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ARIANA MAKES A JOKE ABOUT A DEAD GIRL? | ariana's dark humor & jon benet

everybody today's video is gonna be fairly short because it's a matter that has been apologized for but this is regarding ariana grande making a joke on JonBenet's murder case weeks off I think that's how you pronounce it I'm not quite sure here's the original post JonBenet Ramsay was a low girl who did pageants and was murdered over 23 years ago and until now it was an ongoing case and police didn't know who specifically was the murderer she was found dead on Boxing Day in the night of 1996 and the police suspect that JonBenet's is the murderer on the Instagram post oh no no going they decided to make a comment many people were offended at all sauces are from messy Monday on Instagram and I will link the post below so that you can see it for yourself many people weren't happy with the comment and as a result of this already quickly – they did a comment and apologized many Ariana's fans will understand to make it would oppose say that she was very sorry and that she was a hypocrite because she don't like it when other people made dark humor jokes but she continued to do the same and that she is learning and she will not make the mistake again that is all for now what are your opinions on this matter anyways see you later be sure to like us yeah

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