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Ana Gasteyer Proves Her Son Shares Her Sense of Humor

-Oh, we had fun! -We had so much fun.
-We had fun. -Happy belated birthday to you.
-Thank you so much! -What did you do
for your birthday? -Well, my son, um —
I did nothing, is the answer. My son thought it would be
fun and special for me to see the “Avengers” movie.
-Oh, wow. -And we looked it up, but it
wasn’t in that many theaters, and it was raining,
so that was it. -So you just didn’t?
[ Laughter ] Did you go or not go?
-No, we didn’t go. -I gotcha.
-No, we didn’t. I went to an Italian restaurant.
Some people from Staten Island recognized me.
-That’s great. -That was about it.
-That’s a big night. -They ordered a potato.
-You really don’t want to see a movie if your reason
for not going is it was raining.
That’s why most people go to movies.
-I did want to go to be supportive of his idea
of a fun present for me… -Yeah, that’s true.
[ Laughter ] -…which was his movie
that he wants to see, to be clear, yeah.
-Daughter is 16, son 11? -16-year-old, yeah.
11-year-old, yeah. -Gotcha.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Are their things — He tries to get you
to see “Avengers.” Are there ever things
you try to get him to do? -You know, it’s funny
’cause I do try to represent as a meaningful
Betty Crocker-ish mom. -Okay.
-Sometimes. -Sure.
-I mean, a lot of the times, we just, I don’t know, watch
Netflix and YouTube and stuff. But I did try — He’s funny. I made cookies
with him recently. He doesn’t love
a baking project. He usually — He peaks fast
and then bails quickly… -Mm-hmm.
[ Laughter ] -…around the time of
the first dough taste, the first beater and he’s out.
[ Laughter ] But anyway, we did it recently,
and it was a lot of fun. And you know,
I was kind of digging it. I had the Motown music on,
and I pulled up a little stool. I dragged out that KitchenAid,
that really heavy mixer. I don’t think people use it,
because they blow out their — you blow a disk. Every time you do it,
you blow a disk. I hauled it up and
used my core and everything. And then we, um…
[ Laughter ] And then we started
making the cookies. And the music was going,
and we’re laughing. And we’re having fun
and adding the ingredients. And he looked really earnestly
at me. He’s like, “This is so cool.
This is like — I feel like we’re, like,
on a commercial. You know, we’re
making cookies together, and there’s music,
and then, right about now, a voiceover would come on
that says, ‘May cause suicidal thoughts.'” [ Laughter and applause ] -That is a very insightful
commercial observation… -It is.
-…from your son. -And number one, it also proves
how much MSNBC is on. -Yes.
-Most of the time. -You’re watching a lot of MSNBC. -A lot of commercials
about sadness or about drugs
to stop being so sad… -Yeah.
-…and old. -I think they figure,
if you’re watching MSNBC, you’re on the lot
for depression pills. -And apparently,
rheumatoid arthritis, which everybody…
-Everybody. -And I love — It’s —
What do they say? Something or moderate — severe
or moderate whatever it is. -But I feel like
nobody says that — “I have severe to moderate
rheumatoid arthritis.” -Yeah.
-“Pretty worried about it.” Anyway, um, yeah.
[ Laughter ] So, that’s my time as a mom —
quality time.

15 thoughts on “Ana Gasteyer Proves Her Son Shares Her Sense of Humor

  1. It's "Belated Happy Birthday", Seth, not "Happy Belated Birthday". Her birthday still came on time, you expressing to her happy birthday is what is late to the game. Come on Seth, I believed in you.

  2. That made me laugh out loud! I’ve seen those commercials! Of course, I do watch a lot of MSNBC…

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