Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ashite Ashiona | Bengali Comedy Movie | English Subtitle | Bhanu Bandopadhyay

Where are you all? Elder daughter-in-law? Won’t you give me food? What happened? Eat this my dear.. Younger daughter-in-law, won’t you give me something to eat? You disturb us a lot.. you start asking for food.. soon as it’s morning. It’s not morning now.. it’s almost noon. Debesh, no one has given me anything to eat since morning. Will you please look into the matter, son? Definitely they will give you.. don’t be so impatient. Hey, Badan. Yes. What did you bring from the market? All these.. That’s a big chicken.. ..will you please ask the daughter-in-laws to give me some? Not much.. just two leg pieces. Again you are talking about your daughter-in-laws. They insult you so much, master.. but still you don’t understand. I have got this for you.. do you see this.. oh god! What’s the matter, Babloo? What did you bring from the market, father? You can see that when Badan comes. Father, have you brought chicken? Of course I have brought. How many did you bring, uncle? Two. Father, did you bring eggs for me? Yes, of course.. I have brought eggs for you too. Oh no.. you have smeared my pocket with food. Uncle, where is my lozenge? Stupid boy, eat whatever is given to you.. why do you need lozenge? What are you doing, Ramesh? Go Chotu.. eat your breakfast. Your father is very naughty. Master.. master. What have you done.. you have broken all the eggs. Sister-in-law, come and see your Badan’s face. Sister, go and hold something in front of his face. Ramesh, help him.. otherwise he will spoil everything. Stupid, you are good for nothing.. were you dancing on the street? Aunty, that small bowl won’t be of any use. Master, please remove the cloth from my eyes. Go! Here you are daughter-in-law.. where were you? If you don’t help us in the morning how can we cook the food.. ..before the men of the house go to the office? I am coming right away, mother-in-law. I am sorry for being late. What about my food, elder daughter-in-law? Now listen to that.. he is shouting on top of his voice since morning. Grandmother-in-law, you get up.. let me do it. Mintu, listen. Come, grand son.. come to me. That’s not possible.. mother will scold me. But you mother is inside the house.. you can give me one.. can’t you? Do you want? Okay then.. you close your eyes and open your mouth. Why so late? Why aren’t you responding? Hey. Go.. go away. Master, did Mintu go away without giving you the food? It’s not his fault.. the whole family is doing the same. I have brought food for you. Have a bite. You also eat. Shall I? I am still getting to eat since you are there.. ..otherwise they have prohibited me from having most of the nice food.. ..saying that I am a patient of high blood pressure. You eat. Come on.. drink this.. hold the glass. Why aren’t both of you talking? What’s the matter? Why are you standing silently, lowering your head, Badan? I can’t understand anything. Well.. I see. So you have again asked Badan to bring food for you from the market, right? Badan, did you again bring food for him from the market? Why don’t you understand? If you fall sick then who will suffer? Did you get time to come to me now? What else can I do tell me? I had to finish all work. Only then I got the time to come to you. What do the daughter-in-laws do? Can’t they bring my food on time? I understand everything.. they all want me to die. Debesh, I can’t stay under the sun any longer.. it’s burning my skin. Please take me inside the house. I am getting late for the office.. Ramesh is coming.. ask him. He’ll take you inside the house. You are giving the excuse of your office to your old father! Hey, Ramesh.. – Yes. I can’t bear the sun anymore.. please take me inside. You could have told elder brother. I had told him too.. but he asked me to tell you. Did he? – Yes. But I have an important appointment. Bibhuti is coming.. tell him.. he’ll take you inside. Now look at this.. he wants me to request Bibhuti. Bibhuti, I am almost roasted in the sun.. please take me in, grand son. Hey Swati, take grand father inside the house and then go to college. Do you understand? Now see this. He’ll take half an hour to stop shivering after he gets up. And he walks so slowly that it’ll be almost 3p.m.. take him inside his room. Badan, take grandfather inside his room.. let’s go. What a family! God, you are taking lives of so many people everyday. Why are you ignoring me? Hey Badan – Yes.. Please take me inside. I can’t bear this sun any longer. How can I manage to do so many things alone? I am so busy since morning.. do you think that I am a machine? Do you think that I’ll start spinning with the pressing of a button? Please take me in. Your sons and grand children ignored you and walked away. Now this Badan is left to do everything. Why don’t you understand? If they have to take me inside then. Their dresses will get spoiled. Badan, we are getting late for school. As if I don’t know that how much you study in school.. ouch! Let me have a look. Did you see my aim, Babloo? What a mischievous kid! Look what he has done! Hey Sada, how come you are still sitting in the sun? Are your daughter-in-laws trying to turn you into a dried mango? Mr. Nutu, please take master inside the house. I have to take the kids to school.. otherwise they will get late. Let’s go now.. why did you throw stones at your grand father? Today I’ll teach you a good lesson.. I’ll complain to your father.. Nutu, can you give me some poison? Do you want to commit suicide? And that too is possible if someone brings the poison for you. What has happened to us? What else will happen? I have brought them up in spite of being in misery.. ..and today they ignore me. There is no point lamenting over this.. today we are useless in the family.. ..we won’t be of any use.. think about my situation. I have 3 sons and all of them are earning. But if I ask for money from them in order to go for