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Asphalt Crack Repair Machine – Fill Cracks at Walking Speed!

Hi, I’m Judson Burdon, president of
Asphalt Kingdom. Today I’m showing the AK 10 machine and how this robust
machine is able to do a phenomenal job at melting and applying hot pour crack
filler at walking speed. A lot of contractors are wanting to make a dollar
a linear foot so that every time they make one step they’re actually making one dollar. this
machine can make that happen Our AK10 is built with 12 gauge steel. it
is a heavy-duty unit that weighs a lot more than our competitors because of the
gauge of steel. competitors units usually end up working overtime because their
thin steel walls end up getting very hot and they start to push out in the other
areas of the melter so as we heat this unit up to 350 to 400
degrees Fahrenheit we’re never concerned about walls cracking because we have the
quality that’s needed to support that kind of heat Our AK10 has a nickel bronze bushing
that’s down in the wheels right on the axles and that, what that provides us
with the opportunity to do is is have a quality product where the wheels aren’t
wearing out and starting to wobble when you’re working with the unit it also is lubricated so that when
you’re pushing the unit you’re not hearing a squeak squeak squeak like
competitors do the other neat thing about this unit is
that the valve, the main flow valve, has an extremely solid weld. we’ve got, we’ve
actually doubled it up to make sure that it’s super solid. there’s never any
potential leaking this is your bread and butter when
you’re out filling cracks, making a dollar a linear foot and you have a valve
that starts to leak out on the asphalt and you have to leave your job site to
go to a machine shop to get it repaired it’s going to end up costing you time
and money. so what we’ve done is we’ve prevented you from ever having to do
that the other thing that’s very interesting
about the AK10 is that on the flow valve we built a very heavy duty valving
system that has a stopper on it so when you actually pull on a valve rod what it does is it stops in place and it
never potentially swivels around to the other side leaving the valve open and then having
to reach down and touch something that’s 300 degrees Fahrenheit you’d burn your
hands we’re finding that our competitors units
are doing that and other units that are made cheaply in China have that issue.
The AK10 you’ll never have that issue again your bread and butter we want to
make sure you’re out doing the job exactly the way it needs to be done with
zero downtime. the other amazing thing about this unit is that we have on-the-fly agitation so you can actually agitate your
material while you’re pushing your unit rather than pushing, reaching in front,
and agitating it right over top of the main — the main kettle the other thing too about our
competition is that our competition will end up in a situation or the other guys
as we call it the other guys units will end up where you’re standing above your
unit you’re having to agitate like this and
then when you go to look in your unit guess what’s happening all those fumes of the crack filler
hitting you right smack in the face yeah it’s not good for you. the other
amazing thing about the AK10, it is the temperature gauge on top it’s a high quality temperature gauge
that is built to last there’s a reset button on the back of it
as well so that if there was ever an adjustment that needed to be made on
that temperature gauge that can be done right from the unit itself the other guys unit, don’t have a reset
button, it’s cheap and flimsy. we actually ended up ordering one of the other guys
units to do some comparison testing and the unit arrived with the temperature
gauge and the glass pane was completely smashed and not
working and when you flick it, sounds like a fisher-price toy like total cheap
quality there’s a three quarter inch shield
right here between the propane bottle in the main kettle. that prevents the
propane bottle from heating up and being significantly dangerous. you
don’t want to be in a situation like that. it’s always good to have a shield. the other guys? propane bottle is resting
up against the edge of the kettle. three to four hundred degree side walls that
are up against the propane bottle think about your safety. think about
what’s important to you. that is not safe on the other guys units AK10 is much more safe. The AK10 is
also designed to have a torch that has a long hose with the regulator that plugs
into the propane bottle the reason why we went with a long torch
is because as you’re walking around doing work you’re going to come across
cracks that have vegetation that’s growing out of the crack it’s one of the things about crack
filling that’s important. you fill the cracks, you don’t have vegetation growing
out but in the case that you’re on a job and you need to burn some vegetation out
of those cracks? simple with the AK 10 because of our hose length we pull out
our torch and we’ve got significant hose length to
work with look how long that is. look at that. you
can walk around the unit, you can burn out vegetation, and do whatever it is
that you need to do around the machine whereas the other guys unit, our
competitors units, their hose is roughly less than half the length of this so you’d have to be down here burning
out the vegetation. that makes not a whole lot of sense if you’re wanting to
do the job right The AK10 has been double powder coated so
that your paint is going to protect your unit from serious chipping and so on you want to make sure that your unit
looks great and that you’re happy with what you paid for. we don’t want you
getting the other guys unit which is just simply a thin coat of paint that’s going to rust actually the
insides — the inside of the kettle on the other guys when it arrived, it was all rusty inside
because water had been in there after their water testing and all the welds were
rusty. our unit is actually powder-coated inside as well. so we’ve gone above and
beyond in making sure that you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for and
at exactly the right price shipped fast and free to your door call us at 866-399-5562 we have friendly Asphalt Kingdom staff
standing by to chat with you

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