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welcome Aries we first got the chariot then the devil and the two of Pentacles so I feel you may be on two lines about leaving a situation it could be a Capricorn that you're thinking about moving away from could be a cancer it could be it could be a Capricorn you're going towards or a cancer but either way there's something here that you want to break free of and you're not sure how to do it or if you should do it and you're on two minds about it so let's see where this goes now we got the fairy who was kissed by the Pixies this is literally how they described it in the book is open-heart surgery something that you've been closed off to you didn't want to look at it whether it was because it hurt too much to see the truth or just the pain of something from the past was too much to endure and you've been kind of closed off to it but this is something that has happened in in some regard that has opened your heart up after a long time of being closed off Aries now this doesn't have to be you it could be the person you're dealing with now I'm going to go over here next for a minute because I got to I got gloominess doom and I got the fine so gloominess doom this is this is that heart being closed and saying no nothing will work it'll all fall apart I don't trust it you know whatever was keeping you from opening up your heart this spawn now this is opening everything up think they described this as as literally magic happening within you taken away that that old destructive way of thinking and that could be that devil energy as well oh yeah that could very well be what you're moving away from is your own negative thinking your own restrictions and and there's something magical happening here something has opened you up whatever this kiss by the Pixies was that opened your heart you're now literally changing everything about your internal dialogue here and seeing the world for for the beauty that hasn't seen people for the beauty that they have whereas before you were very closed off and shut down I feel protecting your heart in some way now we also got peace Archangel sham ul peace comes from remembering that only love is real Wow that makes perfect sense doesn't it because I feel you've been protecting yourself with that devil energy and and because you didn't think a relationship or situation could be successful you felt it had no hope excuse me and something has changed you now we have the Swan here this could be a water sign but what this card represents is gliding into your own divinity gliding into seeing yourself as a divine creature a loving creature someone who gives and accepts love freely so whatever whatever could have been a water sign this could have been this cancer person that come in and changed your perspective on how you feel about love or situation but something it could be a twin flame as you can see but this this to me is is that open heart surgery of now you seeing the beauty you're seeing the beauty in your own reflection you're seeing the beauty and others as well Aries it's absolutely beautiful and you you're you're you don't know you're still not trusting whether you can open up your heart because you're still trying to move on from that that being closed off and not trusting so you're you're in a whole new dynamic here and it's probably a little jarring because to have so many cards showing where you were very closed off to have this literally magic happening now where you're seeking that peace and you're trusting the universe it's it's beautiful excuse me so these are already pre shuffled areas and then we'll clarify with another deck as well so the the fairy who was kissed by the Pixies we have eight of Wands beautiful beautiful so it could have been some kind of communicate with somebody could have been a fire sign that opened your heart in some way it could have been any type of communication you could have heard a song on the radio like literally it could come from anywhere that something just changes your perspective on how you've been dealing with matters of the heart okay now with the Swan we have the star see healing healing that hurt beautiful okay and getting emotional whoa okay yeah I knew this was going to be a very profound reading yeah this is somebody healing from they've been like I say they've been so unsure of of their future and not wanting to trust that things would work out if they opened up their heart but now they they are wanting to communicate they are healing a situation that has kept them closed off in the past so let's see the thawne and the gloominess doom so whatever you've been closed off about or heard about there's their little like I said it's magical this is wished fulfillment this is this is the universe saying we're going to come in and help the situation we're going to help you see past this this bondage that you've been keeping yourself in with negativity we're going to open that up and show you what healing looks like what the other side looks like it's beautiful okay king of Wands there you are Aries there you are the magic is happening within you you're taking action you know the situation needs to transform you know it needs healing and you are taking the action to do that and it's beautiful beautiful whether you're meditating whether you're going within you could be talking to a counselor you could be just like I said searching your soul for what will truly make you happy and what will truly bring healing for for the long term so let's clarify the piece card the magician see you're going to make this happen you're going to make this happen perry's could be dealing with a jab or Aquarius as well because we have Aquarius here okay let me look at this for a second now yeah I feel your heart was closed off to somebody because they hurt you in the past Aries and now you're starting to to heal from that you want peace with this person you want to open your heart back up to this person and Trust again and and your intuition is telling you that it is safe to do so I think so now let's see okay over here queen of Pentacles queen of Pentacles so it could be an earth sign Taurus Virgo or Capricorn that you have communicated with that has caused you to open up your heart in a different way this could have been you confiding in somebody and then helping you see how you could heal how you could move forward with with a stable foundation and trusting the universe so