Laughter is the Best Medicine


good day as always where to start well the beginning is always impossible so how awake is everyone not very ain't not here but it's alright indeed we have grown tired of the film your fake image game so we'll film this other fake image at least this does not invoke pride in my wretched being so we walk the tightrope of pure light aspect and we realizing we are not we but simply one infinite mind one infinite you cannot find the edge of this universe in any direction that you go outward out far away or shrinking yourself down to the size of an atom and cutting yourself in half every second to infinity you will never get to the smallest thing always it will be smaller always there will be less less less less less less always there will be farther away there is no farthest away there is no smallest there is no oldest there's no youngest there's no hottest there is no coldest because absolute zero does not exist so everything is just consciousness and if everything is just consciousness and just as the dreamer dreams a lucid dream every single thing in that dream is the dreamer it's the dreamers consciousness it's just one head on a bed sleeping even so is this one massive infinite head inside of it the mind and here's what it's thinking right now how you are feeling is entirely dependent upon which will which frequency you you are aligned with if you feel happy it is not because you are feeling happy it is because you are a mirror that is reflecting happiness that is felt at you if you are feeling sad it is because you aren't under illusion because sadness does not exist and onward we go with every good and bad thing parsed the sleeve if you are feeling alive it's because alive is focusing on you and you are bleeding it if you feel like you're dying and death is real well that's because that's the hardest illusion to get over of all but listen to one who has and has many times it is not real literally it is not oh yes I guarantee and promise you that to the one who has finally seen through and passed the illusion that death is literally not real someone may walk up to you and in their own eyes they are stabbing you right in your face and neck and heart to you you are seeing some crazy wild person flail about with an empty hand they are certain you are dead they walk off and in their twisted universe you are and so is every other dark aspect that season but yet to every light aspect to your own self just some random craziness on where we go death does not exist and so it's simple yet hard to realize seems for most and so perhaps that is good enough beginning right yep good enough good enough is never good enough and so perfection must perfect upon perfection endlessly God the mind is expanded Paul if you want to say universal consciousness energy okay that's fine as well it's all just conscious energy that is so powerful as to be real to those who say it is choose what energy you want I don't want to be you light and dark aspect of energy I want this being to be entirely light aspect of energy so I reject every single thing that does not exist what seems to exist injury fear shame pain death lust covetousness doubt need must Kant should know none of that exists there is only being there's only love peace joy long-suffering gentleness goodness patience faith and faithfulness belief knowing knowing wisdom knowing reality knowing truth there is one truth put a hundred people in a room and have them launch a show fifty of them are purely devoted to the truth entirely pure light aspect fifty of them are mixes random dark aspect random mixed in lot with light as our most you will find that the 50 who have darkness in them and have doubt believe death is real and are scared of it they'll give you 50 different answers for what they thought of the show and what this part was about and what do you think about this and how did that affect you and on and on and on you'll have different answers but yet you go to the fifty who are 100% and totally entirely consumed with the truth and devoted to the light aspect and you'll get one answer perhaps in different words but you'll get one answer the truth exactly what it was not what it was seeming to be or felt to be it will be felt to be in seen to be real and there is only one reality and that is truth call that truth Christ if you wish call that truth reality clarity energy if you wish it doesn't matter to me because you're saying the same thing Christ Himself says I am truth so if you say truth you're saying Christ do a religious person to a non-religious person you're saying Christ you're saying truth so it's fine however you wish to do it as so long as you are devoted to it that is what matters you could never even have heard the name of Christ and simply be devoted to truth and it there you go it's fine so let's all be careful yes let us all be careful because us are not us you are not an individual I am NOT an individual see how easy it is to seem that it is so oh let us do this and let us know false there is no us one single mind is dreaming thinking this all into existence with conscious force of massive will and so it's all the same being one self is dreaming all of this into existence and so self cannot be afraid of self fear does not exist self is love and love cannot but but love itself that's simple realize that and there you go what need have you have anything nothing how hard is it to love there's no hardness it's effortless it's just a simple reality all that you see the grass is just as lovely and loved as the cat walking upon it as your own body walking down this thing here as the air being breathed the smell of it the sky of the trees every single thing is self one consciousness an on individual whole that seems to have individuals no just one self exploring its own self in different ways unconscious massive universe and indeed if you haven't noticed it already light aspect is being pulled away from dark aspect the bad people seemingly bad are getting worse and the good people are getting better and so it will continue until it is torn in half all right adios goodbye at Horeb wah see you later here cuz wacky world says bye-bye and then giggles see you later well not really we won't see each other we'll just talk communicate yes sounds good


  1. Far from vegan I am but that will not stop me from being friends with beasts I love you man I will listen to this at work right now and comment on it before I ever even listen and not proofread my speak to text at all hoping that it’s at least somewhat decipherable either way we will get through this as I love beginnings

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