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Avengers Endgame Funny Moments Part 2 Best Scene all funniest jokes Full Movie Clip HD

whatever it takes one round trip each no
mistakes moon do-overs this is the fight of our lives and we’re gonna win he’s
pretty good at that right … o right maybe smashed a few things along the way the wine cellar is just down here my
father used a huge barrel to go any nail I’ll be right back okay are you crying yes that suit did nothing for your ass
no one asked you to look Tony that’s America’s ass on my way down coordinate
search-and-rescue rod my way down to coordinate search and rescue I mean
honestly all right flick me there’s a Power Stone well I think
maximum occupancy has been reached yes captain I thought you were coordinating
search and rescue change of plans hail Hydra Thumbelina do you copy I’ve got eyes on
the prize it is go time is that Axe body spray yeah I had a can of the different
motion since relax all right move it Stuart little things are getting
dicey up here let’s go medic these guys some help
good job meet me in the alley I’m gonna grab a quick slice I have eyes on local
I can do this all day yeah I know I know that is America’s so he’s an idiot yeah move over woman
this is the part where you know spikes come out with skeletons on the end of
them and everything there’s gonna be a bunch of booby traps okay go ahead Wow oh but the raccoon didn’t have to
climb the mountain it’s not a raccoon yeah
Oh whatever eats garbage just wait you haven’t decided who’s
gonna put that on you what do you think is coursing through my veins right now
Cheez Whiz it’s good having me is that everyone why do you want it more Avengers by Sam give me that you have a little boy seriously choices were him or a tree he
missed the first time they did got him both the second time you got something for me hi I’m Peter
Parker hey Peter Parker I am inevitable as guardians of the galaxy back together
again just so you know this is my ship still I’m in charge I know of course you
are okay I’m merely trying to be of service in the system see you say of
course but then you touch the map it makes you think that maybe you didn’t
realize I was in charge quit you did not see Rodin well here it is in there
should fight one another for the honor of leadership I got some blasters unless
you guys want to use knives oh yes please use knives no no sounds fair
it’s not necessary it’s not okay there shall be no knifing one another
everybody knows who’s in charge me yes

6 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame Funny Moments Part 2 Best Scene all funniest jokes Full Movie Clip HD

  1. 2:51 😂😂😂😂
    War machine: so he is an idiot.
    Nebula: sigh yeap
    So funny
    This movie have it all
    We laugh
    We cry.

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