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Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #136

[Applause] let's go I call that dude that would kind of play that oh my god got our squadmates banner multiple subjects down oh yeah half the squads are toast say the entire squad care package coming in enemy down need to recharge my I'll hold the door you gotta back out you got back out dude I'll get the door we kill me where are they do I just jump I pull it whoa dude that guy just jump I pull it the actual hell dude they just jumped over my bullet oh the way upstairs I say cup my armor it looked like a went through first thing I was like oh you didn't get it I do the money depressor we call it for my blessings I feel like I'm pulling the Ferdie is back tell me I'm Papi's I'm from InDesign that's why I call it Bonin progression the solids I wanted the fucking affection and something is done because stack up eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar sober my run to the money depressor we call it that for my blessings I feel like I'm Poland the birdie is back tell me

47 thoughts on “Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #136

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  2. I've been looking at these videos for sometime now and it seems to me that the PS4 version of Apex Legends has ZERO recoil…

  3. I play Apex on Xbox & just made a yt , planning on editing better & doing commentary (if ppl would like to see it.)

  4. They won't feature my clip so I guess I will
    I got a 9 kill clutch win here
    you can skip to 15:10 in the vid to see what I submitted

  5. Bro stop using squad wipes as clips, if you can't kill a full squad you're just not good at the game, any basic player can manage to do that, it's not a clip at all, try getting better clips please, a lot of them are pretty good, but half are things most of us do every game.

  6. I'd appreciate if u guys could subscribe to AKgasboi 737 he post apex streams. Thank you.Btw he only has 5 subs

  7. Me (wraith) and my friend (Bangalore ) with 1000+ kills are looking for someone to play with on ps4 we need a GOOD caustic , Gib, or pathfinder , username – baldcrow34

  8. I'm looking for 2 others to play with and hopefully get those badges that require a premade squad. My gamertag (xbox) is brey1203, fyi I am a Wattson main.

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