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AMARETTI BISCUITS | How to Make Almond Amaretti Cookies

– Hi and welcome to.
– Hi and welcome to, Vincenzo’s plate! – Today we are with Maria’s plate! My mother-in-law, also nonna. And today Maria is showing us how to make, Amaretti biscuits, almond
biscuits from the south of Italy. Calabria in this time. And these are your
grandmother’s recipe, huh? – Absolutely! And my mother always used to say, “How can you have a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, without a biscotto?” – Oh yeah! It’s biscotti time!
– It is! (upbeat music) The great thing about this
recipe is, it’s simple! There’s only a very few
ingredients and in no time, you going to have a baking
tray full of biscotti. Okay, here we go! We need 500 grams of almond meal. 300 grams of caster sugar. Five egg whites. And a bottle of almond essence. All right, so let me just
put (cracking egg on bowl) the last egg white into a bowl. That didn’t take too much effort. – [Vincenzo] So six egg whites? – No just five egg.
– [Vincenzo] Five, sorry. – Five egg whites.
– [Vincenzo] Five okay. – That’s okay, and just whisk
it for a couple of minutes. (whisks eggs) Always make sure that you’re using free range eggs and your
eggs are room temperature, before you actually start this recipe. How simple is this? Just a little bit more! Perfect Vincenzo! Okay! All we need to do, is
combine our ingredients now. What I like to do is, before
I actually put my egg white into the other ingredients, I
like to use my almond essence. Put the almond essence into the egg white. – [Vincenzo] Oh you put the whole bottle? – The whole bottle, yes. And just gently whisk it again. So that absolutely beautiful flavor goes right through the egg white. How does that look? – [Vincenzo] Oh yeah! Looks nice and creamy.
– Great! Don’t forget, don’t over whisk
’cause we don’t need ’em, we don’t need meringue. Okay so, we going to put the caster sugar. – [Vincenzo] I mean I
can smell the almond. (laughs) Oh my god! – Into the almond meal
and what I like to is, just bring that all together, before adding your liquid to it. That’s not too difficult, is it? – [Vincenzo] No! – Oh it does smell good Vincenzo! – [Vincenzo] Hmm! Oh my god!
– Okay! Once that caster sugar has been mixed in well, now you gently put your egg white, your whisked egg white, into your other ingredients. And as much as we love to use utensils, what you’ll find is, I’m just going to put the utensil down and use my hands, to
actually combine all of this. – [Vincenzo] Brava! – That way, you really get a good feel of how the texture is coming together. ’cause that’s the important part. – [Vincenzo] Feeling it!
– Too much, can make the texture too
sticky and too runny. And of course, not enough
will make it too thick, so it has to be just that perfect texture. So let me see, how we go. So far, so good! And don’t be scared. If you haven’t got quite enough, just add a little bit
more almond meal to it. Just remember this recipe, is simple. So don’t make things hard for yourself. Now if the texture is too soft, don’t worry, there’s
nothing to worry about. Remember I said, this
is a real simple recipe. All you need to do, is
just to put it all together and just leave it in the bowl, cover it. And leave it for about an hour. – [Vincenzo] And put it in the fridge? – At this point, only if you going to put, you’ll only put it in the fridge if you going to actually leave it, for a longer period of time. Some people like to do
their Amaretti biscotti, they actually put all
the ingredients together, then they actually let
them rest overnight. Now of course, because
you’re using egg white, it’s a must to keep it in the fridge. So everyone has their little bit of a spin on this particular recipe, but this is my family recipe
and I find this one works. Okay? How easy was that? – [Vincenzo] Hmm! – Just to also remember,
don’t over mix the recipe. It’s not like you’re kneading bread, or you making other
type of biscuits, okay? Because you’re only using
almond meal and caster sugar. Okay? I like to wash my hands first, before I get to the next step, which is basically just
rolling the biscotti out. Okay, so for the next part of this recipe, what I like to do is I like
to get like a teaspoon, okay? And just like you would
do meatballs I guess, just get a nice heaped
amount on your teaspoon. And roll it into your hands, just like you making a meatball. How easy is that? Have a little plate with
some icing sugar in it. Now I did forget to tell
you that this recipe is also gluten free. So I always use a gluten free icing sugar. So for all those beautiful
people out there, that want a gluten free recipe, this is just perfect for you! Away we go and just keep on going. Just keep on making some nice, round shape biscotti. So a teaspoon and a nice heaped
amount, on your teaspoon. Just take it off with your thumb. Put it into your hand and just roll it, like a meatball. Now if you find the texture is a little bit sticky. Always have a little bowl with water in it and just put your finger tips in that bowl and roll that bit of water,
into your palm of your hand. And it just makes it so much easier. Okay! We have a baking tray,
with some baking paper, ready for the biscotti
to be placed on there, before putting them into the oven. Here we go! So just roll your biscotti
into your icing sugar. And don’t put them too
close to one another and you’ll see why in a minute.=[Vincenzo] This is when you don’t wanna put next to each other. – How easy was that? – [Vincenzo] Very easy Maria!
