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23 thoughts on “Apex Legends – Funny Moments & Best Highlights #98

  1. This channel makes me confident enough to play this game and I play better because of the tricks I see

    I tried out Pathfinder one day (Im a Wattson main) so Being the complete unexperienced Pathfinder that I was, i grappled onto a Supply Drop AND IT CRUSHED ME. Me and my mate cracked up. 🤣🤣

    PS4 obasek

  3. When you try to get a kill by running after the enemy but gets killed by the giant goose with no horns looking monster

  4. I love just hella lasering people in apex I just imagine their reaction on the other side, my reaction is just SKRRRRRRT!!

  5. Last team hidden in house
    Octane out of nowhere
    Brakes in house with peacekeeper
    Octane: I'M ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL bang bang bang
    You are the champion

  6. Hi i love your video i want some coins s

    So yea sorry about saying this but..
    Name iss heh..Starykrow_Legeni

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    Spot the mistake.😁🤣

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