a shave.. …all three of them avoid.. each one asks me to ask the other one. If I had 2 lakhs of rupees with me then I would have.. ..shaved my beard before they grew. Hey Nutu, hey Sada.. it is out. What is out, Charu? It’s so surprising.. it’s so wonderful. I have searched. ..and found all of them.. wait.. I’ll show you everything.. What’s the matter, Charu? Scientists have already done a lots of research on glands and hormone.. they are doing research.. ..on tissues and cells.. one day suddenly you’ll find that.. have become young for ever. I don’t think that it’ll ever be possible? Of course it’ll be.. it’ll soon be possible. Those people who are travelling from one planet to the other.. can you not believe them? But are we going to live till then? Of course we will.. asthma patients don’t die early. I understand.. but I am not a asthma patient. I am suffering from arthritis. I have told you earlier.. ask your sons to take you for a change. Go and take 2 dips in a hot spring.. you arthritis will vanish. Why only hot springs? There are so many good springs. the western region of our country. And the water of those springs can do wonders. You better go for a change for few days. No point.. they don’t take good care of me when I am at home. So it’s quite natural that they won’t take me for a change.. Let’s go to my room. Let’s go. It’ll be done! Yes.. it’ll be done. What are you murmuring? What? It will be possible for you too. What will be possible? If it works for an old man then why won’t it work for an old woman? Come.. see this.. scientific endeavour to get back youth! Can you see this man lying on his back? He is an old man.. And this man standing beside him with that machine in his hand.. Dr. Hudson.. the doctor will operate the old man.. ..and bring back his youth.. if it happens.. ..then we won’t have to suffer any more. why are you smiling? What if it happens? We’ll think about it when it’ll happen.. now drink the barley.. Barley? Not again.. will I ever get back my youth drinking this barley? What else can I do? Do I myself like giving you barley everyday? But you are not well.. you are always suffering.. ..from something or other. Hell with diseases.. even though there were chances for me.. live for few more years.. but everyone is after me.. No one will even let me have any decent food. All of you have made me sick. Now you are getting angry with me. Why will I get angry on you? I am angry on my fate. Give me. Since the son took his father’s diseases and infirmity on him.. king Yayati got back his youth. Since the son took his father’s diseases and infirmity on him.. king Yayati got back his youth. Babloo.. Babloo.. Hey Babloo. Coming, grand father. Yayati.. it seems that whatever scientific endeavours are going on.. ..these days, it was same in the ancient times. What happened, grand father? Come closer to me.. please bring the book that you were reading. Why? do you want to ask me questions from that? No.. no.. so king Yayati got back his youth, right? Of course he got.. wrong things are never written in the books. Of course.. now if I want to become young once again.. ..who will take my diseases and infirmity on him, grand son? What? I mean who will take my old age on himself? Why? Father can take it.. why don’t you ask father? Yes! I don’t think it’ll be possible in today’s age. No son will be ready to take his father’s diseases and infirmity.. ..and give him back his youth. You don’t bother about that, grand father. I’ll go right away to my father and convince him.. Babloo.. Babloo.. now he’ll create a problem! Go. Oh no.. no.. don’t touch the coins. I haven’t come to take coins. Then what do you want? Will you take grandfather’s old age, father? What? Grand father wants to become young. Young? How will he become? Why? the same way as Yayati became young.. Well.. you have left your studies and have come to joke with me, right? No.. it didn’t work, grand father. What did he say? Father said that he won’t take your old age. I knew it before. No problem.. if father doesn’t want to take it then you give it to me. I don’t like going to school everyday. But would you like to become old? Why not? I’ll smoke tobacco.. eat and sleep. Well said.. I’ll wear shorts like you and go to school. I’ll go to my uncle’s house in the vacation. That’s what Rabindranath has written in his poem ‘wish come true’. But.. do you know how did Yayati become young? They have written everything, grand father, except this.. That’s the reason we are such a backward country.. If it was the British.. What would they do, grand father? They would have written everything.. that more people can get benefited from it. Babloo what are you doing here? Isn’t it your time to study? Go and study. Grand father, I am ready, you just let me know the date. What were discussing, grand father? Nothing. Grand daughter-in-law.. – Yes.. Please ask Bibhuti to send me for a change. Okay. I have told Debesh and Ramesh many a times. I am tired of telling them now. Okay, I’ll tell him. Bibhuti has a friend named Rajesh, right? Yes.. I have heard that he stays in a hilly region. Yes. Please send me there. Okay.. I’ll tell him. Where is your grand mother? Grand mother has gone to Biswas’ place. I see.. today is a full moon night. The moon looks so beautiful. Grand daughter-in-law. Yes, grand father-in-law.. Please switch off the light. Okay. ‘Go and take 2 dips in a hot spring.. you arthritis will vanish.’ ‘There are so many good springs in the western region of our country. And the water of those springs can do wonders. Eat this, master. Shall I eat this fried stuff? Yes.. since you are going for a change, you can change everything. Forget barley. I hope nothing will happen. – No. Nothing will happen.. eat now.. eat with this fried potatoes. Oh my god.. there is a chilli.. it’s very hot. Move aside.. let me go. Oh my god! It’s so crowded. Where do so many people come from? Master, it’s too much crowded.. you can’t get down in this crowd. Master, do one thing.. pretend to faint. Faint? – Yes, pretend to faint. Oh my god, he has fainted.. doctor.. water.. fresh air.. quick. O master.. you have fainted.. it’s absolutely fine. Remain like this.. please come and help me.. what are you doing? Hold his head.. move aside.. my master is.. ..getting down from the train.. move aside, Oh master. Master, sit here.. you don’t need to lie down now. I don’t need water.. I don’t need anymore help. Now I have got down from the train. Master, I have found Mr. Chaterjee.. move aside all of you. Master is fine now. What is this grand father? What has become of your health? But the atmosphere and water is very good over here. You’ll be absolutely fine in 2 days.. Badan. – Yes.. Where is grand mother? How will she come? Why? How can she come leaving her family? And the daughter-in-laws make her work so hard. They are so merciless. I see.. anyways.. let’s go. – How are we going? Why? In my car.. – Where is your car? I have parked it outside the station. – Outside the station? – Yes. Let’s go then. – Let’s go. Wear your shoes.. bring those luggage. I am bringing them.. no.. I won’t carry them.. hey coolie.. coolie. Master, this car is shivering more than you. Grand son, what kind of car is this? Actually, this has become one of the members of our family. My grand father used to ride this.. then my father used to ride this. And now I ride this.. probably my son will also ride on this. Look at this! He loves his old car so much. And in our family they don’t even love an old man. You have said right.. Why are you going backward? Master. My god! I hope I won’t fall down.. my bones must have been.. ..broken into pieces.. Now I am feeling like sneezing. Grand son.. Yes.. what happened? Are you planning to travel in this way only? You just sit and watch.. we’ll almost fly. Is it going to fly after all these? There is too much of dust.. dust is entering my nose and mouth. Watch out! Hey, what are you doing? Someone, save me.. help.. master. Master. Badan.. Yes.. You are supposed to hold me tight.. and instead of that. I am coming to you, master.. Be careful.. Move away.. move away. Watch out. Dhanutari.. Yes, sir.. Grand father, you are going to stay here.. I’ll come at times from the town to meet you.. okay? Okay.. Dhanutari.. Yes, sir.. This gentlemen will stay here.. you must take good care of them.. Do you understand.. now take down the luggage from the car.. Grandson.. – Yes.. Grandson, what’s his name? Dhanutari.. come down now.. Badan, bring his walking stick.. Be careful.. Come with me.. Master, where is the bedding? You stupid.. take that down.. The bedding must have fallen down. 120.. 121.. 122.. 123.. master, what’s your count? I got up 9 times.. Well.. And sat down 22 times.. So you have sat more than getting up.. no problem.. keep it up. Hey Badan, I can’t get up any more.. What’s that, master? Your limbs seem to get locked in the mid way. Okay you can do the rest tomorrow.. let’s go and have breakfast now. Leave that to me, master.. Move away.. I am working out for so many days.. And do you want to say that I can’t pull my stick out.. go, I say. Apply some more strings, master. That’s right.. pull it.. yes.. harder. Oh you fell on your back. – I have fallen down. I can see that.. the stick came out and I fell down.. I have fallen down.. Now let’s go inside the house.. I have fallen down.. Wonderful, master.. you are being able to walk alone. Indeed the change is working for you. Of course it’s working.. but what have you started doing? Nothing, master.. I am eating biscuits with butter. I can see that.. you’ll suffer from stomach problem, idiot. Have you ever seen butter in your life? Yes, sir.. she is a wonderful person. she used to give me pickles in my child hood. Idiot! Sir.. sir.. it has arrived. Is it? – Yes.. Okay.. Master.. what’s the matter? There is something.. come and see it for yourself. I see, master.. so you had asked for a horse. Why won’t I? it’s much better than your exercises. But do you have the habit of horse riding? Of course.. I used to ride Arabian horses, by the lake, in my childhood. That’s enough.. you’ll definitely be able to manage. Dhanu, why does the horse seems droopy? Actually it’s an old horse. I understand.. so this is the best horse you got, right? Come this side.. come.. now stand on your knees.. Wait master, let me check it first. Yes, it’s alright. Shall I get on now. Yes.. put your leg here. – On his back? Yes.. put your leg on his back.. now sit on the horses back. Have you sat properly? Good. Now the horse has woken up.. It will run now.. hold the rein in your hand.. take the whip. Now it will run.. what are you looking at? You have brought this old horse.. now you push it from behind. It’s an old horse.. it needs push.. why are you getting angry? Push it.. push it from the back.. Badan.. hey Badan. Badan.. hey Badan. Look at me. Badan.. hey Badan.. How did this happen? I have become young. Look at my skin.. my complexion.. Badan. Who took away my old age and diseases? Power! Hail king, Yayati! Old master, have you gone mad? – Shut up! – I think I know you.. How dare you call me old? I’ll give you one punch.. Will you say me old, again? Come, fight with me.. Feel my muscles.. why are you getting scared? Feel it.. Come.. fight with me.. will you? Speak out.. No, sir.. oh my god! What is this? Feel it.. No, sir.. o my god! Why are you getting scared? Come to me.. come I’ll hug you.. No.. no, sir.. Dhanu.. Dhanu.. Badan.. “O my mind.” “O my mind.” “O my mind.” “O my mind.” “If you want to live then find out the sea of happiness.” “Yes, my dear, if you want to live then find out the sea of happiness.” “You just had to dip in it once.” “You just had to dip in it once.” “Dip once, give a dip.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” “O my mind.” “So many wonderful incidents keep on happening.. this sea of happiness.” “So many wonderful incidents keep on happening.. this sea of happiness.” “Change your old age in that tide.” “Dip once, give a dip.