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Asmr head massage with neck and forehead Cracking ( subtitles available)

Hello everone this is Tej…and today I want to show you something Which is very very unique and popular oil in India Himgange So, I don’t want to explain about it please tell me about this oil, why this oil is so popular in India First of all,this oil is herbal oil, there are variety of oil in the market, like like, Heem Gange, Navratan, vanpool but this oil is the king of any oil. sleepness, head pain, body pain, stress, eye pain, injury, you can in any of them just take a little amount of this oil and massage gently outside of your eyes and spray some water than sleep for 15 minutes, your all stressed will go. so , could we use it everyday Yes, you can use, it will not harm, infact its good to use every day But its better , if you use in summers, actually its cold oil.

87 thoughts on “Asmr head massage with neck and forehead Cracking ( subtitles available)

  1. Your videos are very interesting, and it really helps to relax, I watch it every day, these videos give a lot of good emotion, thanks a lot for helping people in a such way, you are a good person :),also I watch your brother videos too

  2. First time I’ve seen someone speaking English. Besides Baba Sen saying “Rellllaxxxxxx”. Excellent video. Keep them coming!

  3. Indians are great. their skull must be super strong to bear those punches, I will probably be killed by those thumbs.

  4. If I was a barber there. I'd call my shop "Haircuts & Headaches", cause the way he slapped the shit outta you there's no way you didn't have one.

  5. Great video. You should put out the address of the parlor every video too, so we can try these amazing places do ourself 🙂

  6. Loved this video! There's something relaxing about the cracking sound. Do they have to go to a school or class in order to crack necks properly? Or is it learned at the shop by fellow barbers? Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Cracking is the release of gas built up in your joints. The head cannot possibly crack. This is some dumb shit.

  8. I was watching this in the bathroom with audio full blast, questioned from my parents right after the video ended. Rip

  9. Tez, you are such a beautiful, handsome man. Very good looking. Your wife is very fortunate.
    Yes this massage was intense. I love head massage when I get a migraine. It really helps.

  10. I don't know why that praying karate chop to the head is so popular over there. Gives me anxiety just watching it. I would karate chop them back, to the throat. The rest looks enjoyable though.

  11. यह बहुत आराम से दिखता है। काश मैं उससे मालिश कर सकता हूं। जो मुझे सोने के लिए सही रखेगा

  12. Hey Indian barber, I know this is an old video but I just found the same video on another channel that was stolen from you. Thought you might want to know.

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