Laughter is the Best Medicine

asdfmovie 1-10 (Complete Collection)

[Baby Giggling] Got your nose! [Baby Giggles Continue] Look out! He’s got a nose!! [Gun Fire] You gotta help me, man! My tie is evil and it’s gonna kill meeee… Please don’t hurt me… Muwahahahaha Hello parking meter! Hello! Hey guy, hey, smell my flower [SNIFF] Mmmmmmm BLARGHHHH!! LOL! Hmmmm Hey man.. OWW!! What the hell is wrong with you!?!? Level up! Somebody help me, I’m being robbed!! I’ll save you! Tree powers activate!! [POP] Die potato!! Nooooooooooo! [Squish] Mmmmm… Yum! Aaaaahhhhhh!!! Why would you do this?!?! I have a wife and family!! NOOOOOOO Aahh… The pain… It’s unbearable! What have I done?!?! Aahhhh… Tell my children I love them… DADDY!!! Ugghhh… NOOOOOOO!! NOOOOO!! [SPLAT] Hey.. You know who’s gay? You. Aw, come on!!! I baked you a pie! Oh, boy! What flavour? Pie flavour. I like singing! I like dancing! I like trains! Hey. It says ‘gullible’ on the ceiling. Oh, so it do– Ahh, you stole my lungs. Die, Potato! Not today. Haha! They said I could never teach a llama to drive! Baaaaa– No, Llama, nooo! Doctor, I think I might be a homosexual. How can you tell? RAAAIINNBOOOWWWS What are you – a man? Or a mouse? Hey kids! I brought you some cookies! [Kids cheer] I like trains. DESMOND THE MOON BEAR! How did I get here? Haha! I can’t read. Kitten fight! No, wait! I’m allergic to adorableness! Aww! What are you up to, son? I like trains. Haha! Yes, you do. Hey! You know who’s gay? Yo– I can’t wait to eat this bagel! Yes, you can. Yeah, I guess you’re right. Oh, no, I spilled my milk! You’ve killed us all! NOOOOOOOOO– [Gurgling] Who parked their car on my sandwich?! I did! gggrrrraaaAAARRRGGGGHHH— [Explosion] Why won’t this damn fax machine work?! FEED ME PAPER Are we there yet? [sigh] Yes. Yaaaaaaaay! Ah, crap. Hey man, look at my new dog! Aw yeah that’s
pretty coo- AWWW.. There’s no dog there.. [SCREAMING] Joey, did you eat my sandwich? I am your sandwich. HUUUURGH Here, hold this.. Thanks! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? STOP IT! CUT IT OUT
MAN! I DON’T WANT THI- PFFT.. Screw gravity! Goodbye world.. Ookay, Jim, I’ll see you around! Where ya
goi-AWW OH NO! Aw that’s not what I thought he meant by that at all! There’s something on your face! SHAPOW!! IT WAS PAIN!! OH WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?
I CAN’T EVEN- I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!!! NAAAAWWWW!! Now son, don’t touch that cactus.. You’re dead to me. Honey, why is the baby on fire? BUY ME MORE JEWELLERY!! Don’t even think about it. Hey, guys, check out my new camera! Oh wait, this isn’t a camera.. Die, Potato!! NOOOOUUUHHH I like trains. OH NO NO WAIT!! I’m gonna do an internet! WOOOOOAH!!! Well I’m gonna do a book! Aw… THE SCIENCE SHOW! Pianos! Who’s idea was this?! [Phone rings] “This is a robbery.” Bleeeeech. Oh… Hey, kid, you can’t skate here! You can’t tell me what to do! I wanna be a pie Billy, no! Nice hat. Thanks! I was being sarcastic. Well I stole your face! Honey? Do you like my new shoes? You are a chair, darling. I can dream, Harold!! It worked! My time machine wo– I am a stegosaurus! Quick! Shoot me in the face! You gettin’ mugged, kid! No! You’re getting mugged! Ahh! How the hell does that even work?! Hey, son! Catch! Banana fight! [Gunshot] NO! Alien attack! Throw the cheese! When I grow up, I want to go to the moon! Why wait?! Hey, Bobby! Play that one about falling down the stairs! Sure thing, Johnny! I love it! It’s so beautiful out here. Yeah, it’s just me, you and the moon. Hey! You two should kiss! Sir, you appear to have a very severe case of… Baby voice. [Baby giggling] Hello, Mine