Laughter is the Best Medicine


Really? Hey! Hey! Are you kidding me?! could you scooch over a bit? You know, walking is better for cardio. Hope you like to walk. comb my hair Do you hear me? Shut the fuck up! WHAT ARE THOSE!! They are my crocs. Perfect! Perfect! Just burn the place! Burn everything we own! Have us living in a field, like cattle! Damn! it’s useless? Ril! Ril! Pino! I believe you. fuuuuuuuuu- Help me clean up No Comb my hair Wait! Wait! Im going to fucking kick your ass! You motherfucker bitch! Mom Mommy Mama Mom, that… Kaneki-kun Let’s get dance! Shall we continue? OH FUCK! pervert I Quit

3 thoughts on “ANIME on CRACK

  1. Yuri on ice and TG part really got me!! XD I'd love to if u mind to make Naruto crack or Yuri on ice crack, that'll really made my day. Man u're awsome!

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