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” “O my mind.” “The life saving water of this sea knows no bounds.” “The life saving water of this sea knows no bounds.” “It breaks the barrier of rules and makes it confused.” “It breaks the barrier of rules and makes it confused.” “The life saving water of this sea..” “O my mind, you’ll be able to see so many new colours.” “O my mind, you’ll be able to see so many new colours.” “With your own eyes, yes..” “You see your rebirth with your own eyes.” “You see your rebirth with your own eyes.” “Dip once, give a dip.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” “O my mind.” “If you want to live then find out the sea of happiness.” “Yes dear, If you want to live then find out the sea of happiness.” “You just had to dip in it once.” “You just had to dip in it once.” “Dip once, give a dip.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” Badan, look at me.. I have become young.. Master.. Look at me.. – Master.. Look, I have become strong.. But how did this happen? Look at my hair and beard.. They are all black.. I am young.. O master.. – O Badan.. The old man has become young.. You are a liar.. – Yes, sir.. You drink during the day.. – Yes, sir.. You smoke marijuana.. – Yes, sir.. Whatever you have said is lie.. – yes, sir.. Come with me.. No, sir.. please spare me.. he’ll kill me.. Shut up and come with me.. Pardon me, sir.. please.. Come with me, I say.. How am I looking? Wonderful, master.. I am wondering what will happen.. ..once you reach home.. I’ll indeed give them a surprise.. let’s go now.. Master, will you come along with me to Nashipur for a day? Nashipur? Yes.. – Why? Actually I haven’t gone home for many days.. I’ll also surprise them.. Okay.. what ever you say.. let’s go.. Come.. But they are not here.. They must have fled, sir.. What? What will happen now? Now this is a real problem.. How can they leave with out even informing? What will I tell Bibhuti..? ‘Dear Rakesh, I have changed fully. I have become young. I am so happy.. this place is wonderful. There is a hidden mine.. ..which can make lives eternal.. I mean a pond. One dip and human beings will become young. Good bye, grandson. Thanks a lot to you. Sadananda.’ Mine? Eternal life? Pond? Dhanu.. Yes, sir.. Yes, I am telling the truth.. I didn’t know that before.. When I came out of the water, I found that my hair.. ..and beard have become black.. then I went to a salon.. Look at my dress.. they are not fitting me properly.. After all they are all ready made.. Badan knows everything.. If he was here then I wouldn’t need to explain anything.. Get out.. get out I say.. What a wonderful son you are! You are asking your father to get out! You idiot! Idiot? – Yes idiot.. I’ll give you one tight slap.. – What are you doing, brother? Are you going to hit me? if you don’t believe then call your mother.. Did your see that? Did you see that, Ramesh? Did you see how he is approaching.. ..step by step? – Yes.. I’ll throw him out of the house.. Elder brother, listen.. What’s there to whisper? You had send me for a change.. And now I have returned being changed. I’ll beat you and break your bones.. Brother.. elder brother.. Saro.. Swati, please come and clear their misconception.. Don’t you dare call the women of the house.. you shameless! Women.. do you still suspect me? – Yes. What do you want to know? Ask me questions.. What’s my age? 49 years 3 months and 3 days.. What?! And what is my age? You will be 54 years in this April.. Do you want to know more? Bibhuti has a mole on the left side.. Swati has light eyes.. Bharati has thick lips.. Elder daughter-in-law has a coarse voice.. The ring finger of younger.. ..daughter-in-law’s left hand is crooked.. And your mother has a mole on her shoulder.. go.. see it for yourself.. You have heard everything.. do you want to see something now? This is your father’s photograph, right? Now match it.. What do you think? Forget all those stories.. can you show us the pond? Pond? Of course.. why don’t you come with me. You can also take a dip then. Okay then.. till the time we don’t see. ..the pond, we’ll consider you as our.. Temporary father.. Yes.. Okay.. Swati.. No.. no.. you can’t get inside.. Why? This is a temporary arrangement.. So I’ll be staying here.. and if you want to call me then will you.. me temporary father? Yes, we’ll call you temporary father.. Is your name Rakesh Roy? Yes.. my father’s name is Dinen Roy.. …his father’s name is Pran Keshto Roy.. His father’s name is Panchu Gopal Roy.. and his father’s name is. Shut up! Gour Gopal Roy.. Nonsense! I don’t have time to know about your family tree.. Don’t you have? No.. you have written in the report that it’s very very urgent.. Yes.. Tell me what’s so urgent about it? Well.. I am telling.. this one and this one.. do you understand? Say quickly.. – I’ll mess up.. It’s a complicated subject.. I am telling you, sir.. This mud and this water.. if you can do a research on both. What!? I’ll have to do a research on this mud? Why? My grand father.. not mine.. my friend’s grand father.. sir. Please don’t stare at me that way, sir.. I’ll tell you in short.. Say quickly.. Yes.. he is 80 years old.. yes. 80 years.. but after taking a dip in a particular pond.. ..he has become young.. What? – Yes, sir.. Nonsense.. get lost from here.. get out I say.. Sir.. Now what? Please believe me.. this is not simple water.. No, your brain.. we are researching for it .. ..for quite a long time but didn’t.. ..find a solution yet.. and now you are saying that one dip.. a pond made him younger.. nonsense.. So you are not believing me.. have a look at this then.. What is this? That person’s letter.. Will you go or not? Don’t throw away the water, sir.. I will come back again to prove.. I say, get out! What happened? Come inside.. No.. Why? If some one sees, then? But you are my wife.. I have so much to talk to you.. Say it from there.. Come with me.. Where? Of course to the