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40 thoughts on “Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights #100

  1. We did it gamers, we've reached #100! 100k subs soon… 👀
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  2. Disappointing that prob more than half of these clips are in the videos from their sister channel uploaded at the same time.

  3. one time my cat was walking with my moms grandmas hamster and they got mugged by einstein in a back alley but then Mulan showed up and saved them. the lesson of the story is that if you really need to get somewhere just go dude.

  4. Hsgsgxgzggd good vsvzgsgsgsgeffsgssy I have a message with the game is at the end of the day I was in the video by the way I have to go to the gym and thenhGGagsggsgsgsggs

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