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Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Twitter Blooper

they've also stopped accepting public submissions for verification last week tinder set Twitter said guidelines were being updated due to confusion the company says any users who tweets constant all right pull it in together now it's 537 good Thursday morning to you hello man he'll go to one that's what we do we go to this camera all right here we go veterinarians in Washington DC keeping a close eye on one of the pandas at the National Zoo they're 10 yen Tian 20 years old the father of all the panda cubs that have been born at that zoo vets are worried because the pandas been losing weight for a few weeks ha ha thank you for this even though he's eating the same amount of food I can do this he's half an issue with our pain as well he's doing ok that's the bottom line alright but 5:38 definitely time to get to weather without me would you ever believe it any time I feel really out of the loop right now I am here at the moment other than water chilly

27 thoughts on “Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Twitter Blooper

  1. Twitter threatened to close MsAmerica_USA account because she was reporting the news.(this person is also a reporter) This person doesn't use bad language or discriminate. It is sad that Twitter is censoring a good person's tweets. Oh, I love watching these Anchors who can't stop laughing. They are so funny. Have a blessed day everyone.

  2. “Veterinarians in Washington DC keeping a close eye on one of the pandas at the National Zoo there ha ha…….”.

  3. I use to be on TV and let me say this. When you get the giggles, it's a wrap. The faces of the folks off camera do not help at all! THEY are the reason you can't stop laughing! Sometimes they literally roll on the floor!

  4. The scene in which a panda is being shown is amazing.
    Pandas are the sweetest animal which Had ever been created on earth.
    It was Said up to Three 5 years ago, that it Had been jeopardized by our Hand and our bullshits.
    But by Now My dearest it is safe.

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