pond.. can’t you see that I have become.. young and handsome? No.. I don’t want all that.. I am happy with what I am.. No.. please don’t say no.. let’s go.. you’ll take a dip and become new.. No.. I came back for you and now you are saying no.. I don’t know anything.. where will I go leaving.. children and grand children. Hell with your grand children.. till date you have spend your time.. ..thinking about them.. Saro, now please think about me.. least think about yourself.. Bring that.. I am coming.. Come. Come. Sir, I have come again.. Again? I’ll make you believe then only I’ll be happy.. Make me believe? Yes.. look at that.. What are doing? That’s an old and wounded dog! Yes, it’s an old and wounded dog.. I’ll show you now.. What do you want to show? Come on Nagtara.. Nagtara.. Hail goddess Nagtara.. Yes.. Oh my god. Shut up! Oh my god! Oh my god! What do I do now? Oh my god! Shut up I say.. Oh it’s hurting.. oh god.. Thanks.. sit down.. Well Mr. Rajesh. – Yes. Is there trees around the pond? Yes.. it’s almost a jungle.. people don’t go over there.. Why? Because the place is infested with snakes.. Whenever someone goes there the snakes start chasing them.. That’s why the name of the place is Nagtara.. I see.. is the pond just by the side of the hill? A little away.. Little away? – Little away.. So if it rains does the water flow down from the hill.. ..and fall in the pond? Yes.. Does it? Yes.. why only water? Stones, pebbles, trees, shilajut, sulphur.. ..phosphorus, snakes, frogs everything flow down from the hill.. ..and fall in the pond.. It’s really strange.. we must do a research and find out.. ..that what’s in that water.. You do whatever research you want.. I have kept a drum full of.. ..water for you.. now you give me a certificate.. Let me start doing a business.. Business? I’ll sell the water and earn crores of money.. What do you mean? I think you don’t know that the pond is mine.. No.. no.. no.. It’s nobody’s personal property.. What? Yes.. it’s a public property.. – What are you saying, sir? Yes, I am saying the right thing.. it belongs to the people of this universe. So now it belongs to people? Of the universe.. that’s why I am going to inform.. My god! Ouch! Yes, speaking.. Chipkinis? What’s the matter? What? What are you saying? Old man became young? There is a great news, sir.. – What? An old man took a dip in a pond near Nagtara hill and has turned young.. What? Yes, sir.. Nonsense.. No, sir.. Chipkinis himself has called me.. he is saying that.. is one of world’s best and strangest discovery.. What are you saying? Yes, sir.. A pond full off youth? Yes, sir.. I’ll go there.. Yes, sir.. I myself will go there.. Yes, sir.. If people come to know then do you think that.. ..any water in the pond will be left? What difference will that make to us? You are so stupid.. are we going to be like this for ever? Won’t we get old? Of course we will be.. Then.. how will you get water if it finishes? Then what do we do? You please go there.. go right away.. bring water.. ..and fill the empty tank.. ..which is kept on our terrace. Then? And when we will grow old we’ll take dips in that tank.. You are right. Father and elder brother are going.. it’ll be great fun.. I am 50 now.. one dip will make me 25.. and you’ll be 18.. What a fool you are! You are only thinking of age.. Have you ever thought of other possibilities? What possibilities? You’ll be able to earn thousands.. no.. lakhs of rupees.. do you know that? Why will you know that? Convince father and start applying your strategy. Convince father? Yes.. take father over there silently and buy the pond.. Then pour the water in bottles, stick labels on it and sell them.. You’ll be a millionaire within a few days.. You are right.. I could never think of this idea.. Why will you? Listen.. I’ll convince father.. you silently take him and go there.. Will you be successful? You just wait and watch what I do.. Okay. What’s the point ironing your shirt? They are putting labels.. What? They will pour water in bottles and sell them and earn lakhs of rupees.. He is going to take father over there to buy the pond.. So they are making this kind of plan.. Of course.. they are not stupid like you that they will only.. ..reduce their age and suck fingers like you.. I haven’t thought of this before.. You don’t have to think anything.. I’ll do everything.. What will you do? Why? I’ll convince father-in-law.. you just wait and watch.. Ouch! Father-in-law, please have this desert.. What? I have brought desert for you.. please eat.. No.. no.. don’t et that, father-in-law.. that is made of buffalo’s milk.. I have brought desert for you made in cow’s milk.. please eat this.. She has mixed milk with rice and is calling that desert.. Don’t listen to her.. please eat this.. You shut up.. please eat this desert made of cow’s milk.. You’ll like it’s taste.. No, father-in-law, don’t you do that.. Don’t eat her desert.. you’ll have stomach problem.. east this.. Father-in-law, eat my desert.. – No, father-in-law, eat my desert.. Father-in-law, eat my desert.. – No, father-in-law, eat my desert.. Father-in-law, eat my desert.. – No, father-in-law, eat my desert.. Don’t et her desert.. that will cause stomach trouble.. Leave me.. leave me.. daughter-in-laws.. both will kill me this way. You stupid woman, how come you have started taking care.. ..of him all of a sudden? You don’t ask me.. why have you started taking care of him suddenly? Don’t talk much otherwise I’ll break your head with this bowl.. I’ll pierce your eyes.. Will you? Shall I disclose everything? What will you disclose? Why? won’t you pour the water of the pond in bottles.. ..stick labels on it and sell them? Of course I’ll do.. it’s my father-in-law’s pond after all.. I have to go now.. Father-in-law, come to my room.. No, my room.. No, my room.. No, my room.. Saro, they will tear my hands.. oh my god. Come to my room.. No, come to my room.. What are you doing? Are you going to kill him? They both were almost tearing