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Am I Doing Nothing With My Life?

(upbeat music) – Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re all
finally in the same room. – I know, right! I haven’t seen you guys since
last Christmas, I think? – No! – It’s been a year? Wow, time flies! How you been, Raph? – Oh, good. – Yeah? What you been up to? – Work. – And work’s good? You still at the same place? – Yeah. It’s uh, the same. (laughs) Nothing new, really. How ’bout you guys? – I got a promotion. – Oh my God! – Yeah I have like 20
people working under me. – That’s great! Wow, nice! – No, it’s dumb. – It’s great! – It’s so dumb. It’s great. You know. – Well I got a new job. It’s actually kinda my dream job! – Oh my God! – I’m very excited. – I just started my own business. I got tired of the corporate life and uh, and my photography’s just been blowing up. – You’re famous. I see you on my phone and I’m like, that’s my girl! – (thinking) Wow, all my friends have done so much this year. Am I doing nothing with my life? That’s so cool. – So Raph, what’ve you been up to? It’s been a year, you must’ve done so much! – Yeah! Um, mentioned work… (thinking) What have I done? What have I done? – Traveled anywhere? – Yeah. (thinking) Where did you travel? You didn’t go anywhere this year! – Yeah, me neither. – (thinking) Woo, thank God! – Uh, how ’bout your tour of Asia? – (thinking) What! – Oh yeah! (laughs) I almost forgot about that! I guess it’s like I’ve been four times, doesn’t really feel
like a big deal anymore. – (thinking) You took
a tour of all of Asia? And just forgot about it? – Well, I went to Maui. – (thinking) Why is everyone traveling to all these cool places? I didn’t know I was supposed to do that! – And while I was there… – No! Shut up! No! Shut up! – You guys I got engaged! You’re a bridesmaid, you’re a bridesmaid, you better come, to the wedding. – (laughs inwardly) – Sorry I’m late everybody, so sorry. – Oh my God! – Oh my God! – You look incredible! Do a spin. – Twirl, I’ll do a twirl. – Do a twirl. – Oh my God, no! – Woo, baby! – Thank you, thank you everybody. Lost 60 pounds. – (thinking) Dear God, I haven’t lost any weight! I said I would, but
then I didn’t do (beep)! – And I’m so sorry again, tried to get here as soon as I could but it is taking forever to
paint my new apartment. – (thinking) No, I’m in the same (beep)! – And lemme tell you this, I had to make more space, for the new dog. – Aw! – [Brunette Man] So sweet! – The cutest little dog! – Yeah? – I’ll send you photos. – [Brunette Man] Oh, please! – (thinking) A dog? I have to say something cool I’ve done. I’ve been paying my rent! Once, a month. (laughs) – Raph! So good to see you! How’ve you been? What do you do with your days? – (thinking) Uh… – What’d you do this weekend? – (thinking) Uh… – What’d you do before you came here? – (thinking) Uh… – What’re you thinking about right now? – (thinking) What am I thinking about? I’m doing so little with my life I have nothing to think about? (inwardly screaming) (explosion) – Raph’s head exploded. That’s something new
that happened this year! – Oh my God! I wish I had something that
cool going on in my life! – I’m such a loser! I don’t do anything! – Me too! – Aw guys, it’s really no big deal. (all laughing) – I mean he’s funny! – Yeah, you got a point. – Hey it’s Jess! If you like CollegeHumor
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100 thoughts on “Am I Doing Nothing With My Life?

  1. Sponsored by The Real Cost: If your head explodes and the smoke isn't purple, it's a sign of nicotine and leaves you more perceptible to cancer.

  2. To be fair, it's way better to stay your ass home than waste time, money and pollute the planet to go to a place, take a few pictures, brag about it, and forget about it.

  3. Happiness is a state of mind, do things because you want to, not to fulfill some quota of progress or to brag about it to others.

  4. I hoped so much there would be a twist at the end explaining how it's okay to do "nothing" all year because that's how life is sometimes and it's nothing bad and it doesn't mean you have to feel bad about yourself. I'm a little bit dissappointed.

  5. Except you shouldn't want to travel, go to concerts, sporting events, etc. It's all stupid imo. I save so much money not buying into what I'm supposed to enjoy. People who travel are like vegans who run. They can't wait to tell you about it and feel superior.

  6. before watching this video, i would have been confident that i did not want my head to explode. now i come to think of it, though, i haven't really done anything else this year…

  7. College Humor really connects with me.

    College Humor really knows what’s going on in their audience’s lives.

  8. What a terrible message.. those coming away with this feeling bad please realize you are much better not comparing yourself to others. You measure your own success. Make goals and strive for them, and even if it takes you longer to get there realize that youre doing what it takes to make it happen. Love to all!

  9. Let's try to stay away from asking a question in the video that is also the title of the video, when it's only 3 minutes long.

  10. On a serious note tho, it's just depressing how society expects us to be doing all these amazing things with such a fucked up world and economy in our generation… 1 year flies by after you start adulting

  11. Great you will just die with all your stupid titles, salaries and work. Focus on having children if you want to leave something that matters behind

  12. not everybody can be CEOs of multimillion dollar enterprises.
    and most likely not the one reading this. enjoy your life, if you were SUPERIORLY BLESSED by having a set of skills paired with the right time to make them shine be supremely thankful for what you got,and help others enjoy their life.
    if you dont then you are the one not doing anything with their life. watching a number get bigger gets boring after a while.

  13. i mean, the way i see it… having an average and ok year is a significant improvement from being depressed and suicidal so! it’s an accomplishment in my eyes!

  14. I'd phrase it, "You know, a little bit of this a little bit of that, just taking some time to do some soul searching and really knowing my default preferences to then act optimally in the future."

  15. This situation happened to me literally 2 hours ago after getting together with my friends after months of not seeing each other. Luckily I'm not as boring/hopeless as ralph's character so this video kind of cheered me up. The timing couldn't be more perfect CH, thanks for that.

    Edit: Usually don't "like" vids anymore but this is an exception

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