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Annoying Orange and Pear play Trivia Crack #3: Butt Touchers

– [Pear] Oh God, we’re
doing another one of these? – [Orange] Pear! That was the
wort intro, ever, of all time. – [Pear] Yeah, I realize that. Although, I know how this is gonna go. – [Orange] It’s gonna go fantastic. We’re playing Trivia Crack, guys. Again! – [Pear] Okay, could you
actually just answer questions seriously now, please
– [Orange] I do. Okay, popcorn. – [Pear] Okay.
– [Orange] Okay, here we go, here we go! – [Pear] Okay, which is not
a Johnny Depp character? – [Orange] Peter Pancake Pants. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] But he never
played that character. – [Pear] It’s true, but it– that’s not an option. – [Orange] Patrick Pancake Pants. – [Pear] No. Just change it. Okay, it’s… Archie Sigmond.
– [Orange] Oh. – [Pear] He never played that character.
– [Orange] What? Well, I don’t understand. – [Pear] How many times do I have to explain this game to you? – [Orange] Well, apparently we must be doing something right. We’re at level 11 now. – [Pear] Yeah. Thanks to me! – [Orange] Oh, look at it. It’s all about Pear. – [Pear] No.
– [Orange] Hey guys, it’s all about Pear. – [Pear] Ugh. Would you quit it. – [Orange] what’s he doing.
– [Pear] Okay, what is the last color of the rainbow? – [Orange] Gold. – [Pear] What?
– [Orange] Gold. Gold is at the end of the rainbow. – [Pear] No, that’s not what it’s a–
– [Orange] Yeah it is! Just ask the Leprechaun. – [Pear] I get what you’re saying, but that’s not the right an–
– [Orange] Just press the button for gold. Just press it.
– [Pear] Nope. It’s violet. – [Orange] Where? What? That’s not–
– [Pear] It’s violet! – [Orange] This game is a liar! (Pear laughs) – [Pear] It’s not a liar. – [Orange] It doesn’t make sense. Gold is at the end of the rainbow. Where was that option? – [Pear] Okay, let’s just move on, (Pear laughing)
please? – [Orange] Alright! I get a crown, and you get a dunce cap, Pear. – [Pear] Hey! (Orange laughing)
That’s not nice. – [Orange] I pick this one. – [Pear] Okay, you pick art. – [Orange] More like fart. (Orange laughing)
– [Pear] Stop it. What does Mona Lisa have in her right hand on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting? – [Orange] Chicken Pox. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Ebola!
– [Pear] What?! – [Orange] That’s what’s on her hand. – [Pear] No. In her hand. I’m just gonna guess.
– [Orange] Oh… – [Pear] Ugh…
– [Orange] Oh, ya guessed wrong.
– [Pear] Aw. Dang it. – [Orange] You ruined it all, Pear, You ruined it all.
– [Pear] Yeah. Like you were a big help. – [Orange] What? I was
just telling you what was on her hand. – [Pear] I was asking
what was in her hand, and she doesn’t have Ebola on her hand. – [Orange] How do you know? Did you shake her hand, Pear? – [Pear] No.
– [Orange] Did you? – [Pear] Ugh…
– [Orange] Huh? Huh? Huh?
– [Pear] Wow. – [Orange] That’s right. ’cause you don’t have hands, right Pear? – [Pear] Stop it. Okay, what is the official
flower of North Carolina? – [Orange] Dogwood.
– [Pear] What? Whoa, you actually guessed
one of the answers. – [Orange] Yeah, it’s Dogwood. – [Pear] Okay, why do you think that? – [Orange] ’cause, this
question’s really, ruff! (Orange laughs)
– [Pear] Ugh… (Orange laughing)
– [Orange] Get it? – [Pear] Hey, you got it right. – [Orange] Ruff, dog, wood, ruff.
– [Pear] I got it. – [Orange] Ruff! Ruff!
– [Pear] And stop it! (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Ruff! – [Pear] Okay, (chuckling)
that’s enough. Nuff. Uh oh!
– [Orange] Oh no! Scary lemon, stop inappropriately
touching that game! – [Pear] Stop it. Okay, in which of these teams of formula one did Michael Schumacher run? – [Orange] The San
Francisco Butt Touchers. (Pear snickers)
– [Pear] That… Definitely not a team. – [Orange] Sure it is, it’s totally a team. – [Pear] No
– [Orange] It’s a racing team. – [Pear] No it’s not. – [Orange] Yeah, they race around to see who can touch the most butts in the least amount of time. (Pear snickering)
– [Pear] That’s definitely not a sporting event. – [Orange] Yeah it is. It’s on ESPN. – [Pear] Nope. That’s definitely not–
– [Orange] Why don’t you believe me, Pear,
– [Pear] Oh, uh oh, uh oh.
– [Orange] It’s totally true. – [Pear] We’re running out of time! – [Orange] Oh its beeping! – [Pear] Oh, no, no, no…
– [Orange] It’s beeping! – [Pear] Oh were running out of time!