my hands.. What happened earlier? I have never seen you showing.. much of affection before.. they were almost tearing my hands.. I have no one in this world.. please let me take a dip in the pond.. that I can earn my living.. Okay.. Napa take her fees and register her name.. Come this side, old woman.. Go that side.. Let me see how much money you have.. come.. let me see.. Let me see how much money you have got.. give me.. Badan, she has only 21 rupees.. Take whatever they give you.. they belong to this family.. What can I do? After all I have to earn my passage money.. Look you can’t just get your work done by giving me massage.. I know that you have money.. so you have to give money.. Go there, give money and get your name registered.. go.. Go fast.. Go now.. what are you doing? Go fast. But will I succeed? Yes.. don’t be late in doing things.. Will I be able to do it.. – Of course you will.. go now. Oh goddess, if we get that pond.. ..then I’ll give you a crown made of gold. Go now.. why are you wasting time.. I am going.. why are you pushing me? Go now.. and listen if father-in-law doesn’t agree to go then tie him.. ..with this towel and take him along with you.. hold this.. Do I have to tie him? Yes.. And what if he shouts? If he shouts then tie his mouth.. take this.. O goddess, help us get thee pond.. I’ll offer double buffalos to you. Don’t shout and come with me to the pond. Where is father? Come fast.. quick.. How can I walk so quick? I see.. What are you doing? I’ll carry you.. What? – Yes.. You want to carry me..? – Yes.. Is that possible? Will you be able to carry me? Strange! Lord Shiva had roamed all around the world carrying Sati.. And do you mean to say that I won’t be able to carry you to the station? Nagtara.. Nagtara.. come on.. come on.. Nagtara.. come.. come. Nagtara.. Nagtara.. come on.. come on.. Nagtara.. come.. come. Mr. Dutta, have you cordoned the whole area? Yes, sir.. I hope police is on guard.. Yes, sir.. moreover I haven’t.. ..allowed anyone to take a dip in the pond.. ..since yesterday.. so the water hasn’t been spoilt a bit.. Very good.. very good.. He is the chairman of municipality.. he is fighter commander.. And he is the local inspector of police.. let’s go inside that now.. Come.. come.. The property doesn’t belong to them but still they want to possess it.. What does that mean? I said that there is no material value of this world.. yes.. This pond used to be mine.. but I have donated it for human being.. ..of the country.. for human beings all over the universe Did you understanding anything? He is a mad man.. You are right.. he is indeed a mad man.. Have you seen the reflection of the pond, sir? As if it’s dancing.. It’s not only the water of the pond which is dancing.. Your heart is dancing as well.. I can’t walk anymore.. We were coming by the right direction.. ..but police has cordoned the whole area that’s why we had to take this route.. Why will they stop you? After all you discovered this pond! My god! It’ll take me 30 years to prove it.. ..are you going to live till then? Come now.. let’s go.. look ahead. Have you seen that? So many people.. it’s almost a fair.. come.. let’s go. Look who all are coming.. I see.. Nutu and Charu.. so everyone knows the about news.. Have you seen that old man? He is almost at the verge of death.. Not a problem.. everything will be fine once he takes a dip in that pond. Can’t you see me? But have you seen the arrangements? Seems like he is a rich man.. Look how they are taking those two old women.. As if they are taking curd for a marriage feast.. Those people are carrying that saint as well.. Yes, he wants to become young.. his disciples will have to carry him.. ..many more years, once he becomes young. Why are those people bringing that dead body? He hasn’t died.. he is taking his last breath.. He’ll become young once they dip him in the pond.. Poor thing.. let him take a dip.. It’s our demand.. You have to fulfil.. You can’t.. – ..oppress us.. We must be allowed.. – take dips in the pond. You can’t.. – ..stop us. Silent.. keep quiet.. otherwise police will arrest you.. How can they arrest us? We want to be young.. we have the right.. Of course you have the right.. but who will let you take dips in that pond? Can’t you see that the place is cordoned? I’ll apply some strategy and help you.. take dips at the dark of night.. What strategy will you apply? Come with me.. all of you, come with me.. Okay.. come all of you.. come with me.. Sit down.. sit down.. show him the name of the company.. This is our company.. It’s a new company.. it’s ‘new youth through tunnel company’.. We couldn’t get it printed so we have written it.. Well.. Now tell them about our programme.. We will take each of the old men and take them to the pond through.. ..a tunnel, help them take dips, make them young and.. ..introduce them to the world.. I see.. Now tell them about the rate.. 5.. no.. 10 rupees.. Per person.. Yes, 10 rupees per person. If you take the money before taking dips. Yes.. If you don’t help us take dips after taking money, then? What? And after you become young then you’ll cheat me.. Go. Go away.. No.. no.. take it.. Put a stamp on him.. Why are you hitting me? I am not hitting you.. I am putting stamp on you.. We’ll take you to the pond later.. I see.. Now you come? Do you have money? Give that to me.. Put a stamp on him.. why are you putting a stamp on his chest.. It’ll break his ribs.. Take him away.. Now you come.. quick.. do you have money? Give me.. Do it slowly.. do you want to kill them? Badan.. What’s the news? Some rich people are trying to bribe ..the police and take dips in the pond.. What are you saying? Yes.. Is the washroom ready? Everything is ready.. you just take them there.. Hey Jaga.. put stamps on rest of the people and go there.. You come with me.. Why won’t it happen even if we give money? Yes, money.. I have already told you that it’s not possible.. go.. go away from here. Sethji.. – Yes.. Why do you go to the wrong place? We have black water with us.. Black water? What is that? We have arranged for that water but ..without letting anybody know about it.. I see.. so how much do we have to pay for each person? 