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American English Intonation: That Was So Funny!

“That was so funny.” When we use adverbs, we need to emphasize
them, “That was so funny.” You want to really put your enthusiasm into
that. Otherwise, why are you saying that? Listen carefully to how I emphasize the word
“so” and the word “funny.” “That was sooo funny,” [Dah, da-da. Dah, da-da.] I hold that word “so” I make it long, I make
it louder, I make it higher in pitch and I stay right there for the word funny. “That was sooo funny.” “I’m sooo hungry.” “I’m sooo tired.” “I’m sooo happy.” You have to lengthen those adverbs and you
have to lengthen that focus word, use your intonation. Think about being enthusiastic. I think that when you use enthusiasm, you
automatically can use more intonation in your voice. “That was sooo funny.” I hope you liked today’s video. Like the YouTube channel, like this video,
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