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Annoying Orange Let’s Play – MORE TRIVIA CRACK

– [Pear] Hey hey it’s
the trivia master, Pear! – [Orange] And your favorite,
oh no, scary lemon! Get away! – No, stop it
– Oh that was really scary. – [Pear] Stop it. – [Orange] Yeah, this
A to the O back again with some more gaming videos! On the main channel we’re
playing some trivia crack. – Ignore it.
– Woah what is that scary
lemon doing to that toy? – [Pear] Stop it, What
American Football League team was the first to
ever beat an NFL team? – [Orange] The Superbowl! – [Pear] No, what team. – [Orange] Kentucky Derby! – [Pear] No! It’s the Denver Broncos. – [Orange] Ah man. – [Pear] I actually knew that
one, it was a sports question. – [Orange] I liked my guesses. – [Pear] You know I gotta stop
playing this game with you– – [Orange] Why? – [Pear] Because you are
the least helpful person. In the world. – [Orange] Alright, popcorn! – [Pear] I what movie features
a talking tea cup named Chip? – [Orange] Booty And The Beast! (laughs) – [Pear] I think it’s supposed
to be Beauty not Booty. – [Orange] Hey, whichever
one it was, I got it right! – [Pear] That’s literally the first one you’ve ever gotten right. – [Orange] Okay, here we go! Ew, what’s the world doing to that toy? – [Pear] Stop it, What is the fourth largest city in America? – [Orange] Nebraska! – [Pear] That’s a state. – [Orange] Canada? – Seriously?
– Pick this one! – [Pear] Hey! – [Orange] Aw, I picked the wrong one. – [Pear] You just pressed one, you didn’t even talk about it! – [Orange] Woah, talk
about Booty And The Beast. – [Pear] Stop it. (laughs) – [Pear] Geez, stop it,
okay, spin the wheel. – [Orange] Spin that wheel! – [Pear] Spin that wheel! – [Orange] Spin that wheel! – [Pear] Spin that wheel! – [Orange] Spin that wheel, yay! I get to wear a crown! – [Pear] Alright, lets go for
the crown, go for the crown! – [Orange] Yeah! – [Pear] Okay, which one. – [Orange] Pick the popcorn, yeah! I love me some popcorn. – [Pear] What’s the name of
Ron’s sister in “Harry Potter”? – [Orange] Crunkmonkey! – [Pear] Nope, it’s Ginny. – [Orange] Yeah, Ginny Crunkmonkey. – [Pear] That’s not her name. – [Orange] I’m pretty
sure that’s her name. – [Pear] That’s not her name! – [Orange] I don’t even know
why we’re playing this game, oh no it’s a severed finger! – [Pear] No, it’s science. – [Orange] Oh yeah, that’s
right, I hate science. – [Pear] Knock it off! Okay, which of the following
created a death ray, only later to dismantle it? – [Orange] Darth Vader! – [Pear] No, from the options. – [Orange] But he made a death ray! – [Pear] A real person! – [Orange] He is a real person! – [Pear] Nikola Tesla. – [Orange] Haven’t you ever
heard of the Death Star? – [Pear] Oh shut your
mouth, you’re supposed to pick from the four they give you! – [Orange] I wish Darth
Vader would’ve used the death ray on Jar Jar Binks. – [Pear] I think we can all agree on that. – [Orange] Scary lemon’s happy now! – [Pear] Stop it, who made the album “Welcome to My Nightmare”? – [Orange] Definitely Justin Bieber. – [Pear] Nope, Alice Cooper. – [Orange] No way, we
live every single day in a world where Justin
Bieber is one of the top pop stars of all time. – [Pear] And? – [Orange] And it’s a nightmare! (laughs) See, my answer’s right. – [Pear] Stop, stop it. Which one of the following musicals is based on the novel “Les Miserables”? – [Orange] Jimmy And The Fat Man! – [Pear] That’s not a thing. – [Orange] My Little Pony! – [Pear] No, it’s Les Miserables, the answer was in the actual question. – [Orange] What’s the fun of that? – [Pear] It literally
could not have been easier. – [Orange] Whatever you do,
don’t pick the scary lemon! – [Pear] I will not pick the scary lemon. – [Orange] Good! – [Pear] Geography. – [Orange] Good. – [Pear] In which of
the following countries is the Afrikaans not spoken? – [Orange] Pakepsi. – [Pear] Pick from the four there! – [Orange] Pickled pajamas! – [Pear] You’re just saying things! – [Orange] Hippopotamus pancake farts! – [Pear] I’m just going to pick one. – Ah man!
– Dang it. – [Orange] Pear! – [Pear] I didn’t know that one. – [Orange] Pear you’re terrible! – [Pear] You’re not even helping me, you’re just yelling things out. Nonsensical sentences and phrases. – [Orange] I’m helping a lot. – [Pear] I don’t even know
why I play this game with you. – [Orange] Because it’s fun, Pear! We’re having a lot of fun! – [Pear] Uh-Oh, science! – [Orange] Oh no, I hate science! – [Pear] Which theory of
the origin of the universe has yet to be proven wrong? – [Orange] The big bang theory! – [Pear] Hey, you’re right, it was! – [Orange] Yeah, I got one! – [Pear] I can’t believe