5000 rupees per head.. 5000..? – Yes.. That’s too much.. No.. We’ll give you per head 2500 rupees.. – Yes, 2500 rupees.. You’ll become half young in 2500 rupees.. What? – Half young.. That’s not a good thing.. okay you’ll get 5000 rupees.. Are you sure? – Yes.. Okay.. – I hope the water will be pure.. Everything is pure.. – Okay.. Come with me.. Come.. come.. come, Sethji.. I have given money first.. I want to take dip first.. No, I have given money first.. I’ll take a dip first.. Silence! Look Badan, what they have started.. What happened? Keep those old men aside and take me to the pond please.. I have given you money long time back.. Of course it’ll happen.. come and sit here.. They are all influential people.. let me deal with them first.. Then your turn will come. Sethji.. – Yes.. Where is the money? Don’t worry about that.. but I hope the water is pure.. Look I am telling you one thing.. we don’t give false promises.. Wait.. I’ll show you.. This was a banyan tree before. But after sprinkling water on it.. this has become a shrub.. Why are you getting angry? Is someone there in that black water bathroom now? Napa.. – Yes.. Has the zamindar of Dharashpur, who was in the water, come out? I’ll check.. Okay.. Half a minute more.. he is about to come out.. Come with me.. you can see it yourself.. Let’s go.. Come.. come.. see that.. have you seen that? Gentleman what was your age before? My age? Yes, age.. I was about to die.. do you want to see? Look at this.. I was this before.. and this is what I have become now.. It’s okay.. you can take the money now.. Hold it. Hold it. Look there.. who is he? Isn’t he Badan? What’s the matter, Badan? Master.. madam has also come.. very good.. Let it be.. So Badan you have become a gentleman now.. Yes, master.. my assistant Jaga,.. ..told me that if I won’t wear good clothes.. ..I won’t look like a gentleman and won’t be able to do great work.. What great do you want to do? Why? I’ll earn some money taking the advantage of this situation.. Everybody is earning money now.. can’t you see my gang? But it’s really a problem.. the place is so crowded.. Your madam hasn’t been able to take a dip yet.. Master, nothing happens in a normal way these days.. Everything is done in a crooked way.. madam, you don’t worry.. Sit over here.. I’ll be back right away.. hey Latka.. Patka. Why are you so late? Don’t ask me, master.. it took me time to fix a machine.. Machine? Yes.. come and see.. I have made great arrangements. Come.. come. Come and sit here.. No.. I won’t be able to do that.. I’ll begin with you.. don’t be afraid.. come and sit here.. No.. I can’t.. – I am with you. Don’t be afraid. We have kept so many people on guard.. and all is useless.. Hey, who are you? Come this side.. Did you see the aim, master? Now her age is not more than 17-18.. How much money do you get? Tell me.. don’t be shy.. Did you take a dip at this age only or at my age? At my 70 years of age.. 70 years? Yes, sir.. 70 has been changed to 17.. Exactly.. For the time being.. ..keep her in the camp.. then look for the people who have thrown her.. to the water and punish them. Yes, sir. Mr. Chaterjee.. arrest them. Right, sir.. Badan, they are saying that they will arrest us.. ..what will happen now? You shut up.. how will they find us from this crowd? But what will happen to my wife? We have to rescue her.. But how? We’ll go there and say that our madam has slipped and has fallen.. the pond.. we ask them to give her back to us.. At times you talk nonsense.. they will arrest you instead.. So they will arrest me.. – Yes.. I won’t go straight to them.. I’ll take an underground route.. How will you go? I’ll make an underground tunnel and go through it. What’s happening? Is it earthquake? No.. no.. Shut up! Dutta.. Mr. Dutta.. Dutta.. Mr. Dutta.. Mr. Dutta.. Hey.. tie his mouth.. what are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? Slide him from one side.. Police.. police.. Dutta.. Dutta.. Police.. I am going that side.. Police.. police.. arrest.. arrest.. Police.. police.. arrest.. arrest.. Have you seen what they have done? We can’t take rest.. even for a moment. You are right, sir.. But this is not the end of the problem.. ..more and more people will come.. Actually sir, only one pond like this.. being found in the whole world.. Can old people sit at their homes? No.. no.. if thousands of old people come and take dips.. the pond then the pond will dry up.. They will soak the water as bloating paper does.. We have to restore this water at any cost.. This water contains great power.. Sir, since the old people have became crazy about the whole thing.. We have to hold them back.. because we can’t hit those poor old people. We can’t shoot them either.. Then sir, gas.. Gas? Where will you spread gas? Everyone is releasing gas.. least you don’t do it.. Then what, sir? Fishing net.. Sir, fishing net..? Yes.. cover the pond with fishing net.. even if they break the fence.. ..they will get caught in the net.. But sir, as they have entered your tent trough a tunnel.. ..similarly if they make a tunnel to connect the pond.. then what? Not possible.. before floating in the water they will choke to death.. soon as water will start entering the tunnel.. Go, get in the van.. Why are you arresting us, sir? What have we done? Shut up.. you thief! Those gentlemen have stolen the pond.. we have done nothing.. Shut up.. get in the van.. get in, I say.. Sir.. my children will starve to death if you take me to jail.. Didn’t you remember this when you had thrown the lady in the water? I am sorry.. I won’t do it again next time I’ll directly pick them up.. ..and throw in the water.. I am sorry.. Constable, arrest him and take him to the van.. push him in the car.. Hey, saint.. hey holy man.. Hail Mahamaya.. every illusion