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ANOKHE KIDS #Funny Types of Kids at Home | Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show

Thank Hot Wheels Please subscribe Come let us watch the video – You will enjoy a lot It is very hot in summers. Yes Aayu it is very hot. Sister I am going I can’t sleep here Where? Simla What? Simla ? Yes True? Sister, I am going, you can also come with me. Wow cool air, of Simla Sister, you also bring your pillow. What? U Turn Aayu Yes mummy What have you done in school today? I will not go to school Why? Kids don’t behave properly All your friends No only few… Few friends are loving also ? Yes Few friends must be playing with you? Yes Few friends must have helped you ? Yes But, why all kids don’t play with me? Because All kids are different Why Why all kids are not like me? Like a rainbow Rainbow has so many colours. All colours together, make rainbow beautiful. Same way Different types of kids make this world beautiful. Mummy, I did not understand Like You have so many different colour cars. Same way Kids are also of different nature. Means Like These are red colour breaking kids Sister catch Aayu catch Mumma Sister broke the mobile. Pihu – Yes Please add some salt in this. I add little – Yes Mumma Thank you kid What is this? Bring another bowl of pulses What am I doing? Sister, what are you doing? Nothing – Just everything is falling Sister what is the time? Hmmm I am not wearing a watch You’r not wearing watch Your time is also not looking good Mumma, look your daughter has done something. Pihu What did you broke now? These are blue color Dreamy Kids Sister look… These are Hot Wheels Color Shifter Cars. Wow This is the latest track of Hot Wheels Science Lab It changes the color of cars. Wow Aayu Cold water here & Hot water there Shall we try it… Wow Now, I will turn yellow again. Yes Wow, yellow again now. We will make it orange again. I will place it here, turn this ON. It will get cold now. Wow Now it is turning orange. Wow Care is changing color Yellow to Orange Orange to Yellow Yellow to Orange Orange to Yellow Yellow to Orange Aayu Yellow to Orange Aayu Mumma, color shifter is very good car By Hot Wheels Hot Wheels car What were you doing with that car? I was telling sister How to play with that? but, that was Aayu’s dream. Mumma, it would be great if we had this type of car. Yes Aayu Now get up. Drink milk. Sister, I got color shifter cars. I saw the same car in my dream. Same? Yes – Here we add cold water Here we add hot water This changes the color of cars. Yellow here and green here Mumma, Thank You Thank You Mumma There are white color – scared kids Aayu what are you watching? I am watching video Which one? Sister I am watching A GHOST Movie It has a black ghost. What Ghost? No No No I get scared from Horror Movies I get scary dreams in night No I dont want to see that Laughing Sister is scared Sister got scared If you have some friends who are always scared Show this video to them He thinks he is very brave… I am not scared by anyone Mumma Oh… this is a soft toy Mumma Light is gone Mumma Mumma, how will I use bathroom? Light is not there What kind of noise was that? Who is there? Mummy Laughing – It is me. I already said – You are scared sister No I am not scared You are not scared? Then let us watch Ghost / Horror Movie No I have to sleep now. Laughing She ran away These are purple color cheater kids Sister, let us play badminton Yes Shall I start? Yeah, I got 1 point No sister – You didn;t got that point. You lost this one. No sister shuttlecock fell far away. Then how will we decide, which is our area. Sister wait I will come. That is your area, this is mine. Ok, start Now, I will definately win Ok, we will see. Yeah, I got 1 point This is out of court Sister, now you are cheating Then accept, that you don’t know how to play? Yes, you are a champion. Cheater sister Yes Yes, take this point I will show you now, how to play badminton? Now I will tell sister now. SIster I will hit very far now. Yeah, sister lost this game this is Aayu’s style Aayu, this is cheating Either play like this, otherwise I am going I am going Bye Cheater These are Brown color Question Mark Kids Sister what are you doing? Playing game Which game? Candy Crush Why ? Why are you not playing outside? Because it is hot outside Why it is hot outside? Because it is day time in summer Why it is day time? Why not night time? Mummy, take him Why are you calling mummy, why not father? Father take him Why are you calling father, why not mom? Because I have to play game. Why do you want to play game? because I passing time. Why are you passing time? Because I am free. Why are you free? Why not 2 Rs per kg. What? Oho Someone save me from this Question Mark…. Who is question mark? Thank god I am not !!! These are Orange Color Bragging Kids Aayu what are you doing? Sister don;t disturb, I am studying Why do you study whole day? You know, I am teachers favourite student. I am the class monitor All the kids in my class, listen to me. When I say Pin Drop Silence Whole class becomes quiet. I distribute exam papers in my class. Check also Give marks also. I told our Principal Sir… During summers, our school is very hot. Sir, installed AC in the whole school See I told Sir, that in summers school van becomes hot I need Helicopter in place of Van. What Helicopter? Yes From tomorrow, Helicopter will pick us. Wow See I will go to school in a Helicopter. You also want to come? Yes I will not take you. No issues, I will get another one. I will not study from now, I will take rest for whole day. I will also not do my homework. You will nto study Mumma, Aayu is saying, that he will not study. When did I say that. I am studying – Look You are biggest Bragger I am the biggest Bragger in this whole world. No I am the biggest bragger No Me. Me Me Me Me Who me me me These are black color crying kids Aayu playing with a car Mumma Mumma Mummy, I need a chocolate What happened? I want a chocolate OK Take this chocolate – Mumma, I want 1 more 1 more Why? Mumma,I want to eat 2 chocolates OK, I am bringing Now, take this Mummy, I want many chocolates What is this? Mummy, I want many chocolates I will give you more chocolates Nut, you will not eat all at once. OK Take many chocolates But, you will nto eat all at once. What happened now? Mummy, If I eat many chocolates, then my teeth will be spoiled. What? You are not happy in any situation OK, now give back all the chocolates No mumma, I am very happy now. Mumma I am unable to open the wraper These are green color good kids These plants have dried out I must water them Light is ON unnecessary Water is also getting wasted I am done Where are you going? You wasted a lot of food Did you saw, Aayu wasted lot of food We should never waste…. Food, Water & Electricity If you think I am correct, then lease like.

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