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Avengers Endgame Funny Moments Best Scene all funniest jokes Part 1 Full Movie Clip HD

he thinks he failed honestly into the
exact second I thought you were build-a-bear maybe I am and you’ve won
fair game you’re fun… it was fun. month
not likely what you gonna get another haircut so thanks for the hot tip no you
were closer highly suspect warship Danvers pain it wasn’t infectious and
garbage scow yeah and now we smell like garbage yeah I am inevitable perhaps I
treated you too harshly what did you do for the head have either of you guys
ever studied quantum physics only to make conversation time works differently
in the quantum realm it’s crazy Scott I get emails from a raccoon so
nothing sounds crazy anymore are you talking about a time machine no no of
course not yeah like a time machine no we know what
it sounds like Tony the stones are in the past we could
go back we could get them we can snap our own fingers we can bring everybody
if we strictly follow the rules of time-travel your plan to save the
universe is based on back to the future hmm no that’s not how quantum physics
works easy miserable yes Julie can we get photo say green thank you
very much oh go do you want to grab one with me your whole face wait they don’t
know he’s even saying no he doesn’t I get along the kid take the goddamn phone
okay and one last sim before we pack it in for the night that only mommy says that word she
coined it it belongs to her you’re doing hot mess she nope we don’t say that I
love it she loves me 3,000 you were somewhere
the low six to nine hundred layer up the UH the van thing we blow the grade I
don’t want to lose in a tiny here in the 1950s excuse me
bad joke I have no idea what we’re talking about time travel here either
it’s all a joke or none of it is good luck Scott you got this we’re good yes
it’s Scott this this doesn’t feel right can I get a little spin see I’m working
on it be Scott back it’s Scott as a baby he’ll grow oh my god
oh thank god somebody peed my pants I don’t know if it was baby me or old me
or just me me time travel let me guess you turned into a baby among other
things yeah what are you doing here Tony I don’t know honestly I have to get out
of the garage before Morgan takes it sledding we keep that a little client
didn’t bring one for the whole team it’s awesome rody careful on reentry
there isn’t he in the landing zone we only see him once a month when he comes
in for supplies Oh God what’s up regular-sized man whoo
something died in here he’s in the bucket feel free to log into the word no
password obviously thought he’s back that kid on the TV just called me a dick
here to get new master yeah new master 69 hey whore again you know the god of
thunder listen buddy if you don’t log off this game immediately I’m gonna fly
over to your house come down to that basement you’re hiding in rip off your
arms and shove them up your butt let’s go cry to your father you little weasel
thank you for so what’s up different angle you look like melted ice cream all
right that’s fine why there might be a chance we could fix where like the cable
they just asked me driving me bananas for weeks
well I really why would I be scared of that guy I’m the one who killed that guy
remember all right you tell everybody who chops Anna’s big head off
Stormbreaker take it easy you’re only a genius on
earth pal hey hey easy easy Scott calm down sorry we’ve got enough
for one round-trip each plus two test runs one test run and why don’t we just
find baby Dennis you know and problem solved
bingo that’s not how it works that’s horrible thanos and secondly changing
the past does it change the future what who who told you that
Star Trek Terminator if you travel to the past that pass becomes your future
cut up diamonds Hot Tub Time Machine Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Time
cop time after time quantum leap wrinkle in
time basically any movie that deals with time travel die hard
no it’s your former present becomes the past so back to the future is a bunch of
bullshit exactly is he asleep no no I’m pretty sure he’s
dead here’s an interesting story though about
ether kind of an angry sludge sort of a thing so someone’s gonna need to amend
that my grandfather had to hide the stone from the Dark Elves scary being so
Jane actually eggs breakfast no I’d like a Bloody Mary dr. strange yeah your nose
throat meets rabbit from a planet I can outer space do you want to go to space
you want to go to space puppy I’ll pick you the space all right we have a plan

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