is created by her.. Why are you standing here, sonny? I am on duty.. Good.. show me your right palm.. I can see so many broad lines.. What are these lines for? This line means that.. are going to be a king.. what are you doing here? Tonight is a no moon night, right? Yes.. Tell me is it no moon night tonight or not? Yes, holy man.. tonight, go to the pond at 2 a.m. and take quick dips.. When you’ll come out of the pond.. you’ll find that.. have become young.. Young? Yes, young.. yes.. don’t laugh.. don’t look at anybody.. Walk straight toward the town.. ..once you’ll reach there you’ll find that you have become young. you understand? King? Yes.. what time will you go to the pond? At 2 a.m.. Yes.. at 2 a.m.. every illusion is created by her.. 2 a.m. Why are you putting that veil on your head? I told you not to do so.. Listen.. now I’ll buy you high heeled slippers.. ..I’ll buy you lipstick.. I’ll buy you blush on.. I’ll buy you nice saris.. You’ll wear those saris and go to places along with me.. No.. I can’t apply those colours on my face and deck up like a clown.. Don’t say like that.. the whole world is applying colours.. ..and why won’t you? Wonderful music.. now you sing a good song.. I don’t know how to sing.. how will I sing.. Sing whatever comes in your mind.. come on.. start.. “If you were the sky then I would spread my wings like a crane.” “If you were the sky then I would spread my wings like a crane.” Now you sing.. No way.. Don’t feel shy.. please sing.. Sing again then.. – Okay. “If you were the sky then I would spread my wings like a crane.” “If you were the flour then I would make breads.. ..for breakfast out of you.” “If you were the flour then I would make breads.. ..for breakfast out of you.” “..for breakfast out of you.” “If you were the nectar of the lotus then I would become a bumble-bee.” “If you were the nectar of the lotus then I would become a bumble-bee.” “I would become a bumble-bee and hum along.. now you sing.” No.. Why do you feel shy? “If you were the tamarind then I would eat you along with rice.” “If you were the tamarind then I would eat you along with rice.” “..I would eat you along with rice.” If you would come more closer to me then I would.. ..captivate you in my poems.” “If you would love me as I do then..” Then what? Shall I say? Yes, of course.. after all our age has reduced now.. “I would make more spicy puffed rice.” “I would make more spicy puffed rice.” “If you would open your braid then I would have become.. flame of the forest flower stuck in your dishevelled hair.” “If you would open your braid then I would have become.. flame of the forest flower stuck in your dishevelled hair.” “I would have become a red flame.. ..of the forest flower in your dishevelled hair.” “If you were really red then I would think ..that you are an imported aubergine.” “If you were really red then I would think ..that you are an imported aubergine.” “..that you are in imported aubergine.” This is a wonderful song! What are you doing? Police.. What will happen now? They will arrest us once again.. Wait.. I’ll teach them a lesson.. No.. we won’t be able to succeed.. he will catch hold of us.. We have to do some other trick.. you hide yourself.. I’ll fool him.. Where will you escape now? Come out of the water.. Shut up.. – Shut up. You shut up.. you have no right to arrest me.. Why? Now only the marine police can arrest me.. Shut up.. Saro.. Leave me.. leave me, I say.. what are you doing? What happened? You have high fever.. Bibhuti.. Bibhuti, please come here.. Your grand father has got high fever.. Come sonny.. Please take him in his room.. The people of this house have no sense at all.. I had gone to the neighbour’s house.. ..and this man was left out in the cold.. No one even bothered to take care of him.. It’s same like before.. then what did I see till now? What did you see? Grand son, what will happen.. he is talking nonsense.. No, Saro.. I am not talking nonsense.. you know grandson.. You know what I saw? I saw that I have become young like you.. Is that so? Yes.. and not only me.. even your grand mother too.. Both of you..? anything can happen grandfather.. This is the age of scientific invention.. ..someday you’ll wake up in the morning.. ..and see in the newspaper that your dream has come true.. That should come true.. god must make that possible.. I wish that even the worst of my enemies shouldn’t reach this age.. “So many wonderful incidents keep on happening.. this sea of happiness.” “So many wonderful incidents keep on happening.. this sea of happiness.” “Change your old age in that tide.” “Dip once, give a dip.” “Dip into it, my mind, keep on dipping in it.” “O my mind.”

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  1. আশি তে আর আসা হবে না ভানু দা । ভ্যাজাল খেয়ে খেয়ে শরীরের অবস্হা খারাপ হয়ে গেছে 😢😢😢😢

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  3. deke sudu 1 tai kotha mone pore ja amar 1 bondhu bolechilo —- dont stretch a joke far too long…
    Khub fenano legeche… but buro boyosher je kosto seta sotti khub korun, nirmom r bastob… khub i kostokor
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  4. কি যে ভালো লেগেছে ভাষায় প্রকাশক করতে পারছি না….

  5. 22nd January 2019😄
    Just hats off for this movie
    👏👏👏Amazing movie this is called comedy this is called intertaiment. After long I have watched
    #time_wasol movie re baba 😄

  6. ছবির নাম '৮০তে আসিও না'। 1:25:28 থেকে 1:25:29 -এর মধ্যে মূল ছবির কিছুটা অংশ বাদ গেছে।

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  8. It may be funny when we watch the movie.but all speculation will be true in coming days by newly invented stem cell therapy in u.s.old cell will be replaced by new cell.Average age of human will be 150 years.

  9. Osadharon mojaar cinema jara dislike koreche sei sob gaando gullo puranodiner cinema er moolyo bujbe na ,ora sudu changrami cinemai pochondo kore jegullor kono valo golpo nei matha moondoo kichu nei .

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