Laughter is the Best Medicine

Anna Camp Says ‘Perfect Harmony’ Is Full Of ‘Crazy, Funny Hijinks’ And Has A ‘Parks & Rec’ Vibe

>>Hi access Hollywood. Come in. Welcome to the set of “Perfect harmony”.>>This is a comedy with a musical element. Music is sort of the garnish. It’s a joyous we lease we get doing this.>>It is like parks and rec. It is a situational comedy. Everybody is super funny.>>”Perfect harmony” follows a former music professor who winds up in a small town church to help a choir group.>>Anna is part of the choir.>>Stand up right. I need to hear you ****** I came in like a wrecking ball ******>>Don’t do that.>>It is hard to keep a straight face because everybody is so funny.>>That led us to ask, who is the easiest to break.>>Bradley wit Ford.>>Probably Brad.>>At the table read, Bradley will break. Don’t tell him I said that.>>Unless that’s a video of how to sing, turn it off.>>I believe that. I definitely believe that. I would definitely second, third, fourth, fifth that.

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