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10 thoughts on “American Dragon ((One-Line Multilanguage Requested))

  1. I think that you should make an update of this with Latin Spanish and few other Languages added. I also think that you should do it the same way that you did The Replacements

  2. Do you think this should've lasted for more than 2 seasons and 52 episodes? Cause if you do what year do you think it would've ended it's run and how long do you think reruns would continue? I think the show would end its run in either late 2009 to early 2010 and reruns would've lasted until 2014.

  3. Could you make a updated spongebob multilanguage. There is now Mongolian found (real)

  4. Some of the dubs (like Latino-Spanish) were removed due to copyright by the time I uploaded this video. However they were back on when I finished uploading. XD lol.

  5. Sorry this took so long! I will also write credits in the comments later on tomorrow or so. Subtitles for languages. Thanks for watching and I'm still working on the other requests!! Requests are accepted so reply or comment with your request so I can work on it!! Thanks so much guys and happy holidays^^!!

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