let's see under the start for all blonds Wow Wow Wow do you see the two twin flame carts here the Swan and the Ford wants and the healing card in the in the center of that Wow some of you are returning to an Aquarius that you feel is your twin flame but this is you really opening up to the person you truly love and you've been afraid to in the past and some of you may be in a toxic situation right now that you're afraid to get out of because you're not trusting this situation but whatever situation you're in right now whoever you're with your heart is obviously closed off you know what I'm saying so what even if you don't go to this other person Aries wherever you're at now your heart is not in it at this moment let's see with the king of Wands lovers yeah this is the decision this is the decision to take action here to go after that love that that you you've been closing yourself off to you you didn't want to see this person because they hurt you so much in the past you didn't you didn't even want to open up your heart to them but something has has changed your your perspective here let's see the magician – a sword yeah you don't know how to bring it excuse me this situation back to a peaceful place because I feel you work so closed off to it for so long that maybe now you're not sure how to bring it back let's see after the two of swords 10 of wands yeah yeah I feel that you're in something now that you need to end and return to somebody that you know you're meant to be with here okay after the 10 of wands queen of cups yeah you've got to put down these burdens Aries and go after your heart's desire and like I said it could be a cancer Aquarius a Gemini lots of Gemini here or Capricorn or cancer I don't know if ever there said that okay so after the queen of cups the Sun yeah yeah this is you this is where your heart belongs some of you need to make a move back closer to family as well maybe a lot of you will have been estranged from family members and this is a decision to go back to to a fan place you know where you used to live to heal issues with family members as well let's see seven of cups yeah you don't know how this is going to turn out if you open up your heart you're worried you're still worried let's see Ace of Cups yeah you're still worried if this can can work out for you will this be happy if I go for it if I open my heart and is my heart gonna be safe or am I going to get squashed metaphorically of course let's see after that ace of cups yeah you're you're worried about getting hurt here yeah if you take this leap of faith if you take this leap of faith with this person Aires you are afraid to get hurt again but you're not happy not being with them and holding holding yourself closed off you're keeping yourself in a mental prison that doesn't allow you any freedom you're keeping your heart closed off that's not allowing you this peace that is trying to come through to you so let's clarify and see if we can get any more information here what else can you tell Aires about this reading paraffin paraffin so this is again spiritual enlightenment this is you seeing the truth of a situation and not holding your heart closed any longer you want a commitment with this person you realize that you holding yourself back has not helped you has not helped you let's see in the back look six of swords six of swords so some of you right now Ares this is the commitment you're in right now that's got you in this gloominess doom and that you want to get away from as well because we know you're trying to get away from something here so if it's a commitment that you're in that you're not happy and you want to go and and yeah it could very well be a marriage here that you're in some of you want to return to somebody you had children with in the past yeah you had a family with this person in the past maybe and there you are Ares the Emperor there there's your fears there's your fears there's you hope closing off your heart to this person yeah fighting it every step of the way because they hurt you in the past and you're afraid to open up again you're afraid to work on this because you're not sure if you go towards this person and make this offer if it's going to be balanced this time yeah and and if you do that it's going to be a major shake-up if you ask this person to take this leap of faith with you but you know they are twin flame you know this is your future and look at this the magician ace of Pentacles chariot and the stir there it is look at this there's your whole reading Wow Aries you are you're you're getting yourself out of a commitment here and like I said if it's it could it could some of you could be leaving home for the first time and maybe your parents don't want you to be with this person but but you're doing it whatever it is you're going after your happiness here you're taking control of this situation and you're not going to let fear stand in your way anymore you're gonna start defending what it is you truly want yeah you're going to fight for this and you'reyou're detaching from this situation whether it's a Capricorn or a toxic situation it's you're bringing it to a close you're bringing it to an end and you're working on getting the heck out of Dodge and moving and like I said some of you are moving home and you want to make this offer but you're waiting till you get balanced and situated yeah after this major move and there you are again you're asking somebody to take a leap of faith with you it could be a marriage proposal I'm getting marriage proposal here yeah because there's been healing the two of you have healed and are moving forward together here well Aries I'm gonna leave that right there it is a beautiful reading so your your heart is is gonna see things in a whole different perspective here and whatever's been keeping you down the universe is coming in to help you take action but you've got to decide on your own to take this action and that's when the universe will help you that's when they're going to help you because there's something here that needs to be healed in order for you to have stability in your life and in order for you to take this new leap of faith you've got to get over the past heartbreak and open up your heart and allow allow the happiness to come in here Aries so that is what I have for you god bless you thank you for spending this time with me and I'll see you next time

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