– [Orange] Oh Pear what are you gonna do?
– [Pear] I gotta pick one… I gotta pick one!
– [Orange] You gotta pick one! ohhhh, yes!
– [Pear] Ohhhh, yes! I got it right. – [Orange] Even though…
– [Pear] Whooo… Thanks, no thanks to you.
No thanks to you at all. – [Orange] Yeah yeah,
even though you picked the wrong answer it
still gave you the point. – [Pear] I did not pick the wrong answer, thank you very much. – [Orange] Stop being
a butt toucher, Pear. Ohhh! Scary lemon, stop
touching that thing! – [Pear] Stop. Okay, what
is the name of the style in which you swim on your back? Backstroke. – [Orange] Pear!
– [Pear] What? – [Orange] You didn’t even ask me! – [Pear] Well…
– [Orange] You didn’t even, you didn’t even consider my feelings. – [Pear] I knew what the answer was, so I just picked it. – [Orange] You’re such
a butt toucher, Pear. – [Pear] Stop it! Okay, what breed of dog did Lyndon Johnson have at his ranch? – [Orange] Hotdogs! – [Pear] Ugh. No. – [Orange] He was hungry! – [Pear] No, what breed of dog? – [Orange] He really
liked to grill hotdogs! (Pear laughs) – [Pear] Stop it.
(Orange laughing) Oh, okay, yeah.
– [Orange] Oh its true, It’s totally a fact, Pear. – [Pear] I’m pretty sure
you’re makin’ that up. – [Orange] No way, Jose.
– [Pear] Okay, Spinnin’ the wheel, spinnin’ the wheel. – [Orange] Okay, give us
anything but scary lemon. He scares me. – [Pear] Yeah I think we’ve got that. Okay, according to Roman legend, what set of twins started Rome? – [Orange] The Olsen twins. (Pear chuckling)
what? – [Pear] It’d be a much
different place if they did. – [Orange] How do you
know they didn’t, Pear? (Pear chuckling)
– [Pear] I’m not even gonna dignify that one, – [Orange] Aww.
– [Pear] My response, Romulus and Remus. – [Orange] Aw. You didn’t
even pick the Olsen twins. – [Pear] Thankfully,
that wasn’t an option. – [Orange] Thankfully,
you’re not an option. (Pear laughs) – [Orange] Oh no! Scary Lemon!
– [Pear] Oh God, okay. In which city does the
NHL team, Hurricanes, play their home games at the RBC center? – [Orange] ♫ Take me down
to the Hurricane city, ♫ Where the grass is green ♫ And the wind is windy (Orange laughing)
– [Pear] What? You’re not helping. – [Orange] ♫ Oh won’t you please – [Pear] Stop it.
– [Orange] ♫ Take me home… ♫ Yeah, yeah
– [Pear] Stop– I need an answer! Oh fine.
– [Orange] I gave you one. – [Pear] Hey! I got it!
– [Orange] Hurricane city. – [Pear] I got it! – [Orange] I gave you one.
– [Pear] I got a sports question
– [Orange] I gave you one. Oh god! It’s scary lemon!
– [Pear] Ugh. No. No. Stop it.
– [Orange] No stop showing, stop showing me numbers! – [Pear] Oh my gosh, would you stop freaking out every time he show up on the screen! – [Orange] What happened there, Pear, did you go into puberty? – [Pear] Stop it.
– [Orange] Screen! (Orange laughs)
– [Pear] Knock it off. – [Orange] Oh whoa, bombs? – [Pear] Okay, what is the art of making objects out of clay called? – [Orange] Claying around. (Orange laughs)
– [Pear] No! That’s definitely not the answer. – [Orange] Clayenomics. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Clayography.
– [Pear] No. – [Orange] Claytractor.
– [Pear] You’re just adding clay to word– Okay. Ceramics. – [Orange] Oh ha ha ha ha ha… – [Pear] Ceramics.
– [Orange] Hey, hey, what did the ceramic pot say to the alligator? – [Pear] I’m gonna regret this, but, what did he say? – [Orange] Claytor gator! (Orange laughs)
– [Pear] Ugh. I should have seen that one comin’. Okay, which is the musical about the Demon Barber of Fleet Street? – [Orange] Captain Crunch. – [Pear] Ugh. Okay, so, Captain Crunch is a
murderous demon barber? – [Orange] Yeah! He’s a cereal Killer. (Orange laughs)
– [Pear] Oh, my god, wow. Guess I walked right
into that one, didn’t I? – [Orange] You sure did.
– [Pear] It was Sweeney Todd, by the way.
– [Orange] Oh. – [Pear] That was the correct answer.
– [Orange] Uh oh scary lemon. Uh oh scary lemon! Scary lemon! Ahhhh! – [Pear] Knock it off! Who scored a high of 81 points for the Los Angeles Lakers? – [Orange] Farty McButtpants. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Scary McLemon. (Pear laughing)
– [Pear] No. – [Orange] Andrew McNoodlenuts. – [Pear] You are impossible. Kobe Bryant. – [Orange] Yay! I was right! – [Pear] Yeah, how were you right? – [Orange] Kobe Bryant’s
nickname is Andrew McNoodlenuts. – [Pear] No.
