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31 thoughts on “Assassin's Creed Syndicate – Jacob Frye's Voice (One-Line Multilanguage)

  1. The english, german and japanese versions are amazing! You can feel the emotion the voice actors put into their roles.

  2. What make me laugh is that the guy who made Jacob's voice in French also made Spongebob's voice… So everytime I watch spongebob, I'm scared of Bob killing people with a hidden blade !

  3. I really liked the german Evie and Roth. Most of them are like they just reading the text but the german Jacob seems like he is living it, even if i think his voice is a bit too deep for Jacob. Also I liked the russian Evie and italian Roth. From Jacob's voices I liked the italian, the german and the latin but i think in latin he is sound very innocent for Jacob.

  4. Русский, Итальянский, Английский, Японский 💕😏😻
    Правда остальные языки кроме русского и английского, какие-то мало эмоциональные

  5. >In this game Rooks,the Jacob's personal gang,is called in a different way..I mean WHY?? They are called Rooks,just leave as it is!!

    It is wrong to translate names and surnames (sometimes it happens, unfortunately), but the names of gangs – why not? This is not so critical. Believe me (I'm the native speaker), this translation was the best solution because of the peculiarities of my language. I can't even imagine how 'Rooks' would sound in the game. Completely strange and alien.
    I think it wasn't the best decision to condemn our version without knowing the language.

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