Laughter is the Best Medicine

Andi Mack Crack #1

what are you gonna write? Nothing with you standing over my shoulder OHHHHHHHH! We’re still friends…right? Jonah, be honest… Were we ever? Ha! Goteeem! *Me* Wow actually Jonah’s super athletic! he’ll def play a different sport when he gets to High School. YoU bEtTeR sToP! STAP! Today’s installment is “The Fault In Our Taters”. Hazel and Augustus are
star-crossed lovers, who met at- You’re making you hungry Augustus, no!!! Hey, friends with Andi! HeY Jonah BeCk… …You can just call me Jonah… D’ja here that? Jonah Beck just said that we could call him Jonah BOI IF YOU DONT …I don’t wanna be on the team… But, really, the only reason I joined the team was because asked me to. Well, than, I’m asking you not to quit… See, that’s the thing… You think I’ll do whatever you want
which makes perfect sense because that is what I do No, it isn’t … 🙁 Yes it is, think about it! I joined the team. I helped you get a birthday present for your girlfriend Who was never nice to me… I made YOU a bracelet, that you GAVE HER. I-I’m sorry about that… It’s fine… I don’t care about Amber… I-I don’t care about the bracelet *SIGH* I don’t care about any of it… I just want you to stop asking me to do things for you. DT: no, you-you’re finished. Hey, so, you have a daughter I never told you about… WhAt?! I just made an EPIC fool of myself! Uhh… not the part that I saw! You were amazing and Jonah Beck- has a girlfriend Who’s in Highschool! Did you see her?! Don’t look NOW! What, she’s like a pretty girl. She’s
nothing! She’s not you! What, she’s like a pretty girl. She’s
nothing! She’s not you! That’s right! She’s here! Where as I am… Move your foot..! WhAt ArE tHoSe?!?! …There! Where you were just STEPPING ON. This… isn’t about Andi… Oh, please she’s been trying to break us
up ever since she joined the Space Ferrets! Otters! It’s Space OTTERS! Ferrets…Otters… …The point is Andi’s minipulating you? No! I think you are, Amber. And I don’t wanna be your boyfriend anymore! OHHHHHHH! Handshake… *WhY wOuLd YoU dO tHiS tO mE?! It’s fine… Okay… …Handshake… …Lean in… *WhY wOuLd YoU dO tHiS tO mE?! I tRuStEd You! JUST THE TORSO! Ok… This is- This is the one. I can feel it! Going again… Handshake… …Lean in… …Wrap… ..And pat… *Pat Pat* *Rubbing back* How was that? …If Jonah was a glass figurine…GrEaT!

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