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100 thoughts on “Anime Memes Only True Fans Will Find Funny

  1. 6:08 is Honkai Impact 3rd, and yes, it is quite a yurifest, when they are not flirting with 'captain'.
    8:33 Stella Vermilion from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

  2. My friends just set behind me and we watch some game video.And this video just show on my phone and my friends just say what the fucking wrong with you.I say:At least I am man of culture.

  3. So everyone keeps saying that this is the source 280839 of
    But I'm not sure wtf this means or where I'm supposed to search this into Google doesn't help so guess I'm fucked

  4. I didn't read that as ni-ge-ru-n-dayo. I saw "nibber-run-dayo". I was concerned, and slightly offended at such naruto English.

    Aha, but it was me! The idiot who sees romaji as English words! Maybe learning Japanese was actually bad for my anime, since romaji will always morph into English when possible. Or can we format romaji somehow to make it clearly Japanese. Because normally it is, but apparently not this time.

  5. The drawbacks of inbreeding do not exist in minecraft trust me stakes tasted the same as usual like pixels

  6. 10:25 lupang hinirang song plays

    Hahahahahahahahahahahah. I'm a Filipino and I can confirm this with a survey that I did in our classroom with about 83% of our male classmates searching hentai and 58% in females in our room. DANG

  7. 6:26 Its Youmu Konpaku she from the game touhou if you’re all wondering (I’m still trying to fond the sauce)

  8. I have a great lesson fellow weebs
    My dad go in my room and im watching this and he look and im in hell for 2mins cause of the manga in the right side

  9. Lol we reached a critical level of anime memes that otaku cafe forgot what number we were on this is number 196 BTW so you know how many meme videos you people watched

  10. Thumbnail:(white hair)mfw I see the s#!%
    6:55 (still the white)
    MFW*I see the f'd up comments WANTING said $#i% done themselves* 😨

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