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AVENGERS ENDGAME Cast Funny Interviews

So, what is it like to be part of such a large ensemble and getting together Large ensemble It’s great coming into it seeing this whole family just interact with each other and When they were very welcoming for me, so that was that was quite nice. Yeah Chrissy all right You know what signing up to a movie like this one, you know, you have to make you know Consider you have to keep coming back You don’t really know what you’re signing up for so you don’t know everybody involved yet and and to kind of be dealt this lucky hand of everyone’s being just jams is Really just an embarrassment of riches. You’ve been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time and Your fan experience. Do you have a good experience with the fans that you’ve Truly been it’s it’s been the thing that makes this. I mean this sounds cheesy that makes this all worth it you know when you when you’re making these movies you have them in mind because you know how much it means to them because I know how much movies meant to me when I was younger, especially things that involve trilogies and The the Mark said earlier the dedication that’s really like the best word to describe it they’re they’re so committed and it’s it’s this kind of built in anticipation and built-in hype and and it’s it makes every day on set exciting because if you’re excited about something they’re gonna be excited about something and that that that’s what makes this so Satisfying you can’t walk around Feeling bad for very long when someone’s like runs up. Oh my god So you played Bruce Banner over and I did a few that over and over about two I Mean obviously is a very complex guy. He he’s you know if going back to to these backstory and all the in the comics, he’s you know, he’s got a heavy he comes from a heavy background and uh You know, he’s got it he’s got to work it out He has to really work it out and he does, you know He he he gets to where he needs to be Marked Yeah similar character Sorry, um my favorite part playing nebula, and I think it’s just sort of trying to make this villain Empathetic and trying to I basically sort of feel like her lawyer where I’m like, no she was totally justified Here’s why I’ve been hopefully trying to get the audience to sort of and Understand her a little bit more and I think that’s probably a good message for the world tried to understand your enemies, you know So you play Thor over the Cinematic Universe many many times what was exciting about playing this version the floor in endgame? well It was each time I’ve always wanted to do something different and thor ragnarok was for me the biggest sort of shift tunnel II and I came into Infinity Ward and he was talking to you know, the directors and said look I really want to continue with this newer version I’ve created and they said no. No, we’ve got any new aversion and That was what I’ve really appreciated in Infinity war and in this one again and I wish I can tell you about what that is. No, it’s some super cool stuff I can’t wait for people to see other stuff And Captain Marvel just made her debut and made her mark in the Cinematic Universe. How was it to be playing with the Avengers? I? Don’t know who Don’t even know what my point is in this movie at all. I might just stop in for a quick set. I’m gonna leave Understand When you pause over to the trailer That’s right. That’s in the trailer. Of course That you said that was your hard-luck. You did say the highlight I felt like it was difficult That day, I know just like relax. So I’m just a world. It’s just Chris. It’s just Chris. I’m just someone destroy This was like I think of it as some time when I was like getting, you know all around just trying to get sea legs and Done. You’ve been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A–‘s for a long time. What is your favorite part about playing war machine? Oh, I just say legs Why did you do that before my question? Tired team me up for something no, this has been a very interesting ride and a lot of fun and a lot of growth that these characters have and and and Still to be this many movies in and to still be changing. They still have new stuff to do. It’s just been really exciting So both of your characters were off doing other things during infinity Wars So how does it feel to be back in the fight? We don’t fight we get along famously In fact, the reason we weren’t even in and we went on we went we went on a ping-pong tour across your us Right. We were visiting France. Yeah, we had swim lessons together, right? It was a really great time It was a fun summer. And then we got back and found out everything that had happened That’s right Thankfully we avoided it. That’s right Well, okay Jeremy your character Hawkeye has a close relationship with Black Widow How did it feel as an actor to get back in the groove with working with Scarlett? Hey with I anything expended with everybody the best part of this this movie is because I’ve been with every woman for so long It’s it’s it’s all pretty much like family. So I’m you know, it’s it’s the best part of the movie every thought ant-man and with the Avengers in civil wars So yeah, how was it for you? I was especially nice for me because it was you know was a little bit like seeing some friends that I met once long ago and hadn’t seen in a while and I got to come back and hang out and It was it was amazing. I mean, it’s really it’s it’s a fun thing to work on something that is so kind of Global and has such interest but it’s made better by the fact that everybody is really cool It was nice to hang out with with everybody and go to dinner. There’s some dinners What an amazing thing to be a part of the tone on the set. This film has a different tone How was it working in the fatone? Who told was it was like a b-flat? I think so. Yeah, it’s like a b-flat, which I always I Always think that’s the nicest tell ya and it’s one that’s really not used very much Agreed agreed Working with the Russo brothers. Yes. Tell us about what they’re amazing man. They’re awesome. Yeah. I wish I could do more with them They’re so busy now. But yeah, they’re it’s wonderfully collaborative, you know and super smart and Maybe weird kind of just having one of them around, you know, right? I know they do You know They they work in