– Yes! In the meantime, you’ve actually
got your oven warming up, so preheat your oven at a
180°C in a fan-forced oven. How nice and easy is this recipe? For all you grandparents, all you nonni, you can make this with your grandchildren. And then after they
cooked, you can sit down and enjoy having a coffee,
a tea, a cappuccino. – [Vincenzo] Only Monticello!
(laughs loudly) – The great thing about baking is, there’s nothing as enjoyable as baking with a relative or a friend. I have a very dear friend, that we bake. Do lots of baking for Christmas together. – [Vincenzo] And it’s fun! – And it is fun and
after we finish baking, we enjoy having taste-testing,
(laughs) our biscuits, or whatever we’ve decided
to bake on the day. And we go, ooh! I think this tastes
better than the last time. So before we’re going to
place them in the oven, what I like to do is, rather than leave them just like a ball, I like to press them a little. Okay, so we going to press them now. Just very gently, just with your fingers. Like so. Before we put them into
the oven, we just get our, a little, a bit more sprinkle
of icing sugar on them. What the icing sugar
does, it actually creates this beautiful golden
coating on the outside. So texture is just really what’s important with these biscuits. So we like to have them a little
bit crunchy on the outside and moist in the middle, and
you’ve got a perfect biscotti. And now we’re ready to be baked. So you’ve just placed your
tray of biscotti in the oven, of 180°C, cooking time
is around 15 minutes, but make sure you check your biscuits after about 12 or 13 minutes. – [Vincenzo] Wow Maria! This is looks fantastic!
– Hmm! – Look how beautiful!
– Thank you! – Look how stunning! – Our biscotti are ready! – Wow!
– Well you know what we have to do now. – Well we have to eat them! Maria, really, really good smell. This kitchen smells amazing!
(laughs) – It’s great, isn’t it? – And it’s–
– What do we have over here? What do we have over here?
– Well Vincenzo, have I got a surprise for you! – Oh my god, I love this! – Look what I baked. – So what we have here? You can technically–
– Okay. – Make different shapes! You can do right?
– That’s right! It’s just the way they’ve been decorated. So we can have a cherry. – So like that and then you put– – Yeah!
– The almond flakes. – Or you make it like a little horseshoe and just put almond flakes– – And that’s a glazed
– around it. – Cherry in the middle. – All it is is a glazed cherry. – Wow. – You can just decorate
it the way you like it. – Hmm.
– You can put almond, you can put Pistachio,
you can put a coffee bean! – In the meantime, I eat Maria. – (laughs) Okay, I think that’s good idea! – (groans in delight) – So? And? – Crunchy on the outside! Super moist on the inside.
– On the inside. That’s good, that’s what I like to hear, ’cause that’s what I want– – And full of flavors.
– Them to. – I think we need a cup of tea Maria! – Oh, I’ll have a coffee thank you! – Hmm?
– An espresso, thank you. – Coffee time. And Amaretti time! – And (foreign word) – Hmm!
– (foreign word) (laughing) – Vincenzo’s Plate! – Vincenzo’s Plate! – Mm, Maria’s Plate! (gasps) – Vincenzo’s Plate! – Quote the menu Maria! (claps hands) Thank you for sharing this family recipe. – You are welcome!
– Hmm! (chilled music)

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