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asians read racist asian jokes

okay *flaps postcards aggressively* uh hum ahahahhahauhwhahaahahhahahahahhaa u can read that how do you blind an asian? it’s already bad put a windshield in front ahah wow argargagrgagagaahahahah what’s the similarities between a school and a penis? ahaa it’s hard and long unless you’re asian. that was pretty stupid. why do Japanese people have such squintly eyes? why? atomic bombs are bright. atomic bombs are bright! WOOOOOOOOW!! sorry Hiroshima. i don’t even know who comes up with this crap. this is so mean ahahah why do ahahahaha why do asians have such small tits? uhhaahahaha 🙁 i don’t know ahah because only A’s are acceptable. that is so true ahah only A’s are acceptable hehehe i’ll keep that one. how do you blindfold an asian? I already know this one dental floss. this one’s easy. dental floss. I’ve been there. with dental floss. why can’t two asians make a white baby? ehehehehehe ahahahahaAHHAHAHAHAHAH *screech noise* okay *flappin cards* uham ahahEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE *dying* ehehehHEEHEHEHEH *catching breath* that’s not even funny I don’t know why I’m laughing so EREREHAHAHAHAHA what do you call a Chinese guy with a camera? Japanese. (because Japanese tourists are always taking pictures) ehehe what do you call a Chinese guy with a camera? eHAHAHAHEHEEEEEEE AHAHAHAHAHHAHA Japanese? ahahahaha my god. ehahahahah jabanees really? ahahareadlly? is Andy korean? am I fucking Korean? OH THERE’S NOT EVEN AN ANSWER TO THIS? AM I KOREAN?!?!? an Asian guy and his girl are driving in a car. the girl decides it would be nice to give the guy a blowjob. mmmmhmmm i like that they both agree. she starts to take off his pants but before she gets past his underwear the girl looks up and says “is it true what they say about Asian guys?” and he turns to her and says “sadly yes it is…” then he crashes the car and they both die. *uneffected* its okay to have small titties you know…? *sad* they’re gonna be purky one day

100 thoughts on “asians read racist asian jokes

  1. here a tip for white women who want to date asian men

    if you want your nail done or free haircut for free- date a Vietnamese guy

    if you want free food – date Chinese guy

    if you want free dry clean date a Korean

    if you want 8 dick at one – date a Japanese

  2. humour is mental defence, its sad to see that people make jokes about asian people but have no idea what kind of affect they are having on younger kids from as young as 8 to adult hood, when i was growing up i was constantly being bullied and i really hated it. Just please stop bullying i know this video was meant to be light hearted but its just encourging people that racism is ok, but then again mabye im the only who is capable of understanding the consequences.

  3. These Asian jokes are top quality, Asians really have it rough.

    Here's a white joke
    People are like crayons, no one is too fond of the white ones.

    Oh yeah I forgot jokes against whites are forbidden sorry…
    Jk here's more, good or bad:

    Evolution? What's that, I only know of God…

    We're not dumb as a pig, we are one.

    Yeah! America! I will support my country for all enternity! (sits behind his computer all year)

    Our opinion matters way more than others… Cuz were white.

    dunt no abowt u butt eye nid som crak

    Maturity what's that!? Never heard of it.

    At this point I don't even know if they are jokes or the truth…

  4. White person: I'm going joke about Asian even though majority of the Asain jokes are not original and is only funny to me. Instead, I'll be using it to mainly trigger Asians, If they do get angry I'll just say they can't take a joke and pretend like I'm the innocent one, they'll look like assholes and I'll be the one being defended by people delusional enough to think the Asians in that situation are in the wrong…

  5. The main negative stereotypes I can think about Asians are

    1. They eat pets
    2. They Cannot Drive
    3. They have small private parts
    4. They are feminine

    and a few others but they mostly had positive ones

  6. The atomic bomb one wasn't funny at all
    How will you think if asians make fun of your grandfather who died during ww2
    You Americans are fucked

  7. chinese are so arrogant that their country is the middle kingdom(advanced and the most important), that's why they are the most racist and cruel people. they'd eat anything on four legs except chairs. they'd eat anything that flies except aeroplanes. thats the joke.

  8. I actually prefer stereo-typical "smaller" Asian titties, lol ^^
    Wouldn't mind big ones either, though.
    My girlfriend, who is Asian, has a small C cup. Perfect in my opinion.

  9. Waiting for the predominantly white middle-class SJWs to come and lecture these Asians on sensitivity and tell them off for offending themselves.

  10. Okay so not all these are true because I'm a 34 c cup and pretty fucking tall 5'9' my cousin who I think is an A or barley a B cup but she small also skinnier than I am and my sister who is cubby is a 38 D cup and short like 5'6. My boyfriend's dick is like 4-5 inches when hard and 3 inches when not he's chubbier than me but not as cubby as my sister.

    We're all Asian, this shows that not all Asians are small it just varies especially when it comes to the person's body type.

  11. They ARE funny doesnt mean everyone needs to laugh about otherwise being too upright or PC. Several jokes ARE insulting and vulgar.

  12. What word does a Chinese person say when their microwaved meal is ready? ''Ping!!!!!!!!'' What word does a Chinese person say after they farted? ''Pong!!!!!''

  13. As you guys make these type of videos dumb white guys will think it's ok to make fun and discriminate Asians.

  14. For the Recound from a White guy…. There asiseing don't look the same. However I have torbler Koreans and Japanese people at times those. Only do to Japanese occupations those.

  15. A black man said to the hotdog man:"1 roasted". The man replied:"Aye, that part I understand however, what do you want to eat"?

  16. Pathetic spineless Asians who are too scared to rock the boat. Acting like you're not offended doesn't mean racism won't stop existing. No wonder racism towards Asians is so common, we have pathetic spineless fucking loser Asians acting like house niggas to please the white man.

  17. So americand killing i nocrnt childeren and people with a nuke so they can makr a jokr about it… pearl harbor was just fake so they could test a nuke

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