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An Insult Comic Meets His Match – Key & Peele

(crowd cheering) All right, thank you sir! All right. All right, how’s everybody,
how’s everybody doin’? (crowd cheering) All right, and you guys
can all hear me okay? Yeah! I know this guy can right here, boy this guys ears are
so big he’s laughing at jokes from the Yuk-Yuk Club all the way on the
other side of town. (crowd laughs) All right, hey. And you sir, You’re doin’ okay?
All right. And you’re getting
enough to eat? Is that even possible? (crowd laughs) Thank you sir. Folks I’m sorry, I’m gonna
get everybody tonight. Nobody is safe, I’m
gettin’ everybody except for you sir, I’m
gonna leave you alone. Just like your date did tonight. Hello! (crowd laughs) All right. Okay who’s next? Who is next? Hey ma’am, I get it,
you have breasts okay! Jeez I mean look at
this chick over here. Her cleavage is giving
the Grand Canyon an inferiority complex. (crowd laughs) You skipped me. Who’s, who’s talking right now? Do me. Yeah hey man, look at that
pink shirt you got on there. Wow where’d you get that? Queer (crowd laughs lightly) It’s in support of
breast cancer awareness. I am gay though. Okay. Go for it. I can take it. Hmm? Oh yeah, yeah, no hey, yeah don’t you worry about
that man (laughs). Gloves are comin’ off! Okay. Right there, right there. What’s with the
three drinks man? Alcoholic much? (crowd laughs) This is my pain medication. Of fuckin’ course it is. It’s your pain medication
’cause he is in pain. Right now. Make fun of the burns. (sighs nervously) Make fun of the, what
did, what you say? Because here’s the problem sir, is it’s really dark in here,
and sorry are you burned? ‘Cause I can’t make it out. Thanks so much ma’am
for illuminating him. Thank you. That’s, I appreciate that. Oh (laughs) those burns? Make fun of the robot voice. Sir, I don’t know… Come on, I can take it. Okay well nah you know what? I feel like–
Or the wheelchair. Look sir, there is nothing funny about you being in a
wheelchair, and we can all– Oh, but there is something
funny about me being fat? All right, no, all
right fine, fine. I’ve got, I’ve got it. I’m doing it, I’m doing it. I just didn’t wanna
go after this guy ’cause I didn’t want him
to kill me in my dreams. Like, like Freddy Kruger. (crowd gasps)
– [Man] Oh come on. Cause he, no? You know, cause you know
how Freddy Kruger’s, his face is burned off? That’s not… (robotic sobbing) You asshole! He said he could take it! That’s what he said! I thought I could but I can’t. How is this on me? How do we even know if
he’s crying right now? (robotic sobbing)
(crowd booing) Well I don’t know,
that sound it just sounds like an electronic sound. I mean–
The tears. They burn.
(crowd booing) He said he could take it! (crowd cheers)

100 thoughts on “An Insult Comic Meets His Match – Key & Peele

  1. In the mood for some real roasting? Watch clips from Comedy Central's Roast of Alec Baldwin right here:

  2. Btw I have a question
    Why don’t fat people decide to lose weight and stay unhealthy and then they get hurt when someone says something to them

  3. He should say
    “HEY ,where’s you son luke skywalker tonight Vader”
    “ your momma pussy was so hot it burnt you during delivery”
    “ what’s your superpower”

    But I wouldn’t say any of that
    because I’m so Virtuous and kind

  4. Yeah its happening right…people laugh on the misfortune and diffences of others…bad comedy…just saying…love both if you guys ur style of comedy is very creative..

  5. Andrew Schulz anyone? LMAO this is really similar to Andy caus ehe did roast a disabled guy in a wheelchair but it was all fun.

  6. The problems comics have to deal with in 2018-2019 so far everything you say will have backlash and it depends on how strong of a person you are to crumble or to rise above it.i know people like certain dark humor but if you do it during this cancel culture that’s yo ass mister postman. But this is funny this skit

  7. Dude these skits. Like fuck I’m laughing so hard, and manly because I can’t believe they allowed to film, edit, and approve these ridiculous sketches 😆. Just imagine the day they suggested this skit in the morning:
    “Ok guys we’ll have Key and Peele take turns sounding like evil robots”

  8. Try being funny without insulting anyone – that's real comedy. Wayne Dyer could tell jokes without being insulting…and he isn't even a comedian. Attempt his style of comedy to speed up your spiritual evolution, as well as everybody else's who laughs at your 3D comedy

  9. So 2 things happened when I clicked this like first I thought key had done a new standup, second i hope once they are famous and settled they maybe think about at the very least doing a couple more episodes

  10. Twist: he WAS laughing. (“I can’t take it!” – “The tears” —> 😂) You can argue either way and never know unless he clarified his meaning.

  11. Person asks for it. Gets it. Doesn't like it. Is offended. Is right because is offended. Sounds about right for today's society.

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