Turtle! Hello! Hey, man, you wanna play some video games? No way, dude, you always beat me. TELL NO ONE. Oh, okay. Aw, man, you ever gonna run out of muffins?! No. Because I work in the Muffin Factory. I wonder if my pony can fly… Huh. Quack! I was JUST about to say that! Are you serious?! Totally Oh, that’s spooky. We are so in sync. Mommy! Mommy! Look! A turtle! Hello! Here, hold this. I’m gonna punch you in the face! But it’s opposite day. OH NOOOOOOOOOO– Oh, no. I am NOT stepping on you. [Llama bleats] Hello! Do you ever get tired of being random? Me neither. I’m going to punch your face. In the face. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO– Hello, and welcome to standing up school! And you fail. [Trumpet playing] Hey, you got a licence for that? You’ll never take me alive. [Trumpet toots] Knock knock! Who’s there? THE DOOR. Hey, did you know that carrots are good for
your eyesight? You lied to me. Hello! Helloo! Hellooo! Hellooooooo!! Hello! Oh no! Ooh, a puppy! Oh, careful, honey – he has a knife. Oh, what, no, no I don’t… Everybody do the flop! Hello, burger! I used to be a cow! …Oh! [Distant yelling] He’s a magical pony Flying through the sky on a magical jour- Shoot it down. I have no idea how to breathe. What are you drawing, honey? I’m drawing a bear! Nom. Quick! Don’t think about cats! [Several cats meow] Here comes the aeroplane! [Whistling grows louder] Is anybody here a doctor?! I am! Well you’re a NERD! Hey, what did you get for your birthday!? I got older! Haha! HHHNNNRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH AAAAAARRGH That is weird. Hey, you wanna play catch the knife? Sure! [Gunshot] Man, I SUCK at this game. Ma’am, I’m afraid I caught your son doing… Homework. But where did I go wrong?! Hey, Joey! You wanna eat me? No thanks, Mr Muffin! But I wanna die! Hey, Stacey, d’you wanna go to the prom with me? Oh, I’m sorry but I’m a ghost. But…you’re not dead! [Gunshot] Bye, Brian. Hey, buddy, you wanna take this outside?! Sure! Wow, what a lovely evening! This was a really good idea. Don’t jump! You have so much to live for! EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP! Oh, I’m so full… You have room for a muffin?! No! Why won’t you let me die?! Hey, baby, are you an angel? ‘Cuz I’m allergic to feathers. BLEEEERRRRRRGGGGGHHH YOU’RE FAT! I am a very tall midget Hey buddy! Turn that frown upside down! Okay! [Snaps Neck] Desmond The Moon Bear! ARGHHHHH!!! Hey, want a banana- ARGHHHHH!!!! WHAT?! NO?!
TURN IT BACK!! ARGHHH!! Who want’s a muffin?! Have you seen the baby?! No, I think he got outside! You fool… N…no…n…let me…NOOOOO I am depressed. This does NOT help. Hey Buddy! Look over here! [Sizzling] Haha! Now you’re blind! What’s going on, guys? Larry, this is an intervention! You need to
stop breaking peoples necks! What are you talking about? Larry! What? LARRY!! Hey, cool hat! No, Suzie! Don’t walk in the road! Look Mum! I made it! [Thud] I am a stegosaurus. [Gentle tinkling music plays] Happy Birthday! ARGHH!! It’s a boy! Invisible Billy Adventures! Hey, Billy! Catch the frisbee! Billy? Sir, i’m afraid you have brain cancer. Well, the good news is you don’t have brain
cancer anymore… Save me, SuperGuy! No. You’re a diiiiick! Hey, apple! Apple! Apple! Hey apple! Well, we failed. Don’t look, honey. Hello Mineturtle! Hello! He’s a magical pony, flying through the sky! I LOVE IT. Hey, you know who’s gay? Us. Oooh, baby! I love ya, baby! Stay away from my baby! But mother, I love him. Doctor, I’m afraid of backstories! When did this all start? Well- AAAAAAAH!!! Hey! What time is it? IT’S MUFFIN TIME! Uuh, actually it’s 12:30… … Somebody kill me! Miss, you need to pay for your food! Nope! *hurk* Oh, Timmy, don’t cry! Seriously. Timmy. Cut it out. Timmy! This is the worst date EVER. and now… a cow pretending to be a man. Alan, are you a cow? What? No. Yah me neither you guys want to go skateboards? My boyfriend said I’m the most beautiful girl
