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Arkady Arkanov about Sovereignty (Humor), English subtitles

>>Arkanov wrote several stories about Vasily Stepanovich, which
have strange dreams. One dream about sovereignty because world now
has disease of double standards of sovereignty and independence,
separatism recommended for other countries, but integration for own needs. Vassily Stepanovich had a horrible dream last night,
as under the influence of TV news, all the parts of
his body (and organs) declared independence and becomes free. One leg was there, and the other back.
So instead of walking he sat in the splits.
One hand filed a spoonful of soup into his mouth,
but the other took away. So he only got hungry. One eye was watching the Caucasus, but the other watched Arzamas,
as a result, he could not see a positive future. But the most important and terrible happened because his main pride
(male power and own genetic Fund) his male organ did
to declared absolute sovereignty and national independence. Vassily Stepanovich was even so shocked,
to even say how not expect such a surprise from you, comrade.
But opponent said in the style of snobbery, that is not a comrade,
and therefore requires an official appeal, Sir. Vassily Stepanovich apologised and asked, what do you want? Sir.
And Sir. said, that he doesn’t want to be subordinated to center as part.
but wants to be a member of the UN and wants to have own money, and have
the right to vote. I wants to have own fleet, to meet the natural small need. Sir. you can have money even directly,
but for you excessively have a fleet,
because one vessel is enough. Sir, in response, was indignant, he began to threaten
the use of civil disobedience and rebellion for a complete separation. Vassily Stepanovich didn’t want directly
manual control and so decided to expect calm.
But it was useless. Vassily Stepanovich woke up the next night to see
how his Sir. does not want to sleep,
impudently pulled back the blanket,
and even turned to the West. Why you have insomnia, Sir? What can be so attractive?
And Sir. to tell, how attractive for he to place of the historical origin.
– What your historical origin? Where?
– You know! Guess yourself if you don’t want vulgarity. Vassily Stepanovich began to explain
about the unity of the system and the brotherhood.
But Sir. was aggressive.
– We cannot be brothers because you are a brunette but I completely bald. Vassily Stepanovich resented.
– Shut up, otherwise I use my hands.
The events became unpredictable. The next night, like any sovereign and independent personality,
Vassily Stepanovich wanted to satisfy the feelings of love to
his wife, Catherine, which was Ukrainian.
But Sir. openly betrayed him. Because sir. curled up to declare on non-interference
in other’s internal businesses. The situation became critical.
Because the Top couldnot, because the lower classes didnot want. Vassily Stepanovich decided to use force of arms,
but it was already too late. Right hand voted for a state of emergency,
but the left accession to the region ass. Nose would enthusiastically
to solve the issue, but was tucked into foreign business. The adrenal glands went on strike,
fully sabotaging production of adrenaline.
Bladder drunk losing control,
has become a stink those involved in the putsch. Then, Vassily Stepanovich proposed all interested parties to gather
in the city Cockroach-race to take coordinated action plan.
Observers of the European Union arrived two Asses. During the day, a consensus was reached. Instead of former Vassily
Stepanovich to create a Council of independent members and organs.
But then hungry and angry stomach to do vetoed (give a shit at all)
after three warnings. One American and other experts long analyze the reasons
for the rapid degradation of Vassily Stepanovich. But his wife,
Catherine, could to accurate called core in an interview for CNN.
– My husband couldn’t stomach freedom and give a shit. Vassily Stepanovich, waking up after a terrible sleep,
afraid to dream does not become a prophetic dream.

2 thoughts on “Arkady Arkanov about Sovereignty (Humor), English subtitles

  1. "Милостивый государь" Василия Степановича  уже лет сто не его член. Так что спите спокойно, прочие части.

  2. For many ignorant Americans, Ukraine, Russia and whatever CIS republics, are all the same. Don't try explaining cultural diversities to them. They don't care about what they can't and don't want to understand. They want to impose their sub-cultural standards to everybody, because they are the self-proclaimed "good guys".
    Crimea IS Russian. In 1954 there was a cession of the territory to Ukraine, made by Stalin. After all, it was the Soviet Union then.
    Speaking of Kosovo, very few people know that Serbians living in Croatia when Yugoslavia split, were going to be relocated in Kosovo. But who cared about their rights and the fact that Kosovo was Serbian since about the 12th century.

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