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Asking a Hardware Store About Their Caulk – PRANK – Crank Yankers

[phone ringing] This is Brack. Hello. This is Niles Standish calling. Hello, sir. Hello. I was calling because I had
some questions about caulk, for my bathroom. OK, so you’re going to
want mildew-resistant? Yeah, sounds all right, OK. I’m sure you know more
about caulk than I do. OK. All right, now how
big is this caulk? Um, it is in a 10– in a 10-ounce tube. All right. And it comes in clear. Now does the caulk smell? Um, it’s got kind
of an odor to it. – Yes.
– Um, for about 24 hours. Oh, and that will dissipate. Is there a taste to the caulk? Um, what was the last question? I mean, is it dangerous? Is it poisonous in case
the caulk gets in my mouth or in my eye? Um, well, you– you don’t
want to get it in your eye, because it does have
some solvents in it. I mean, it’s an acid-cure caulk. There’s many different
kinds of caulk, yes? Yes, sir. All right, how many different
kinds of caulk do you handle? Um, for around tubs and
sinks and stuff like that? Just one. Wherever, wherever. Um, well, I have
a bunch of caulks that, uh, you can, you know,
weatherproof your concrete and for expansion joints
and stuff like that. And does the caulk harden or– Um, no, it doesn’t. There’s not many caulks that do. You’d have to go with epoxies
for it to be real hard. As far as colors of caulk
go, what about colors? Well, if you get it in tubes,
you only have about eight colors to choose from. Like? Like, um, dark grays to
light grays to browns, whites. You don’t have
any black caulk? Yeah. Now the black caulk, is that
bigger? Yeah, uh, but I don’t have– I don’t have the
black sanitary caulk. So the black
caulk is unsanitary? Well, it’s not– OK, so just so I
have this straight, you handle a lot of
different kind of caulk. You carry black caulk and– and white caulk. And the caulk doesn’t get
hard, and it’s OK to get the caulk in your mouth? No, you definitely don’t
want caulk in your mouth. Well, speak for
yourself, love. Have a good day, sir. Ta.

40 thoughts on “Asking a Hardware Store About Their Caulk – PRANK – Crank Yankers

  1. This is by far the best skit they did. I used to work at home depot in the paint dept and this lady came in asking "I need some cock" she kept useing that word Instead of caulk. I had tears in my eyes the whole time trying to keep a straight face dealing with her. She did ask similar questions that Niles asked like what happens if the cock gets on her hands, she did ask how hard does the cock get. Every time I tried answering I'd emphasize the word 'caulk' hopeing she'd get it. She never did.At times I miss that job.

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