in the world! Hehe! My boyfriend said that too! There can be only one. Oh no! Giant flying SHEEP! Those are clouds. NOOOOOO!!! You’re leavin’ me? Sorry Eddie, I’ve met a REAL man. hi babe yes i am real man you want to go skateboards? You’re adopted! You darn kids get off my property! Knock knock! Who is there? A mirror! I am lonely… Would you like to see a magic trick!? No! Aww, look at the little baby! (Stupid baby sound) And now look at the big baby! Wah. The orphans… They’re all dead! What kind of man would do this!? Skateboards. Jimmy, take out the dog. Yes, Mother. [Silenced Gun Shot] For a walk, Jimmy. It’s a lovely day to walk down the road and if I ever stop singing I will explode! HEY STEVEN! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? [explodes] Awww! What’s his name? His name is David. Hello! I am David. Can Susie come out to play? Sure! [Pop!] Yaaaay! Dad! I’m hungry! Hi Hungry, i’m Dad! Why did you name me this way? You’re gonna die! We’re all gonna die. [Footsteps approaching] [Gasp] Ooo! A Butterfly! Honey! No! Weeeeee!! She’s mine now John. Are you hungry? No! I’m crazy! [Footsteps] Whoops! [Falling] Excuse me, are you going to eat that? No… You can have it. Thank you! [Phone rings] I like trains. [omg train lol] [Running] [Stab] [Crowd Cheer] Honey! I’m pregnant! I can explain… I think we should just be friends. Mother! Ooo! I wonder what this does! [Button] Oh, I’m gay now. Huh. Hey! Wanna see an impression of my Dad?! Sure! Haha! Comedy. [strong winds] Nooo!
Don’t jump! Okay!
Now jump! [funky music] You want a piece of me?! Yeah! Well, here you go then! Thanks! Hey kids!
Who’s ready to draw? Me! Me! Me! Okay then… Draw! [gunfire] Okay!
Hit the apple! Yaaaay!
[splat] Hey!
What time is it?! It’s medication time!
[gulp] [pop]
This is better. Haha! Chase me, Suzie!
Chase me! [car horn + splat] Mmm… Good… Heeey… I’m not like OTHER girls…
[funkier music] I’m sorry, Jim, but I’m gonna have to let
you go. No, please! Noooo!!! Is this you? Yes! Hello! Hiii! Hey, here comes that trainsgender guy! I like trains… [splat]
[train horn] I wish I could fly! Your wish is granted!
[magical sparkles] Yaaay! [splat] Beep beep, I’m a sheep! [sheep bahs] You know what I hate? Child murderers. Oh no!
Here comes one now! [child giggling]
I’m gonna getcha! Cannonballllll… [whooshing wind] Pirate: Yarrr!
[explosion] [extremely funky music]
Beep beep, I’m a sheep! I said beep beep, I’m a sheep.
Beep beep, I’m a sheep! I said beep beep, I’m a sheep. My beautiful baby!
This is the happiest day of my life! If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! [baby splatter + clap clap] Have you seen mah leymons? I want mah leymons! I don’t wanna be fat anymore…
[crying] [om nom nom] Meow meow, I’m a cow.
I said meow meow I’m a- No!!!

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  1. 1:41
    Me: what do you guys like to do?
    Friend #1: I like singing!
    Friend #2: I like dancing
    Friend #3: I like trains
    Me: WERE DOOMED- oh wait the rain didn’t even come- 1:46

  2. First it was the Lazer Collection. Next was ASDF. Then Cyanide and Happiness… 50 thousand people's used to live here… it's a ghost town.

  3. 2:16 Sheriff: What are you a Man or a Mouse!?

    And also

    2:21 or 2:22 Mom: hey kids I brought you some cookies!
    Boy: I like trains
    Train hits Boy

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