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An Explosive Gender Reveal Fail

– Good afternoon everyone. Thank you to all our
friends and family who we haven’t alienated yet. I know me leaving my wife and getting a 25 year old pregnant
didn’t go over super well. (crow cawing) Right on. Welcome to our gender reveal party. I know we’re all super stoked
to find out what kind of junk our baby has, so please
welcome my girlfriend, Bridget. (drums playing) (clapping) (whoosh) (heavy breathing) – Hu-uh. – Isn’t she glowing? Heh. (heavy breathing) (shirt ripping) (crow cawing) (clapping) – Thank you, but today isn’t about me. Bryce, upload that and tag me, #Bridgetsbabyspits. (typing) Today, is about my unborn child. I want my baby to grow up in a new world. One that is free of expectations, where he, or she, or they, can live their most truthful truth. With that in mind, please
enjoy our gender cakes. We have guns and trucks for the boys, and glitter and princesses for the girls. Thank you. – Should we do this thing? What do we think, gang? – Yeah. (clapping) – [Bryce] Yeah. – Okay, shut up for a second. (clears throat) I just want to say that
no matter what happens, we will love this baby. Unless it’s a boy, boys are canceled. – Ha ha. You’ll still help
me raise a boy though, right? – Um, I’m going to be
more of like a friend mom, so that’s more of a
question for the nanny. All right, cue music. (drum roll) (pulling string) Okay, Bryce-y, what the fuck is going on? – I don’t know, this
thing cost like 600 bucks. It should have the power of a mini cannon. – Okay, well literally
I am fucking carrying your actual child, so if you could just put the drama on hold for one fucking day. – I’m not trying to be dramatic it’s just- – Well it’s just so dramatic,
I like can’t do this. – [Bryce] We have to. – Why would you pick
right now to do this? Why? – [Bryce] I’m not picking- – Whatever. I’m sorry as
apparently our pregnancy is canceled, and I guess I’m
giving it up for adoption. – Ha ha, we’re not giving
it up for adoption, we just need to give it a better yank. – Oh my, you don’t need to do that okay, this is my fucking day. – Okay, but it’s both of our days. Bridget, Bridget, come here.
– I can do it. – You need to give it actual
resistance, so go back, its- Oh! Ahh! I’m blind! I’m fucking blind! Ah! Ah! – Oh my god. I’m having a boy? Ewwwww. (music plays)

100 thoughts on “An Explosive Gender Reveal Fail

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    If I get 100 likes I’ll add an apple pie recipe!!

  2. Oh boy, the expecting couple sure got a surprise when the $600 they spent for that mini cannon powered Gender Reveal 3000 nearly engendered Bridget's cancelled pregnancy.

  3. Really hoping season two ends up on Netflix like season one. I live in Canada so that's the only way I know to whatch this awesome show.

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  5. Why are they labeling the infant? Let the child decide who they are!! As parents you are oppressing them!! If my black child wanted to be male, female, or non binary I would let them!

  6. I honestly don't get the issue with gender reveal partied can't say its something I'd do but its just parents having a little fun.

  7. Mom: Eww im having a boy
    Me: I shall raise the child. Show him the force, have him watch Big Bang Theory, and other nerd stuff. Call me when he is born.

  8. I assumed from the title that it was a party where a person comes out as trans.

    Are baby "gender reveal" parties a thing?

  9. Was just re watching some of the hot dates on college humor… and wondering where they were… so glad to see that they're still going!!! In all things… can't wait to watch season 2!!!

  10. Same goes for people who can’t leave the house without slapping a huge-ass bow on their little baby assigned female at birth’s head. Like, cool, you just told me a whole lot more about YOU than you did about that extremely pre-pubescent nugget you’re holding 😂 Relax, we’re not that interested in what the genitals of your infant look like, it’s fine, just raise it to be a good person and you’ll be fine. 🙈 Until last century, pink was considered a “boy’s” color and blue for girls..:why do we keep buying more unnecessary
    shit just because we’re being told it’s relevant?

  11. Still waiting for a "woke" gender reveal party where after all the nonsense the parents yell at the guests for assuming the gender identity of their baby.

  12. Bridget is definitely the Emily character I love to hate. Would push that self-centered ho bag in front of a speeding truck and not feel a thing.

  13. The Sketch brings up an interesting point that i share on the while genderdebate.
    Its not really the Problem that we categorise people into male or female or assign genders. But more what roles we connect with them.
    I think a lot of the problems would be solved if we encoured more the way of thinking that no matter the gender, a person can be and express themselves however they want instead of holding ourselves up with finding new labels because someone doesn't fit tue old genderroles.
    By doing that we actually validate them, because if we create a new label because for example a boy doesn't fit the typical role society expects from them, that would mean on the other hand, that a "real boy" is only how the old sterotipical roles are.
    That actually makes the Problem even worse, because people outside the norm feel even more outcast by it and "not normal"

  14. Bridget should feel embarrassed to even be human (that was my first thought when her intro was pole dancing), good thing she’s not real, and noone in real life acts like her.

  15. This is NOT a parody, it's a reality. It's scary how idiotic and basic America and many Western countries have become. These people should not be allowed to reproduce. Capitalism, Postmodernism and Narcissism are cancers that need to be eradicated.

  16. ¿Isn't having an unwanted male part in your body technically that crime that for whatever reason most people think is worse than murder?

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