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Are your prayers too small? Use these Scriptures

– I’ma give you the two scriptures that changed my entire life. Now, I had heard these
scriptures growing up. But, it didn’t sit with
me until I was homeless. The first scripture, “You
have not cause you ask not.” Now listen to me. I cannot tell you how important
that single scripture is. A lot of the problems I was havin, and you may be havin just like me, is because what I was askin
God for was the wrong stuff. I kept goin to him too small. I was prayin for stuff
that really didn’t need that much of a prayer. Lord, help me make my rent. Well, don’t he always? Don’t you always get your rent? What about if you changed that? Suppose you said, “Lord,
help me make my mortgage.” you thing God don’t know you
ain’t got the down payment? You think God don’t know
you need another job? He know all of that,
but if you don’t ask him for it, he can’t. God don’t give you what you want. He give you what you believe. See, you been blowin it. If you up your ask, He ups his give. That’s his promise. You have not, cause you ask not. Lord, help me fix my car,
so I can make it to work. Stop prayin ova these raggedy cars. Why don’t you ask God for a
car that don’t need fixin? [Audience Member] Yeah Oh, you think that’s too big for him? Is that it? So, you don’t ask this
great God for big stuff cause you don’t see how you can get it. You not posed to see how you can get it. You just posed to ask him for it. See, the how to is none of your business. You keep getting in
the way of the blessing cause you all up in the how to part of it. Show me the scripture where he tells you to figure out how to do anything. He don’t ask you to how to nothin. You have not cause you ask not. Second one. You don’t have it written down. Everything you’re asking God
for, it has to be written down. This is not a theory. This is another scripture. I’ma give it to you. It’s in your Bible. Habakkuk two and two. It says, “write the vision
and make it plain, so that he” “who reads it will run to
it. And even though it tary” That mean take a long time. “Wait for it, for surely it
will come at an appointed time.” – [Audience Member] Yes. (audience applauding) That’s in your Bible. That’s in the copy you got. Dat ain’t in the rich people’s Bible, that’s in the copy you got. It’s in the drawer at the hotel. (laughing) It’s Habakkuk two and two. (woman laughing) write the vision and make it plain. Everything you want you
posed to write down. I’m tellin you man, this is how it works. You notice that rich people
don’t really have degrees. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, they ain’t got a degree between them. But they got more degrees workin for em than a thermometer. (audience wooing) Education ain’t in the Bible. Harvard is not in there. UCLA is not in the Bible. You just need the word. You need to know what
it’s sayin apply to you. You know why? Cause it’s a promise of his. [Audience Member] Yeah He ain’t neva lied, he
always come through. If I was you, I’d try that. If you keep doin what you been doin, you gon keep getting what you been gettin. If somebody came and told me to do that, I would at least give that a try. Those two scriptures can change your mind. It’a change your whole life. Thank y’all for comin. (audience cheering)

100 thoughts on “Are your prayers too small? Use these Scriptures

  1. Quoting verses out of context is an evil thing. Steve Harvey would not want to be misquoted, He feels no problem doing it to the King of kings!

    Man-centred, no desire for God, His glory, His honour. Christ is absent, the gospel is absent, sin is absent, holiness is absent. The word of God is NOT a magical spell. This is shameful. It's all about stuff, this world, it's sad…

  2. Ok, now, Uncle Steve that was real good right there. I wrote it down and it is taking some time but it shall indeed come at it's appointed time.

  3. I want to take this moment to share my testimony of healing with y'all. It's really recent.

    So, about 7-8 months ago I noticed this big ball on my neck and got it checked to see what it was, it was a nodule on my thyroid. It was large, you could see it right away, there was no hiding it. I had the biopsy done and the result came back inconclusive. So at that point it could be either benign or malignant.
    I began praying then for God to intervene and for me to, after the second biopsy, get the result that it was benign. Both times I went to do the biopsy, there was someone who had gotten bad news and we're very distraught. Before the second biopsy I went to another doctor to get her to take a look and she looked me in the eyes and said it was benign but that to be sure I'd need a new biopsy. She got me an appointment for the next day with a thyroid doctor she knew and trusted (the wait list for this doctor was like a year long almost). Had the second biopsy done and the result came back as benign! The only thing left to decide was what to do with this big nodule that I couldn't hide. Everyone kept trying to get me to have my thyroid removed, but I never agreed. I just asked God, for Him to finish what He started bc I knew He would. It took all this time, but He came through. On Sunday (my birthday) my mom noticed it was gone, but didn't say anything. And yesterday (Tuesday) right when we made an appointment to have an ultrasound done on it and we were in the car talking about it, I touched my neck and IT IS COMPLETELY SMOOTH, THE NODULE IS GONE. What was once this gigantic ball on the left side of my thyroid showing clearly on my neck is completely gone!!! I'm so grateful to God for this amazing miracle! I never had to operate and get it removed, I only had to wait on Him. God is faithful!

  4. I am trying to figure out what is ok to ask God for..I have a good but of course I want a better one, with higher pay or I want to be compensated more at my current job, I have a semi-new car (2016) but it has somethings that need to fixed on it, I have a home that I rent but I would like to be blessed with a bigger home that I own. I may have answered my own question but Are these things that I can still ask God for??