the way that I guess siblings who have grown up and have been interested in the same thing their whole lives They it’s like they do share a brain and you know, they’re both kind of in control of everything that’s going on and everything That’s going on is so massive. It’s still kind of shocking to me that they’re They’ve got it all going on Yeah, rounds they can see it all you know, they’re really impressive and for each of you personally What was the highway what has been your highlight of your experience so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s been what’s been the highlight highlight for you this moment right now Really not not sitting for you. You’re pretty amazing and all but I think it’s To determine to this I didn’t know this was happening what was going on? it’s it’s kind of only now you can kind of look back and reflect upon the last decade of all the movies and I got a people be a part of a lot of those which is pretty awesome and So I’m very excited to see this movie Get to see it in my face it’s my excited face I can see it a lot you can’t contain him like It’s an incredible thing to be a part I am late to the game but It is amazing to be a part of something. That is so Beloved all over the world and to pick out one thing that’s been the most incredible part is impossible It’s pretty great though. When you get to hang out with some kids and when you see kids react to these characters in these movies It’s a nice it’s a nice reminder of what’s the power that it actually has and what’s important the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a diverse World how important is it for you guys to play strong female characters in that. Um, I you know, it’s honestly, my character has had such an interesting journey because I started out in Iron Man 2 as Basically like a glorified secretary Who like kicks ass on the side and then you know We’ve got to really like kind of peel back the layers of an act and build an actual person um, you know, not just like the sexy secretary the sidekick type of You know played out version of you know Someone so it’s it really as the kind of 10 years has passed. You know, it’s it’s amazing to see how important it’s been for You know all these different Studios to catch up with like what’s going on in the real We’re all then what’s going on in the zeitgeist and what’s important to you? to fans and audience members and really it’s the it’s the audience that and the fans that have pushed the studio’s like Marvel to you know to you know come into this century and You know and to really show The characters that represent what’s going on in the in this world? And so it’s it’s really awesome to be to feel a part of that, you know Uh, yeah, I mean it was it was really cool I when I sat down with Ryan and he talked to me about this character Okoye, I mean what was really exciting to me? I’ve always been passionate about telling stories from an African female perspective and showing their Complexity as well as their strength and and and their abilities and their capabilities and so to hear what he had in mind Was just really thrilling because it was a character I I just knew I had never seen before the idea that she was the head of an army and the head of the security of this nation and that the sort of Pat I felt an immediate connection to that in the sense that you know having grown up on the continent like the idea of this sort of nation was really exciting to me one that had never been colonized and so the idea of protecting it it was something I connected to really quickly and and so it was it was really cool because I got to the beauty of that like what scarlet saying is is We got to really collaborate and myself and the other women that we were creating these characters with with Marvel with Ryan in the course of creating Black Panther and and we really got to collaborate on on our mindsets around how these Women would would address the world and how they would be, you know complicated and and powerful and they’re in a country that allows that unabashedly brings the women into the fold as full capable equal equal members of whatever part of society they are great at being a part of so I just loved being able to Be a part of that sort of a narrative and yeah Absolutely It was about time to see that sort of thing as a whole across every single genre you know storytelling and so it’s really exciting but that’s happening so much, you know with uh, You know with Scarlett’s character and and of course Brie, Larson’s character and you’re just seeing it in so many ways throughout things now and that’s really exciting Well, you guys are both great custodians In that message two quick questions one for each of you Scarlett, you’ve played Black Widow many many many What’s your favorite part about playing her? um, I think my favorite part about playing Black Widow is that she’s not afraid to be Vulnerable. She really that’s one of her strengths. I think is that she you know, she’s She doesn’t always know how she’s gonna do something. She just knows she’s gonna do it and she doesn’t always feel capable she just she’s just gonna try me I’m and and you know do her best and that’s that’s you know that’s good enough for her as her best and I think she’s you know someone who is a very fully realized woman and and she’s grown and she’s learned through her losses and she’s kind of Abdun flow with the change and I I like that about her. I like that. She’s okay being broken, she’s okay, you know coming from where she’s come from and she’s she’s okay with you know having Having these kind of shades of grey in her past, you know, I think she’s really um She’s she’s complicated and she’s she’s okay with that. I think that’s cool. And third time’s the charm. Uh, You know, she’s very unapologetic and She’s not really trying to please her anybody. She really answers to something much deeper that’s you know really rooted in her for mothers and her forefathers have created a system that she believes she must maintain so there’s something really thrilling about playing a woman who who is Unapologetic in what she can bring to the table and in her strengths in in how she can strategize around a situation And and still at the same time, you know has a ferocity and and is very at ease with her femininity You

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