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Avatar the last airbender on CRACK!

Katara: Us -beep- ing, what was I thinking? Can you imagine that? [Beyonce cover of sex on fire playing at the background] [Beyonce cover of sex on fire playing at the background] Sokka-Aaargh! There’s water trapped inside these Katara-I don’t know. Sokka- Suit yourself, it’s very thirst… thirst quenching though. Background music [I smoke w..d everyday! eh eh eh yeah! Oh oh more more smoke w..d everyday] [everyday day day yeah! Oh oh Smoke w..d everyday!] Yeah! Katara: okay I think you’ve had enough Sukki: Opps! Wrong tent. Zuko: Sorry, do you need to talk to Sokka too? nope not me jack I want you to draw me like one of your
french girls wearing this. Alright. THERE IT IS! X3 OMG YEAH! Toph: That’s what it will sound like when one of you spots it. Toph shakes her hand infront of her eyes background music- maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s maybeline Spongebob campfire song Spongebob campfire song Spongebob campfire song Your mother shops at sacks. What! Oh you wanna talk… about my mother [ohhh] You wanna talk about my mother… its mother time. okay yeah Your mother is SO dumb, she went to Dr Dre for a pap smeer… [OH! Something is wrong doctor dre, my coochy is doing the beatbox] Beatboxing… My anaconda don’t My anaconda don’t x2 want none, unless you you got BUNS HON! BOY! And then it goes…SECRET TUNNEL! SECRET TUNNEL! THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS, SECRET,SECRET,SECRET,SECRET TUNNEL! YEAH!

20 thoughts on “Avatar the last airbender on CRACK!

  1. I actually threw my head back laughing for the Azula Maybelline thing.
    Also, when you know a show so well that you can tell when the image is reversed.

  2. the smokeweed everyday one and the Toph one were my favorites, I was laughing so hard from these and I think I peed my pants 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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