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65 thoughts on “Amy Goes Off on Glenn – Superstore (Episode Highlight)

  1. She kinda went too far and it was hard to watch but……….i think it shows how women can be post pregnancy if they aren't allowed the time to recuperate. She was goin thru a lot. I felt bad for Glenn the way he walked off 😢

  2. Ok i get why amy is mad but i still felt bad for glenn like he was trying to make her feel better (ik bath bombs are not better than giving her a day off or a week but he doesn't have a choice) i still LOVEEEEE this show tho❤

  3. It's that bad after delivery. Great video to portray that struggle. Any one wud scream like that if Yu sleep only for 90 mints in 3 days. Try not sleeping and you lose all sense of reason


  5. I loved how this episode showed the reality of how women look and feel right after having a baby. I hated that she went off on Glen but she was at work two days after having a baby. Superstore is my favorite show these days.

  6. Its,2018, the whole single mother who " accidentally " got pregnant demeans women. Or, they demean themselves,when they must have / keep a child they can't afford or be there for.
    geesh 2018. Choose to not get pregnant then expect co workers YOUR choice. Imagine we won't cover your shift? there ya go. now go play p.t ugg.
    And yes basted. iroirations , who actually could makr life easier,are at fault. Greedy,,arrogant and calling Us lazy .
    W alMart workers could try to unionize ….HAHAHAHAHA.

  7. God this episode was depressing. A great mirror to how working mothers are treated, but DAMN. Glenn more than deserved this.

  8. Amy is seriously turning into an unlikable character. She gets away with so much and makes everything about herself.

    Jonah shouldn't waste his time with Amy she is a ticking time bomb.

    Yeah it was nice we waited 3 seasons for something between them to happen. But it ultimately didnt amount to anything.

    She still got pregnant by her ex husband and is a train wreck. She should've been fired for going off on Glenn like that.

    Glenn doesnt need a diva like Amy around anymore.

    What will the writers think of next ???

  9. Oh poor Amy. It must be awful to have stand up and function at work 2 days after GIVING BIRTH! She must feel like death warmed up over there. This is such a great scene highlighting how damn hard it is for women after giving birth. Great acting and very funny.

  10. Maybe she should’ve checked to see about both her health insurance and her maternity leave well before her due date. Amy gets on my nerves. She never takes any responsibility & blames everyone else. I’d bail on the show entirely if it weren’t for Mateo, Cheyenne, Garret & Dina, plus the other “side” characters.

  11. You're a manager, and should have been aware of what insurance covers.
    She is a role model for the undereducated, fail to plan her family, expect others to cover her shift.

  12. I get that she was upset and her working and not getting mat leave was not okay but telling him to kill himself was so so very wrong. It's not on to say that to a friend and I was shocked they had her character say that.

  13. See… the problem with Glenn is that he's a nice guy and all but he desperately needs to grow a pair. As a manager you don't allow an employee to talk to you in that manner… I don't care what that employee is going through. Amy no doubt said what she said out of anger and frustration but I wouldn't be surprised in the least if she also said it because a part of her knew Glenn was a wimp and he wouldn't discipline her for it. That goes to show you the difference between television and reality. In the real world, if I spoke to my boss like that my butt would be standing in the unemployment line.

  14. This made so many people uncomfortable, but honestly I was laughing the entire time she spoke. Heck, I laughed even harder when she circled back around on Glen killing himself. 😂😂😂

  15. I wish they have an episode where you are sick, or going into labor, or need to go to the ER but you can't because it is black Friday. This happened so much when I worked retail. One woman went through most of her labor in the store until the store closed so she could get her leave and not fired for leaving on black Friday, another guy broke his finger but had to call the employee hotline before he could go to the hospital but all those people were home for the holidays so they just filed a report and let him sit in the back for the rest of his shift, and my experience not as bad but I had the flu and my fever got up to 103. I don't even remember that day. I just remember seeing flying things and asking the customer about tacos or something. My boss called cooperate and said it looked like they scheduled too many employees that they needed to send some home due to the lack of turn out. When cooperate heard save money they let me go. The boss told me that I wasn't needed and get out here. The customers who saw it thought I was in trouble but the truth was I was so happy that I was "in trouble" that I got to go home.

  16. I do not like Amy, actually…too harsh…too vulgar…

    Ben, Jonah, call me 👍😊😊💛💛💕💕💞💞❤❤💋💋

  17. Amy: “Why haven’t you killed yourself?”
    Glen: “I’m gona go do some paperwork in my car.”


  18. I know it is supposed to be comedy but this made me so upset.
    Big corporations end up making twice their profits every year but at the grassroot level, basic requirements and needs are absolutely ignored.
    There are no exceptions for associates.
    This made me so angry! But a brutal harsh reality. I am really sorry that it was Glenn but poor Amy! America Ferrera is really an underrated actress. Truly.

  19. In her defense she has every right to be mad….but then takes it out on glen lol this is so my wife at work at times

  20. This is a whole thing where major corporations don't want to give women maternity leave because they don't want lower-income people to have children.. and as a result only to wealthy middle-class so I can have children.

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