Laughter is the Best Medicine

Aslı & Ferhat ✘ Siyah Beyaz Aşk [#HUMOR]

Ferhat Aslan Aslı Çınar Aslı Çınar ASLAN Aslı ÇINAR do i have to ask you? who are you?! your husband! and you are my wife! what’s your problem? i don’t get on a bike of a person whom i don’t trust! i don’t like to be touched! i wonder if you are really a wooden-head oh really?! you are the only person who stays alive after calling me a wooden-head sorry, i was actually going no problem! you ain’t gonna eat me, hun? this is the last bed i want to sleep on! when i woke up you were next to me we can’t change the past! do you really want me to go in jail? and how! am i gonna rob the hospital i am working at? if you want we can go to another hospital! how would that be? would you come to visit me? every week! are you sure that you do it for the first time? because you are pretty good at it! are you a gangster, dude? no one can talk to my wife like this! keep your hand away! what are you doing? is there a problem? you are my only problem! it’s not solvable! good! bad! i am feeling a little dizzy that’s surely my effect you’ve injured me i am just admitting shall i kiss the wound to make the pain go away? by the way i am Aslı Ferhat why didn’t you kiss? but you won’t laugh! okay! i want strawberries so you are not married? yeah, i have a ring on my finger because it’s genetic but i am not married don’t laugh! i don’t ufffff!! don’t say uffff! what happened? i don’t know! i happened for the first time! you are a doc, you should know!

8 thoughts on “Aslı & Ferhat ✘ Siyah Beyaz Aşk [#HUMOR]

  1. B.A.Y.I.L.D.I.M.😍😍😍şahane olmuş..👌👏Ayy o ellerin dert görmesin canım..Fevkâlade olmuş.Sensin işte SENNN😘 marifetlim benim..Güzel yürekler hep mi bana denk gelir..Çok şükür Rabbime 🙏
    Asferim benim😔😢..sanki özledim demek bile az geliyor bana..😭😭

  2. Okay, why I'm watching this, I don't understand them xD But I think that was a great video, but who knows xD

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