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Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #140

a plan we're just gonna rush him in this punching gasps trap deployed thirty seconds into the ring closes he's in the corner right mr. Castro [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] my team Oh Oh mother he's down he's down he's down he's down nice [Applause] now I get to report him he literally just fired several shots on our 99 and they all ripped my face the whole thing hit my head 14 kills dude 1400 my new are you looking at him yes yeah why like what is the point of that the worst part about this game man oh yeah oh he disconnected some they banned him what a banjo this connect hog that's sick you got bad but do the money depressor be college my blessings I'm pulling the 30 is back tell me I'm Bobby's I'm coming to sign that's why I call it boning progress in the solids I wanted to fall in affection at something it because checkup eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar eleazar sober my run through the money depressor we call it that for my blessings I feel I component a birdie is back tell me

44 thoughts on “Apex Legends WTF & Funny Moments #140

  1. In every gun or kill i watch they always have no recoil.. bbbuuuttt when i play theres always recoil or something..idk jus makes me scratch my head wtf

  2. anyone else getting a glitch where they can stand and run while knocked? It's happened twice last week. Couldn't shoot, was still bleeding out, but could stand, crouch, and run….

  3. I'm watching this since episode 60 can some one tell me the title of the ending song? I really like it

  4. I sent you a form and I forgot to say that in the link I sent you it’s the first match of the vid when I outplay a squad

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