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Apex Legends Funny and Epic Moments  #4

I gotta figure out that’s my healing Wow my man said yeah imma hit you with
the chunky chunky to tap with the pump and Palm Beach and I gotta be hard as
shit wasn’t that game winning kill me no way
that happened we don’t far finish finish him off did you then I got an alternator and a
triple take I love it my god dude this this lifeline I do this side
this Pathfinder is so sweaty fuck no best aim of my life show that to fucking shroud the face in
your face I’ll be a little late that money lots of you to fail hey everyone
oh my gosh oh wow easy easy 1v1 I think you got this oh you got this
oh my god hey man you like my name oh that’s a
hard mute and report and oh I need solos
I need solos my teammate literally blocks my fucking bullets and then
fucked it makes me think fucking kills you put it down you put it down right
now you put that gun down right now put the goddamn way thank you damn poker shields up it’s a Bangalore she has no shields
right now circle stone house so now stone house own house and stone
house are here I’m healing I’m healing you have any uh shield batteries I have
none on me he pushed the house I’m walking a bucket hey I’m Mercer Mike
Sarah Mike saying mark track them again nice let me on me on me on me are socks
are so dark sir are twice are said place I got it for nine you got it for any like I got here I got here I gotta help
push push here we go fight you gotta fight you
gotta fight good shit let’s go dude oh my god

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