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angry Ann Coulter DESTROYS An OverConfident LEFTIST with Just One line

that's what these videos were was was fake news effectively that they weren't what they purported to be and that they were being tweeted by a vile hate group and I did not know they hit this moment have been proved to be fake have you done an investigation of their Dutch boy being being kicked by the Muslim the tweet said it was a vibrant Muslim and there is absolutely no evidence found that it was either a migrant or a Muslim ha do you do you know okay this is the old usual you tweeted okay fine no it isn't proving it false I will be happy we have established you have no evidence you're established well if it's false I'll say that it's false but you can't just say oh you haven't proved it therefore it's false with if only you had a multi-million dollar news Investigation Bureau behind you maybe you could find out but no this idea that we won't count how many Muslims are committing crimes we won't count how many how many immigrants are committing crimes and therefore you one-off the points out don't worry about why does this matter can you explain to Ann Coulter why it matters that the president is tweeting the stuff these people have scant regard for folks they don't ever check the fact check their stuff I think it's appalling it's unacceptable shouldn't go unchallenged and the thing is these kind of things have consequences so in yesterday in the House of Commons we launched Islamophobia Awareness Month and every time these kind of things happen you hear of hijabs being ripped off girls you hear of you know even grandfathers coming home from the mosque at midnight in some cases you know we'd have deaths from these well it's Britain Bambi's don't we have consequences Britain bans hate preachers it's barely people from America in the past yep should Donald Trump be allowed here no he shouldn't and already that visit has been downgraded it was going to be a state visit it's now going to be a visit whatever it is we shouldn't be rolling out the red carpet any colored carpet even if he comes on a visit he will still be in Downing Street he'll still be flying the flag it's completely unacceptable this man is noxious and his presence in this country is not conducive to his race relations and culture you see the reaction here the truth is that this is exactly what you want an America though isn't it because Donald Trump was tweeting this for his own immigration campaign in America rather than the effect in Britain no the same way you're commenting on American politics right now every once in a while Americans are interested in what's happening in Britain III don't think it is about his domestic politics again you haven't established this is untrue it certainly seems to be true we are in the middle of an avalanche of massive violence by Muslims screaming out all of who Akbar certainly I'm not in favor of he jobs being ripped off but I think it's a little bit worse to be blown up in the tube or shot up and I you know nightclubs in New York be run down running down pedestrians I mean look this this has the ring of truth it's not like it was a video of monkeys performing open-heart surgery you have no evidence that it's untrue this is how the internet it sounds trauma it has the ring of true they send things out this is extraordinary I mean saying it doesn't really matter whether the video comical alley I think we know I'm not saying that no I'm not saying that you're you are you're entirely the one else's question is it must be false well we have no evidence that it's false I saw the video you saw the video why don't you find the two of them and prove it's false instead of here assuming it's for interview with the dutch website who uploaded the video they looked into it the police looked into the incident there was absolutely no evidence cells either a muslim realizing we're just making this stuff up like roth and now you're standing by it the police don't back up anything that might rob their own police looked into the pakistani rape gangs like this is what you always do you always change the subject into something else we're not talking about that we are living in a world where the media police chiefs the government's lie to us about this epidemic of Muslim violence so yeah you have to rely on other source

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