  5. Ephesians 3:20 I can do exceedingly and abundantly more than everything that you can imagine!! We serve a mighty and awesome God

  6. He's absolutely right about writing it down. I've felt so lost and confused in the past not knowing what to do feeling worthless. I've started praying bigger believing harder and writing to God, and I have never felt better. This is best piece of advice I have had in  a long time.

  7. I love how Steve never stops praising God for his success and preaching the word when the opportunity pops up!

  8. I thank God for you Steve Harvey for God allowing you a platform. May God get the glory GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD ALL THE TIME!

  9. Steve… I don’t even know if you even read these messages. But, God used you to help me today. I went to see a property today. And I was nervous. I had so many questions…and not enough answers. You made me look at what I am asking for. When you say the how to is none of your business…that hit home. This property is the fulfillment of what I wrote on New Year’s Eve this year… I thank you for allowing God to use you. Thank you for keeping me motivated. 😘 I pray that the favor of the Lord will always be with you,

  10. Come on Steve! You betta preach the Gospel on National TV and on this Internet! #Ask and #WriteTheVision!

  11. Praise God I ask God for a new job Monday to Friday in another City more pay and he answered all boxes ticked. Reviewed God he came through for me

  12. Steve Habakkuk is not in the Bible at the hotel. Why? The Gideons Bible is New Testament only. Habakkuk is only in the Old Testament.

  13. I’ve asked, prayed, claimed it as though it were already done, written it down, so I guess I need to write some bigger “asks”.

  14. Steve, I prayed that a child diagnosed with cancer would be cured and they passed away. I guess my prayer was just too small huh?

  15. That is a whole lie of interpretation of the scriptures. Go to James 4:3 for an explanation of that verse. Line upon line and percept upon percept to understand that verse.

  16. Steve harvey is a con man and it's sad to see so many people just believe the bullshit he's saying. I'm gonna ASK Steve Harvey to stop making retarded videos now I better HAVE since I ASKED.

  17. I’m trying to ask god to show me my gift lpn 👩🏽‍⚕️ nurse 🎁 and send me a soulmate and to have a healthy beautiful child😔🙏🏾

  18. I'M KNOCKING MY GOALS out one by one because I write my goals down. This is so true! (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  19. Wow thank you steve. This has not been taught to me at church, at least not in the way that you are explaining it. This is a great insight🙏🏻📝

  20. Great messages! Back in 2002 my pastor in Los Angeles California received a Bentley for his birthday. That isnspired me so much, he shared a scripture: Mark 11:24. I prayed and believe God for a Rolls Royce Phantom. I was only 22 years old at the time. I'm 39 now and have driven 4 Rolls Royce Phantom's. Great job Mr Steve! For pouring out your heart.

  21. yeah but you cant be praying for things you want because of your fleshy lusts. he will give you your needs. sometimes extra but thats up to him

  22. Love what you said Mr Harvey! HE never lied HE always comes through!! It’s the Truth! Praise JESUS! It’s the Truth!! Thank you for your encouragement!

  23. Praise God and all that but this gotta be the stupidest motivational shit I ever heard. Why God didn’t allow me to get that raise for my job is it because I didn’t wish for lotto numbers so I would not have to work again? Gimme a break😪

  24. I think people pray small because they're told from the time they're children to be grateful for all the small things, you are taught to feel bad to ask for things you don't need immediately – you're taught to not be "greedy." The message comes across that if you ask for abundance, you're being ungrateful.

  25. feeding my soul on these divine messages. god bless god bless god bless you Steve Harvey!!! FCKIN LUUUVVVVV YOUUUUUU

  26. Thank you for this. I love it. Your motivation I share the link with my teen boys. Especially since they get to hear it from another male role model. Your speaking into so many lives golden nuggets. Trust me they'll root and when it's needed most it will sprout. Much success to u and yours. ❤

  27. Amen I’m always writing ✍️ out how I want my life to be and scripting like I already have it. I know and feel it’s coming sooner than expected.

  28. Yesssssir Steve, I asked for a mansion so I can move out my hood and support my family. I am not living on the streets and sleeping in the subway! Amen


  30. thank you for helping others through your experience! You are a blessing and God is using you to teach us 🙂

  31. You saying you are not a preacher? You one of the most brilliant preachers of the gospel I ever heard!!!

  32. I think it's so easy to put God in a box, I know there are plenty of times where I did not pray for stuff I wanted because I didn't want to seen greedy for example asking for a house etc. This is a great message.

  33. ALL of his videos speak to me!
    He is using his gifts to the fullest!
    This is an amazing example of what true faith can do! 1❤

  34. Go big or go home, God give me a Bugatti and a mansion! A Singer Porsche 964 DLS and Pagani would be nice too. Smh, this MFer is so out of touch.

  35. You’re speaking to me today, sir! You may be a comedian but you’re preaching and being in the COGIC, your mother was MORE than a Sunday School teacher!

  36. You’re a fantastic Preacher, Steve. Please keep the messages from GOD coming. May GOD continue to work through you… You’re doing an amazing job. GOD Bless You, Steve✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  37. "Ask it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open" -GOD 🤗❤

    Take the limits off God I am a witness if you ask Him he will give it to you. Also, write the vision and make it plain. Get a pen/pencil, get some paper, speak it into existence, PRAY DAILY, BELIEVE GOD, TRUST HIM, AND PUT WORK BEHIND YOUR FAITH. God is so good and His thoughts are good towards you..start writing the vision and speak it into existence daily 🙏😊❤❤

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