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Annoying Orange – GTA V: BUTTMAN MONTAGE! (Funniest Moments)

Hey, y’all will take us all back again with another gaming video, and I’m a superhero Yeah, let’s go save the world Okay, the first thing. I need as a super heroes. I need sidekicks, and I need lots of them, okay I’m just finding some sidekicks here guys you’re all my sidekicks. I own you Oh, I forgot to give the sidekick vehicles here. We go. Here’s a vehicle for you Hahahahahahaha I thought you guys had superpowers I Didn’t get a car. Here you go I’m now on my sidekicks, okay more sidekicks, okay? I know I lost all my sidekicks. There’s more sidekicks day, haha Am I evil did I just turn evil? Did I just go from being a superhero to a villain mastermind in like three seconds? Did that just happen? squee, man, oh wow Look at this guy Jaywalking okay? No Jaywalking. That’s that that’s illegal. You’re under arrest Hey, no loitering that’s illegal. Oh-oh. I almost took up trash you seen [anything] strange Are [you] looking [at] [me] [where] to get out of here you gotta hide that’s illegal hahahahaha. That’s it come on, sidekicks We’re flying out of here. Oh, no psyChic can’t fly oh turn Backwards [I] know I just turned into Aquaman, [haha] That’s a worse fate than dad ha ha Ha ha here. We go get him sidekicks. I’m trying to force Sidekicks I’m apparently there is such a thing as too many, sidekicks. I didn’t think that was a I didn’t think that was a thing turn Did you say turn again turn turn turn? Yeah? Oh yeah, ha ha ha fine. I’ll just ride the train alone. That’s what I don’t But man just got a facelift Oh, no, not again bad [oh] [Batman] you just fell out [of] my gun. That’s nice Oh he wasn’t, but that here we go. [haha] Everybody wants some buck man here. Hop on the bike man. Oh, no, I ran over a shin. Sorry, hahaha Hey, I was driving here. What are you doing? Jerky jerk Jerk jerk you didn’t use your blinker you turn right from a left-hand [lane] Hey, buddy, buddy, buddy. You better run Over here g go save the universe Hold it out there [yup]? Well here comes out. Oh, hey, did I teach you flying lessons? It’s okay. I’ll help everyone I will save everyone [I] am but I’m in bits of all now I’m not invincible get this car off my bike Baby, you’re jaywalking. Yeah. Oh, wait. This is a crosswalk you were fine hung on. Why my fire [my] fire stop drop and roll No, I will not work out with you when you alone excuse me, sir Are you could I interest you in some more Batman there the care for all the ails you oh? No, it’s raining, but man hallelujah [it’s] raining, but ahead boo park this car here get this out of here ah Batman makes a great bullet. Hey, please yeah But man, where are you going? Don’t run away. You’re supposed to be helping [me] Oh that didn’t feel like a phone now, but man’s not gonna be able to have children But men are also great for clearing traffic watch see oh Wha no you eat the buff man? Come back here? You’re gonna get buck man my man come back an issue you with a buck man’s can be but man section, but man such a Flying buy that ticket of trash taking out trash taking up trash taking up trash Double dumpsters across the sky so it says oh What is it all mean I? Don’t want to work. I just want to play on the drums all day I Don’t want to work. I just want to bang on the drums all day park once if you have to go number, two Yeah What man is back in the line of Duty? What’s that there’s a crappy situation on the other side of town. Let’s go Get control of your vehicle. This is getting ridiculous. He khaki I think but man boob his pants, but man you didn’t read the manual That’s not how you operate a toilet car only you but man would poop upside their butt Speaking of [turds]. I think you have explosive diarrhea, but me [hahaha], give me, sir. Could you help me put on my toilet over there all? Don’t act like you haven’t seen a guy on a toilet before her. Did you see his face? Man, okay here. We go. I Think he doesn’t need you broke the sound barrier herod created a sonic fart Fart is maximus. Are you okay? Are you okay? I know he’s not gonna make it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha dub truck. I think any jump truck oh Billy McMuffin pants fell off [the] side. Oh now there goes crunky McMuffins who can last the longest Oh, no, there goes Justin Bieber’s babysitter. [oh], no, Tommy tank top takes a tumble. [oh] no and everybody’s bailing out. Oh Here comes one big [job]. Ha ha ha ha ha Hold on the wind though we’ve only got a few consensus left after we have a winner The guy without a shirt on oh, no, I need to go congratulate him he’ll be I’m never Gonna be able to find a mono [hey], look, it’s like one of those rodeo bull machines only it’s a train right that’s okay there we go hey, ah Way to derail our fun stupid train [yankee] get this thing moving again [uh] uh yeah What are you guys doing? Okay? Everyone no no no no no, that’s the wrong [thing] to do right now stop shooting the clip Hey, don’t say that. I didn’t warn you oh crap You did this to yourselves? And here we go Who’s the last one? I can’t tell [oh] now. I’m never gonna be able to find which one 100 Mini dump trucks here. We go. Who’s Gonna be the way old Hella Tractor, Hella Tractor, I love you Hello Tacos my favorite. [hahaha]. Gimme Taco [its] [butt] man section guys hey, hey, yo dawg I heard you like but man, so I put a butt man on your butt man So you can but man while your butt