna meet for the first time inside the restaurant Interesting, right? Sounds too weird, but Interesting Done So, deal See you in 5 minutes Cool One special Spaghetti Pasta You took a great deal of time We decided on meeting after 5 minutes Stay true to your character Hi Sorry, hi Nice meeting you Hi, but This is what you say after the meeting ends Are you getting nervous? No, no Actually I did not expect that we would meet so soon just after a few chats I’m a stand-up comic I believe in performing as soon as I get a spot You tell me something about yourself I do not indulge in such cool stuff as such I am an engineer Now a coder So, recently I’ve pursued a course in Six Sigma You did not wear a tie today? What about the tie? I mean, you are giving an interview That’s how you represent yourself in your line of profession An interview and a date are all the more the same There you have to please the interviewer and here you have to impress your date Thankyou Thankyou So, for how long did your relationship last? Two weeks I am so sorry It might be a task to forget about her It is quite difficult for me Though Arijit Singh’s songs do help me in getting over her I have stopped feeling hungry Okay, one random question What relationship do Khaleesi and Jon Snow share? She is his father’s sister Why do you ask? I noticed from your profile that you are a GoT fan Okay, so you are cross-checking You never had a relationship? I was! But we were extremely opposite We were poles apart He was way too serious and as you know I am an averagely funny person Your self-awareness is on point You are averagely funny When I used to give him GoT spoilers He threatened me to break it off After giving him spoilers he just used to threaten you? He was a good man Call him and ask if he is still available So you happened to answer a question on the app That you’re looking for a long-term relationship Is it so? Ya, I mean Someone who is honest in a relationship who puts in equal amount of effort to make things right who respects my dreams and I feel if all this is taken care of the relationship will automatically last for long All of the sudden, I started talking about all the serious stuff We can talk about serious stuff on our second date I mean It is allowed You might have it jotted down in one of your rule books Not really, it is not in my rule book I just made it up at the moment Okay Jokes apart I think you’re right We all need someone whose dreams are aligned with yours there should be that element of importance Someone in front of whom you don’t have to pretend to be somebody else and you can freely be your vulnerable self Most importantly The one who has a good laugh even on your lamest of jokes TRUE The one who willingly helps you get through all the difficulties of life who must value your opinion too, right? Yes, I mean someone filled with compassion and acceptance because no relationship is perfect you have to make it perfect Same as, if you want your country to be perfect You have to be perfect as well nice Rang De Basanti reference You never really get tired, do you? Never Our date is the most uncool one We are sipping on roadside tea On the contrary, it is so cool What all we haven’t done since morning We invited a fight Had a cup of Cappuccino We also had that special Pasta Ya, I discovered your taste in food Hi guys If you enjoyed watching this video Do LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT down below what all you did on your adventurous date If you too are on the search for a serious relationship Do install the “OK CUPID” APP and get a meaningful match And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to “Alright”

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  1. Guy was even an engineer but still was not a comedian and girl was dabang comedian may be because of that punches was missing as per the title

  2. I am a happy go lucky type of peraon.😂😂😂😂😂😂 No one will ever accept my behaviour

    no trust on relationships😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Yrrr meri first date thi, to socha tha kuch special krunga, but she were very stupid, she met me on first date At indian coffee house, makkhiyaan…fuck.. #theunhiginedate

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    Loved her videos….
    This guy is too funnily innocent 😂💞..Loved him a lot… 💞😎

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  6. These creative actors are far too better than bollywood actors and these guys deserves something better than this

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