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Are You a Millennial? | Hardly Working

– Okay, does everyone have a
character card, a weapon card, and an action card? – [All] Yes. – Okay, great. – Thanks for planning this Katie. – Oh, no problem. You know how much us
millennials love board games. (laughter) – Actually, I hate to out myself, but I’m a little older than you guys. I’m not actually a millennial. – So you’re Generation X? – I’m an X-ennial. It comes between Generation
X and millennials. – Why isn’t it just one or the other? – Well, we used to be older millennials but we didn’t grow up with
internet like they did, and we’ve always had it as adults so we can’t relate to Gen Xers. – Yeah, that makes sense. – Also, since we’re not millennials, the negative stereotypes
don’t apply to us. We’re special. – Like millennials? – In a different way. – Okay. – Well, hopefully your
generation likes board games ’cause that’s what we’re here to do. (light laughter) – Now, two of you will
have the dictator card. That means that you’re evil. Don’t tell anyone– – Fam, I’m not a millennial either. (surprised murmuring) Yeah, I’m actually in
the generation that comes after the millennials. See, they’re born in 1981-2001,
but I was born in 2002. – [All] Oh. – So what’s your generation called? – It might change but as of
right now it’s Twin Towers What? Because we don’t remember 9/11. – Oh. – Wow. – Seems problematic. – Wait, are we hanging
out with a 16 year old? – Oh, I’m really mature. I skipped college. (affirmative exclamations) – Okay, now you’ll have one
of three different kinds of weapons, right? Hard, wet, or sticky. – Okay, hold up. I should say that I’m
not a millennial either. – But you were born in 1992. – And I’m really into green technology, but I was from like a
really, really small town. We were like 10 years behind everything. We didn’t get broadband ’till like 2010. – So what are you then? – A dial-ennial. It’s a millennial except we
were raised with dial-up. (affirmative murmuring) We’re on Facebook way too much, but that’s because we
didn’t have it growing up. – What’s a dial-up? – It’s like internet you
get from your landline. – What’s a landline? – Oh boy.
– Are you serious? – That’s the difference between
her generation and mine. (laughter) – And mine. – And mine. – Oh, and mine. – Hey wait, do you guys
remember rotary phones? – [All] No. – Okay, neither do I. – Great, now you’re actions will be either murder, save, or eat. Now, you can only murder if
you have a sticky weapon, just like in real life. – Wait, hold on. Am I the only actual millennial here? Paul, what about you? – Well, I mean, I’m a mid-millennial yeah, but even we’re a little different. – How so? – We were born in 1985
so we were the ones who thought iPads were
gonna be a thing, right? (affirmative murmuring) And so for a while we were
known as, um, pad-aphiles. (disgusted murmuring) Yeah, that’s why we went
back to mid-millennials, but we are the ones killing
the napkin industry. – Oh, cool.
– Wow, good job. – Good. – Yeah. – What generation are you Trapp? – Uh, the generation that
wants to play this game, so let’s get going, right? (chuckling) – Yeah, but you’re like
a millennial, right? – No, actually I’m part of
the greatest generation. – What?
– You’re not that old. – You’re way too young. – Well, not the first greatest generation, but the new one, the one that’s just me. – Okay, that seems very millennial. – Well, sure, just like
millennials I was born in the 80s and I’m pretty self-centered, but unlike millennials,
I work in coal mine. (forceful coughing) – Ugh, black lung. – Ew! – What? – God! – That’s the problem with your generation. No work ethic. – Wait, you had a job? – Lucky! (intense questioning) – It’s hard work. It’s not just luck. You pound the pavement. You pound the pavement. – Hi, I’m Rekha from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe, click here for other fun stuff, and thank so much for watching. I love my job and I’m definitely
not trapped in this video. Things are great.

100 thoughts on “Are You a Millennial? | Hardly Working

  1. I was born in 70 BC and was raised in the Roman empire, I miss the times we used to poop in public places and chat, now bathroom is all the sudden a "private place"

  2. Bombed US cities on 9/11, go low for a few years, wait for the millenials to come of age…. and then… abracadabra, everything is forgotten and forgiven. They don't even need border security anymore. They hate the police. They hate their skin being white. They hate being born male. Got to admit it something is wrong with the generation.

