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100 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger: WAKE UP EARLY & MAKE IT HAPPEN (EYE OPENING SPEECH)

  1. That’s the same advise Arnold told his illegal alien maid he had an affair and child with.
    Wake up early, let’s make it happen.

  2. Well now ! That is a serious right to the point speech ! A life time advice and to top it … for free ! One should not underestimate Arnold !!! I am truly impressed …

  3. You need faith into your daily life!
    Materialism has chocked most people of this great land so much so that the average American lost the perpece of existing. Go read the Holly Quran and free yourself from the NotsoHOLLYWOOD Trickery perpetuated on us as their subjects. You need to wake up and be yourself outside the narrative of control, with faith in Allah you will have a perpece in this life and you will gain the hereafter! The controllers have made materialism their God. You will learn nothing from this opportunist, Hollywood made idle lying politician, adulterous finished little man.
    Read Read Read…

  4. All for her
    Well don't bother trying to please your folks
    My mom always wanted me to be some kind of image
    Like spiked hair and all that
    So I never could get it right
    So she always told me I sucked because of it
    Then I met a guy who was exactly who she wanted me to be
    I learned how to do that
    Then she died
    Now other people hate me because I look like who she always wanted me to be
    The point
    Be yourself and don't try to be who someone else wants you to be
    Because they might just be setting you up for a big fall
    Either way she thinks you suck
    The trick is to remember that you don't
    And she's just incorrect and probably trying to protect herself from you
    By taking you down.

  5. Oh c'mon, girls don't really give a rat's ass about what a guy's body looks like unless he's fat. They're not impressed by ripped looking bodies. That does not make women feel more sexually attracted toward men!

  6. ….I got a rip curl wave poster on my home wall, the caption at the bottom of it, “Dont let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.“ I look at it every day on the way out to my front door.

  7. This is what a Saturn – Pluto conjunction is capable of delivering. Don't ever think you're going to be like him. Take him as an inspiration, but be yourself and don't be let down by your natural potential. It's different than his. Discover what's yours.

  8. If you have a dream, two things might possible happen, either you strive to fulfill your dream or go back to sleep and continue dreaming.! I prefer the latter lol 😂

  9. Successful people all be like 'of couse I am, I worked hard for it'.
    Do they have any idea that unsuccessful people work hard too? Maybe even harder. Funny how they never seem to acknowledge this or how freakishly lucky they really are.

  10. That film producer told him to lose the weight because some bodybuilder paid him to take Arnold out of competition so he can win next mister Olympia

  11. We all have time!! Just get your asses up and do it. Everyday grinding all the time. I use to have the same excuses, until I finally got it together. Everything he says is true.

  12. A vision and a goal for what? Achieving the fleeting foolishness of fame and money?
    The ONLY goal which is beyond all this material driven drivel is the attainment of realization of your True Nature.

  13. I am so not a morning person…it just not me, never was, never will be. The goal is still there at 2 pm.. trust me.
    Love you anyway mr Schwarzenegger 🙋

  14. Arnold s all ways on the move doing different things No stop that's good Arnold s right in what he says I No what he means and why good upload 👍

  15. 3 years early 30s I went lean 274 to 196 52 on another journey thanks for your upbuilding video. P.s me and my nephew that passed away watched terminator 2 together a time I will always cherish.

  16. Sleep fast? Most stupid advice I've ever heard. If your are studying or learning for exam or whatever and you only sleep 6 hours, (okay people are different) you may be drowsy tired and easy to distract. So, in order to learning, memorize and reproduce facts get enough sleep.

    Ah, btw Arnie, when you build muscles you need enough sleep, so your body can recov…. Jesus, forget it

  17. What if you didn’t have a clear vision in high school or as a kid? Can you have new goals or visions in your mid twenties? Or later 30s?

  18. Life is not about financial wealth,prestige,or notoriety.
    It's about doing what you love,touching others in a positive manner,and laughing/smiling as much as you possibly can.

  19. Make sure you pick your parents so that you have incredible genetics is the main lesson here. LOL. All of the things Arnold is saying hold validity to a certain extent but he made his career due to the fact that his physique was one out of a million. It's interesting to me that he can't speak in any other accent other than his thick Austrian one as most actors have no problem doing so. He definitely overcame that and made a helluva career though.

  20. Law of attraction..Ask, visualize believe that already happened.. If your paying attention of what he says in every interview it always talks about "visualize himself ". ✌

  21. This guy really is super human… as Bill Burr said….He came to America with nothing, became one of the greatest body builders of all time, became one of the most successful actors of all time, married into royalty and became governor of a state…how many fucking lifetimes would that take the average man?!?

  22. Try a picture of Jesus and have an eternal goal. Everything in this world passes and fades. Love Arnold, he’s a nice guy, but he aimed too low. Not sure about his faith, but this advice is only temporal. Q

  23. His book total recall talks about his life and how he wants to be the best in bodybuilding and my Olympia but it's a great book worth the money

  24. Pictures of other men all over your walls? The only thing “eye-opening” about this is the true tendency of humans to idolize other humans. Nothing wrong with having a goal, but this is a clear example of secular religion in the absence of God.

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