you actually helped me. – [Orange] Well I remembered it because I remember that’s the theory that says the whole universe
was started with a fart. (fart noise) How’s that for a big bang? (laughs) – Ah man, come on.
– Oh no, science again. – [Pear] It smells terrible in here. How many zeros are there in one trillion? – [Orange] A trillion! – [Pear] Yeah, how many zeros? – [Orange] Yeah, a trillion zeros. – [Pear] How many times
do I have to tell you, pick from the four there! – [Orange] A trillion zeroes
isn’t an option there! – [Pear] So then you know it’s wrong! – [Orange] What if you’re wrong?! – [Pear] Oh my god, my
head is going to explode. – [Orange] Now you’re just
being over dramatic, Pear. Pear, pear, the over dramatic fruit! – [Pear] Don’t. – [Orange] The angrier he
gets, the more that he toots! (laughs) – [Pear] Stop it, stop it. What is the name of the
human form of the Hulk? – [Orange] Midget Hulk! – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Oh yeah, that’s right, I gotta be politically correct. Little Hulk! – [Pear] No, it was Bruce Banner, the questions already done,
we’re onto the next thing now. – [Orange] I don’t even know why I’m answering questions then. – [Pear] Me either. Alright, who is this? – [Orange] Leonardo Dicaprio. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] In costume. – [Pear] No, it’s Osama bin Laden. – [Orange] You mean Osama bin Butthead! – [Pear] Yeah, we would have
accepted that answer as well. – [Orange] Okay, wheel, please
don’t give us scary lemon. No, scary lemon! – [Pear] Who was voted the starting center for the Western Conference
All-Stars in 2009? – [Orange] Spongebob Squarepants! – [Pear] And you’re
not going to be a help. – [Orange] Pear, you
didn’t pick my answer! – [Pear] For the final time, your answer was not even an option. – [Orange] You should have wrote it in! – [Pear] You don’t get
to write in answers. – [Orange] Hey, check it out, I got some messages from some people. – [Pear] I see that. – [Orange] Jay-zen-hein-zen-raider says “Hey hey hey hey apple.” – [Pear] That is a name. (laughs) – [Orange] Let me write
back to him, hold on. Hold on, hold on, hold on Pear! – [Pear] Okay, I’m letting you. – [Orange] Stop hogging the
keyboard, it’s hard to type. [Pear] I’m not! – [Orange] There we go, message delivered. – [Orange] Alright,
let’s check the next one. – [Pear] Okay, one more. – [Orange] Geez, Pear, who
stuck a stick up your butt? – [Pear] What are you kidding me? – [Orange] Is this the
Annoying Orange from, Yes, it is! This is Annoying Orange! – [Pear] You are so annoying. – [Orange] I am– – [Pear] I wish you’d stop
typing with your tongue. – [Orange] Oh, I spelled it wrong. – [Pear] Gross, you’re
slobbering all over the screen. – [Orange] I am, don’t be an apple! – [Pear] Gross. – [Orange] It’s the only way I can type! – [Pear] I am not touching
this after, oh my gosh. – Touch it, Pear!
– No! – Touch it!
– No! – [Orange] Touch it! – Stop it!
– Touch it! – No!
– Touch it! – I’m not touching!
– Touch it! – Get away from me!
– Come back here! – No, get away!
– Come back here! – [Orange] Come touch it, touch it Pear! (yells) – [Pear] Pick this guy, the popcorn. – [Orange] Pick the
popcorn! Pick the popcorn! – [Pear] Entertainment. Alright, who is this? – [Orange] Farty McButtpants! – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Crucky Mcmuffin! – [Pear] You are terrible at this game! – [Orange] I didn’t choose that. – [Pear] Those are not names of people. – [Orange] Yeah they are! – [Pear] Those weren’t options to pick.

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  3. Hey annoying orange thatโ€™s scary lemon is a football that you kick where your foot

  4. Annoying Orange + Batman
    Grapefruit + Bane
    Annoying Batman
    Questions Answers
    Denver Broncos (Sports)
    Beauty And The Beast (Movies)
    Houston (Geography)
    Ginny (Entertainment)
    Nipla Tesla (Science)
    Alice Cooper (Entertainment)
    Les Misรฉrables (Art)
    SADR (Geography)
    Big Bang Theory (Science)
    12 (Science)
    Bruce Banner (Movies)
    Osama Bin Laden (History)
    Andre Samore (Art)

  5. 0:34 Booty And Beast๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. 0:55 Talking about Booty and Beast๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Orange, Pear answer this football question
    The Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 add the scores and what is the answer?

  8. 1:13 Ginny Weasley. I have read Harry Potter and I know it. Did Pear read Harry Potter? THIS MUST BE ON ASK ORANGE OR YOU ARE KNIFED!

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