  3. Holly shit I'm a dialennial too. D:
    1991. Also some of my family still used rotary phones. Man that was a pain to use. It was fun the first couple times, but then i was like OMG I SPUN IT NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 1.5 SECONDS FOR IT TO SPIN BACK SO I SPIN IT AGAIN 5 MORE TIMES?? IM ALREADY STRESSED ENOUGH THAT IM CALLING SOMEONE TO BEGIN WITH!!!

    13 years later enter cellphones… Now I can keep people at just the right distance. By texting. sends text to dad. dad calls back GOD DAMMIT

  4. Very biased view. Statistically majority of millennials all over the world are leftist, liberalist, indoctrinated, commercialist, adulterous, globalist, materialistic youth that had destroyed the moral fabric and naturalistic characteristic of a society. They are ignorant sheep, alcoholic and had more lust towards Beer, dance, social media, fashion, video games, celebrity shows, music, movies, adultery and porn. Infact they had raised those trends. They are the most arrogant, irresponsible generation who had raised the culture of self projection. Millennials are indoctrinated sheep who stress and live the culture of group think and collectivilism. Millennials are ignorant, corporate mindset gen who never question the authority. The millennials literally always summons the Satan. Millennials market had been saturated and declined. Generation Z are more conservative, ideology, philosophers, idividualist, intellectuals, creative thinkers and nationalist,. Mostly people in that Z generation will break the Chains of globilists, group enslavement, racism, zionisms, One World Orders, economic, political, social, moral and cultural crisis in this World. While Generation Z keeps on questioning the authority.

  5. Being a Millennial is nothing to be proud of. Damn self-entitled, easily-offended, selfie-taking, social media-loving, douchebags.

  6. Damn I'm a millennial cuz I was born on 2001 and I saw the twin towers collapse when I was only a few weeks old
    (Guess my birth month)

  7. Generations are usually divided within and take multiple decades, give or take a few years. Take the Baby-boomers generation, they start in the mid 40’s after WW2. This generation continues until the mid 60’s . Millennials are early 80s to 1999 or up to 2001 depending on what you read. I am Gen Z. Born in 2003, one of the first of this generation. Gen Z is the current generation. It officially started in 2002. (I however do not know when Gen z will end). So on so forth.

  8. Also why is everyone in the comments so triggered by these labels? Don't pay attention to peoples generation things and see people as individuals not groups of people you hate.

  9. Alright so are yall millenials so I have something for you

    You just lost the game😉

    I'm gen z but my friend found a post about it and told the whole friend group

  10. "You can only murder if you have a sticky weapon, just like in real life."
    "You'll have 3 types of weapons; hard, wet, or sticky."
    What kind of game are they playing?

  11. Can I still listen to the rest of the directions? I wanna see how this game turns out. Anyone else? Just me? Ok.

  12. What kind of board game were they playing that they had hard, soft, and sticky weapons, and could only kill with a sticky weapon?

  13. Part of me wished that there was a voice of reason saying that it doesn't matter what stupid year you were born in.

  14. It is more of a wake up reality call that US was never an economically stabled and secured nation after 9/11 and the Great Recession. This is why Millennials are stunted mentally and physically but their grievances are at odds with older generations who were ideologically fixed on US economic stability and surplus economy and the newer generation that lived when economy and security became stabled.

  15. " 'Twin Towers, what??' because we don't remember 9/11."

    and for just a couple seconds, everybody in the room thinks, "Wow, has it really been that long?"

  16. the twin towers what??? is actually so accurate; I don't consider anyone that doesn't remember Y2K or 9/11 to be a millennial. But I also don't think you're a zoomer/centennial if you remember a world without smartphones

  17. If you remember spongebob or minecraft from your childhood, you're gen z. Also I was an infant when 911 happened and Obama was my childhood president, so that sets a huge gap between me and millenial culture

  18. Ya, I have this problem. I was first told millennials were born in the new millennium, so starting with me in 2000. But APPARENTLY, that's not how it works, and millennials started being born in the 80s. Doesn't make sense to me. All the millennials were grown up while I was growing up.

    Yes, I grew up with the internet, but the other metrics I've seen, like remembering 911 and being a young adult during the 2008 financial crisis (I was one and then eight) don't really apply to me. It's called Post-Millenial, now, I think.

  19. Let's just vote out the baby boomers from Congress already, or at least minimize their ranks. They've been in charge and messing things up for too long.

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