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100 thoughts on “Anime Memes Only True Fans Will Find Funny #192|August 2019|

  1. dat bed:
    from persona they said
    catgirl making noise:
    memes with onii-chan:
    queen slave
    not sure if numbers are ok
    sauce: Do you even lift? The anime

  2. 3:25 I'd say "locate best girl", but that's a matter of opinion…
    Also, does anyone have the unedited version of 7:49? (EDIT: Nevermind. )

  3. Jojo and Tanjiro have an opponent who is weak to sun, and wants to conquer it too. And creating other demon/vampire using their powers. So demon slayer is a jojo reference

  4. for an unknow reason, when an anime end, a chara (i appreciate) die or an epic fight end i make A reverence.

    Surely because i can't press F IRL.

  5. Time to see anime memes

    My Grandfhater:in my time, we were looking for a real-life anime adventure, but my friends and I never made it

  6. Don't lewd Komi san I swear you will get crucified or exterminatus by the god emperor. Or "WE'LL SUNDER DOWN THEIR DOORS AND KILL THEM ALL!"

  7. 4:32 I press the button when it says: "komi-san gets a very long anime adoptation, BUT she will be your girlfriend :3 ( when the button seys this, everyone will press it, and it will broke)

  8. i d k why but its only this time i laughted a lot on this episode, im going to download this and show it to my friends hope that im allowed because my friends are veteran weeebs

  9. 6:27 breahting is fun….. For longest time. Like dance it goes forever.

    When 6 person, I mean six sick person had 6 child while I don't have one….

  10. My nawme iws yoshikage kiwa. I'm 33 yeaws owd. My house iws in the nowtheast section of mowioh, whewe aww the viwwas awe, awnd i am nowt mawwied. I wowk as an empwoyee fow the kame yu depawtment stowes, awnd i get home evewy day by 8 pm at the watest. I down't smoke, but i occasionawwy dwink. I'm in bed by 11 pm, awnd make suwe i get eight houws of sweep, no mattew whawt. Aftew having a gwass of wawm miwk awnd doing abouwt twenty minutes of stwetches befowe going tuwu bed, i usuawwy have no pwobwems sweeping untiw mowning. Juwst wike a baby, i wake up without any fatigue ow stwess in the mowning. I was towd thewe wewe no issues at my wast check-up. I'm twying tuwu expwain thawt i'm a pewson who wishes tuwu wive a vewy quiet wife. I take cawe nowt tuwu twoubwe mysewf with any enemies, wike winning awnd wosing, thawt wouwd cause me tuwu wose sweep at night. Thawt iws how i deaw with society, awnd i know thawt iws whawt bwings me happiness. Awthough, if i wewe tuwu fight i wouwdn't wose tuwu anyone.


  11. I wear my ahegao hoodie every week and then suddenly everyday many gurls come to me everyday in the school and ask me where did i bought it and they wanna be friend with me

  12. Even as somebody who likes SAO, I get really annoyed when people call it an isekai.

    Whether it's a 'good anime' or a 'bad anime' is irrelevant – applying genre labels to anime incorrectly is a crime against nature.

  13. I won’t lie, this is definitely me after being indicted by a United Nations tribunal for war crimes after burning down five Sarajevo orphanages during the Bosnian war in 1993

  14. Hey guys I'd like your help in something.

    For a few weeks now I've noticed my mind has gotten a bit rare, whenever I'd see my ex-gf (we broke up a few weeks back too) I'd get a screaming mind yelling to punch something or to slam my head against a wall. I have slamed my head multiple times now. The thing is, whenever certain stimuli get to me, my mind screams and it's almost like being an animal tensing up for engagement.
    But the thing that worried me wasn't that, it was that the other day when I was training I couldn't focus completely on what I was doing, I'd be doing slow movements and when the thougts creeped back up I'd speed up and wind up completing the movement in a powerful note, but I wouldn't notice and would just sit there not knowing what I did. It was like my mind was stalked and was kinda being consumed.
    Got any tips?

  15. Me: sees grevious waifu.
    Me: WTF?
    Me after a few seconds: you are a bunch of thirsty weebs.
    Also me: a fellow ones in taste to be sure.

  16. What is the anime at 2:13 I’ve seen memes of it like 30 times and what to know something I really shouldn’t according to the info the memes gave me.

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