– [Orange] Yeah. – [Pear] Never has his name it– No. – [Orange] Yeah. – [Pear] No. It’s…
– [Orange] Yeah. – [Pear] No. Black Mamba,
– [Orange] No– – [Pear] that’s been his nickname.
– [Orange] What’s that? What is that?
– [Pear] Stop it. – [Orange] That’s not
– [Pear] I’m not – [Orange] a thing, Pear.
– [Pear] arguing with you. Okay, enough. Who played Peeta in the
movie The Hunger Games? – [Orange] You mean Peeta,
Peeta, Pumpkin eata’? – [Pear] I guess. If you
wanna say it like that, sure. – [Orange] I do! I do
wanna say it like that. Peeta, Peeta, Pumpkin eata’,
Peeta, Peeta, Pumpkin eata’ peeta pumpkin–
– [Pear] I’m just gonna – [Orange] Abadabbadaba…
– [Pear] Take it. Josh Hutcherson.
– [Orange] Hey! – [Pear] Ya know what, I think you’re being a less–
– [Orange] No! Scary lemon, graduated, to be happy
– [Pear] Again? – [Orange] And grimacing lemon which I’m not in favor of that one either. – [Pear] I wish you would… You are being less helpful today than you have, the other episodes. – [Orange] Popcorn! – [Pear] Oh, go– okay. Okay, what’s the name
of bear yogi’s friend? – [Orange] Sentence weird, it is. – [Pear] I know, right? – [Orange] Did Yoda write this question? (Pear laughing)
– [Pear] Seriously. – [Orange] Boo Boo, the name is. – [Pear] Correct, you are. – [Orange] Yay! Got on right, I did. – [Pear] Okay no more Yoda voice. – [Orange] A stick up your butt, you have. – [Pear] Hey! Knock it off. (both laughing) – [Orange] Okay, what are we gonna get? Severed finger!
– [Pear] No. Science. – [Orange] Aw. Science?! – [Pear] Yeah well shh.. Ugh. Which of the following is a form of energy associated with an object’s motion? – [Orange] The ocean. – [Pear] You’re just saying
that ’cause it rhymes. – [Orange] Potion.
– [Pear] No. – [Orange] Lotion?
– [Pear] No. – [Orange] Kaplosion. – [Pear] That’s not even a word. You’re just making
– [Orange] Sure it is. – [Pear] things up. – [Orange] Kaplosion. – [Pear] Yeah. Kaplosion, is not a word. – [Orange] Sure it is. Here it is in a sentence. Stop touching my kaplosion. – [Pear] I… don’t even know what to say. – [Orange] Just admit
that you’re wrong, Pear. Just admit
– [Pear] No – [Orange] you’re wrong. – [Pear] No. Okay, which one? – [Orange] Pick the round guy! – [Pear] Okay, geography. Which of the following is not
one of Berlin’s neighborhoods? – [Orange] Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. – [Pear] True, but not the
answer they’re looking for. – [Orange] The neighborhood
of butt touchers? – [Pear] No. – [Orange] They’re in Germany. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] They’re into that kinda thing. (Pear laughing)
– [Pear] Stop it. Okay. – [Orange] Hey you got it!
– [Pear] Hey I guessed right! I don’t even know how you say that. Da.. da…dapep?
– [Orange] Da poop? – [Pear] Da pep? (both stuttering)
da- op… (orange laughing) alright we only have two more categor–
– [Orange] Hey did you pick science? – [Pear] Yes. We only
have two more categories. What is the scientific study of humans and their relationships and culture? – [Orange] The science of… – [Pear] Don’t day butt touchers. – [Orange] What? – [Pear] Don’t say
science of butt touching (Orange laughing)
– [Orange] You said science of butt touching! – [Pear] Why that– (Orange laughing)
that’s what you were gonna say. – [Orange] You’re obsessed with butts. – [Pear] Ugh… – [Orange] What’s wrong? – [Pear] I think our internet
– [Orange] What? – [Pear] connection’s busted.
– [Orange] What? – [Pear] I can’t, its not going. – [Orange] Aww… Aww we only have one more left. – [Pear] I know, but I– – [Both] Aww… – [Pear] Yep. That’s what it is. – [Orange] Aww… – [Pear] Well I think
that’s gonna have to be this episode, for today. – [Orange] Alright. Fine. Tune in next time, to
see how many more butts that Pear touches. – [Pear] Would you… Knock it off! (Orange laughs) – [Orange] Butt toucher. (electronic music)
– [Orange] I will collect all the chicken coins and they will be mine. Oh whoa whoa I almost got hit. Almost got hit with a chicken butt. Chicken butt, guess what? Chicken butt. Oh no! (Orange laughing)
I just jumped and hit it. What’d I win? Do I wi– I didn’t win anything that time. Aww.. this game is horrible! And it didn’t make me win anything…

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