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Alternatino with Arturo Castro – Official Trailer

So, me and the whole
bridal party were roommates freshman year, and everyone said I was going to
be the first one to get married. And now I’m the only one
who’s not, which is crazy. It’s crazy. Please stop. Please stop.
I can’t do this anymore. There’s more than
one type of Latino. And I’m not going to fulfill
some stereotype just to make somebody happy.
I’m sorry. Hey, man, aren’t you
the jaguar from Narcos? Oh yes, I am. Don’t lie to me. Sex is a very
important decision. How are you defining sex? What if there’s two men
or two women? How would you define sex with
multiple simultaneous partners, or what if somebody’s undergone
genital reconstruction or is intersex? He is just so, “Mm,”
and you’re more like, “Mm,” you know?
Does that make sense? Am I delicate? You just decanted white wine. It needs to breathe. Back in the day, ese,
we had to call people like this. Damn. That’s what’s up. Hey, What do you say to that? Hey, get back here.
I’m not done. I’m not. Did I say I was

100 thoughts on “Alternatino with Arturo Castro – Official Trailer

  1. This reminds me of Las Rojas… thats gotta be a swift kick in the nuts to that guy.

  2. Oh my freaking gosh! LOL!! This looks like it's an awesome show! I love the sketch with the two latino guys acting like they're arguing in spanish in front of the girl. I can't wait to see the whole thing. Looks hilarious! This Arturo guy is a bad ass actor too. Total freakin' brutal villain in Narcos. What a night and day range of acting he has.

  3. From Narcos to this…. let’s appreciate his range 😂😂😂 (not forgetting my love for him on Broad City) ❤️

  4. My hatred for actors and actresses and sissies has not changed since high school. When the drama students and the band/music students were and still are the biggest pussies, sissies, and attention seekers on the planet. In those days we gave them attention they didn't want. We scared them and hurt them a little bit. Now I can't get grab them by their turkey necks and shake them. Damn I wish I could.

  5. Who's this asshole, he stole all this shit from the guy who does " cholo fit" on you tube ( LOOK IT UP). That guy is funny, NOT this ass clown.

  6. Just want to put this out their his american slash central America not mexican I can.tell by his facial probably descent from el salvador

  7. I got tired of watching whites and blacks I want to see some culture to I love latinos I have a lot of mexican freinds I love the latino culture

  8. Everyone shit talking this guy because of narcos just proves how good an actor he is for people to dislike him because of a show

  9. Arturo Castro stretching the lane for Latino actors. First a drama now a sketch comedy show? You’re boy getting it 👏

  10. Why hasn't anyone told the network that a Chuckie Doll's face is less disturbing than this pretentious, not funny, abomination. Who. Would. Waste. Time. Producing. This. And. Watching. This? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  11. 1:23 Ese chapinismo "CEROTE" se hará internacional ja ja¡ A guatemalan expression"CEROTE", is now an international word¡¡

  12. Que vergon loco representando a LA MARA … finally I hear a word that is not GUEY … estos SEROTES GRINGOS need to learn a new cus word 🇸🇻 from a Central American country 🙌

  13. The Thumbs down to up ratio isnt as large as I imagined……… Huh….. must be the wrong type of comedy for folks? Seems funny, but no, not for me either.

  14. Typical, High RT ratings = boring/bad. Its not funny, badly written and totally underwhelming. It always feels like there are onto something funny only to fall flat down into lame land. Waste of time

  15. lmao, whoever did the english subtitles fucked up….. at 0:32 the driver says “drug dealer,” not “jaguar” 😂

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