Laughter is the Best Medicine


I can only pour myself wine, cue Taylor Swift songs and cry. Every shit happens in my life. Do you know why? Because I’m too beautiful, I’m too smart, I think too much about myself and I do too much and talk too little. If you notice, then my crown is no longer a crown, this is the whole throne. Contrary. I do too little and talk too much. You know, my life should be taken for the script to the TV Show many stupid situations not everyone in life happens. You are not characters of “Gossipgirl”. Don’t so dramatise. GOD, HOW I HATE ALL THIS SHIT! What’s happening? Why can’t my life be easy? I don’t understand.. I realized that there was some hellish asshole. There was a crowd of people near me (in airplane). I thought, I overslept like we fall. We were too excited. Disneyland, fucking princesses and other shit. My cherry now is my neighbor, with whome I’m living now. His name is.. What’s his name? Stop. I remember your name, dude, wait. Some queues were for two hours, you stand, wait and think about.. ..whether you need it and then you ride on attractions like cups from “Beauty and the beast”, think “God, this is the most coolest thing that happened to me” and cry like this. And I was on a diet, but, as you can see, it also doesn’t work very much. There is I, there is an apple and there is an orange. I like an orange much more than an apple, but the apple is so amazing that I don’t know.. How can you abandon an apple when an orange doesn’t pay attention to you, but an orange looks at you, but not the way you want it, but the apple obviously wants you to bite it off.. The people, who were sitting next to me were aleep. They were old people, so I didn’t bother them. (Care 100%) Whom to choose? A tasty, fresh, ripe apple that obviously waits for you to bite it, but it’s too shy, either to tell you about it or all the same to fight for a fucking orange that will burn in your mouth and.. The gate is like this: And we, as it were, stayed on the territory of Disneyland. So let’s move to my next unsuccessful “marriage”. I thought, I’d be more lucky there. A huge two-meter baby and I was just like this: Hey, how are you? Please don’t hit me, because I’m half the size of you. So.. Do you want to buy you vodka? It seemed to me that the devil was cast out of him. The woman in a panic screamed, began to clap her hands. I understood that..what should I do? I should hide, go away, make room, go to the toilet and cry? I don’t know what to do in such situations. Nobody could help us because our English was: They are very similar to each other..But they are clearly not sisters, not twins. I already found out all this. Not only, that I was ignored, when I asked for ice cream, which passed me, so the guy will die from behind me. Generally awasome! COOL. They do this while I’m asleep and I don’t know what to do. Pretend to be asleep, cry or pull out a plate with a figure of 6.0 and scream: yeees. YEEES. What happens in my life? I don’t know.. Shall we slam the door? Everybody thinks I’m smart. Actually, it’s not so. Love is a Beautiful Thing! Even if it’s a love for food, for wine, for other people, for dogs, for cartoons. When I saw THIS in my parcel, I yelled. My mother was standing next to me. She thought I had a heart attack. And I’m such a: MOM, LOOK. Nobody ever planned that I would come and I was this: When in my life there is such things appear, I cry. Here..all has flowed. You are amasing. I need to get out now. WHAT ELSE YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE STUPID SCUM? Society will look at you like a piece of lonely shit and you think.. my God, I’m really a piece of lonely shit. Well, now you know and see why I buy coffee and sausages in two-for-one deal. I’m waiting for the moment, when they all meet. I’ll sit with my Instagram.. D R A M A When you will asked about how you want to look in old age, answer that you want to look like me. And we didn’t see each other again. Now we avoid each other. The last time I saw him was a year ago. And I also stole his hoodie 🙂 You should appreciate your loneliness. This is what all single people say. Fuck. Simply here..all. Below there is nowhere to fall. No, there is. You can go to the Show “Bachelor”.

20 thoughts on “ANTHONY ULY ● HUMOR [ENG sub]

  1. Странный выбор цветового фильтра, музыку хорошо бы потише. А так всё невероятно круто, сделай таких ещё, с удовольствием посмотрю😍

  2. Действительно шикарное видео😍😍
    Побольше бы таких видосов про папу пэрсика👍

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