man, [hahahaha] Which one’s the real butt man with the real buff man, please stand up please stand up please stand up? Okay, excuse me coming through but man all these, but man’s coming through excuse me, but man [alright] here We go crowd surfing, but man here. We go catch me Hey grab [some] guys where were you on that one, but man, it’s like highlander there can only be one but man Get out of your butt, man. HmM. There’s so many Oh, you forgot your lady off Hmm. Oh another victim over the [turd] army [frag], but man you’re going down They’re Gonna leave me why no no put this collar Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa? Who shoot down is hans gruber get out of here But bad, army right we got to get out of here Rod, but bad army what bad stampede He’s getting away. He’s get away. Oh, no. I missed him get out of the car You drove on top of me, but me believe I can come Here comes a-Running, but that watch oh when he’s down it’s time for the patented, but stop yeah, you’re going to come look up This is not right, okay? Well [hey] I think he likes it excuse me. Sorry special, but man business You’re gonna commandeer this vehicle, okay guys everyone get in where’s the fourth black man Where’s the fourth poem now we lost a but man? [oh], we’re down a but man he – uh excuse me No, no, no no don’t run over my butt man. No, you’re running over one man Oh, no, they killed by oh, he’s okay you idiot, but man what were you thinking? Do something help me they’re shooting me. [what] [bay] oh? You speak [up] [in] this guy in here with a gun But man the wall isn’t the enemy the trash is hahahaha. We’re mortal enemies fire hydrant You’re going down there better [fixed]. It now all is right in the world. Who’s that a fire hydrant? [oh], I hate [you] fire hydrant. I fixed it. That’s better good. Hey well-dressed minions. Are you doing I got you? Huh? Is [that] a toaster oven [I] just shot a toaster oven not very effective, but okay? That’s a bank door. [bye] Wow, whoa. I think I think there was an atm in there. That would be useful wait. I forgot my AtM pin number ah Back [letting] away, you’re gonna get it out after here’s the minions up My plans, they’re not working nothing to see here just an [upSide-down] shark driving on the Road you know just to have the usual thing that happens at nighttime ah Heyo, laughs that I fell out of my shark. It’s not [Finny] I’m running away revealing clue, but man is back in his rightful place on the toilet shooting fireworks What you don’t agree? Oh minions? What bad you’re the human torch nobody told me that that’s awesome. [well], [then] can you get the door for me. Thank you My man ago, okay, when one of you pulled the fire alarm Seriously, we’re supposed to be having a meeting of the minds the fuck minds no This is the exact opposite thing you want to be doing in a fire Running from room to room screaming is not going to help the situation This is seriously the most disorganized fire drill I’ve ever seen in my entire life you’re all gonna die since all the other but men ran away I’m gonna have to make more [bet] but men for this meeting all right, but [man] I call this meeting to order First of course two orders of business okay now. This is not ordered. This is not ordered. No everybody sit down This is not how you conduct yourself in a business type atmosphere I’ve got a very long agenda of things to discuss with you, okay. That’s it It’s really hard running the [but] man Department of Justice It really is you guys don’t even know I don’t know how we’re gonna. Go out now. Oh I landed on my ketchup packets. We’re here at the 10th annual buck man marathon look at but man. He’s coming up from behind He’s trying to pass but man oh get he passed by the half oh, no There’s a buck man running the wrong way, but man. What are you doing? [aah]? It was a roadblock, but man get doing My man safe arrival. [oh], no in the blades. Oh Come on that four seconds ah here you go But man plus waterfall, what is that equal? That’s better find out? It’s a football About man ball water fights get away with the ledge. You’re gonna fall over Man get away from the fetch get away from the ledge. You’re gonna fall [on] the [butt] that trailer specifically for buttman Therefore he hugs you rocking the boat you’re [working] the bar hold on man [I’m] back. I spelled off a butt man from the phone now [knob] now the trailers are battling each other It’s like a really bad Michael bay movie. [oh] wait. That’s redundant all this movies are bad [landed] on his keys really. I just fell 500 feet you’re gonna shoot at me feel the wrath of [buff] man, army That’s a good place to start for this episode Thank you guys so much for watching there’s a lot of fun hit the like and subscribe buttons your thing you [can’t] make this most popular video on the Air cuz I told you services oh Hey guys until next time later alligators see he’s fine. He’s fine. Didn’t even affect him although It does seem [like] the car is now going back up into the air again well, but man you know what this means [you] know what this means Batman [bailing] out see you later update us. Yeah Whoa, that’s a good way to end the episode laters

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  10. I Am GTA V is name is not Batman in the game but the game I'm sorry sister annoying orange but don't go because if you don't do the story mode you're going to see something that's appropriate

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