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Avengers Infinity War Cast Funny Moments - Try Not To Laugh

shout out to the woman I heard coming out of the theater saying mmm the scenes footage Cumberbatch said this about you I want to give you a chance to actually defend yourself oh what's up man he called you arduous I don't even know what that means dog you're boring boring and not particularly funny this is Benedict Cumberbatch his thoughts on Chris Pratt what are your thoughts on that well first of all I think arduous means buff Thank You great excellent so we're here to talk about little low-budget indie movie by the name of infinity war but before we get onto that Sebastian Stan I do have a small question for you your name is obviously Stan that's a fact are you familiar with the concept of a Stan you know I'm nine and actually I don't think I got it wrong the other day I really yeah I don't know what is this dad I'm a symbol of volcanic raid the one thing in the universe that Hulk is afraid of his banner and so that that's a drama that is playing out you guys just get along that's a great line what is the step is it the M&M thing yes could you perhaps wager I guess so the elephant clearly if I get this wrong Eminem in women who have been 2001 together I was really special about us like we should to release the track called Stern and it was about him address it was his address to a letter he got yeah it's the summer from died er a cat Batman again Rocket Raccoon when a friend who else has a tail of course the wrong character that could the character called yeah my name is Cox my friend you know my name is cork I'm kind of like the leader in here made of rocks as you can see but don't get that intimidate you whatever you said as that made me fall in love with either of you perhaps a Tom Hills dad it'll scan like yeah no doubt on the way over brother I'm joining more than you guys his role is the leader I heard you refer to yourself as the head of the acting department Tom your big impression scale no that's that's all that's in the rearview and not allowed to do this anymore it allowed to do this anymore yeah yeah so I couldn't get a perhaps a Sebastian sound out of you know I don't feel like you could do I gotta do it in order do me just got a look around lost that's what most of my friends do I don't know who they're doing pressure I think I used to be able to do Evans just go for that for the cheap low blow of like that little chest tap laugh as long as a good go-to is it huh maybe it's yellow Oh who's yellow I always see me I need to call my shrink what an amazing iron mine oh it is it's Iron Man flying around so fast you can't see him we have to talk the first day on set I need to know the froude it was in this date there was no infinity war is the 19th Marvel film many modes compass the 19th Marvel film my challenge to you and all three of yous this is cheating I will note that my challenge to you is can you name all the previous 18 in one minute now mr. Chadwick Boseman managed 30 so that is the way more than particularly funny no use being sarcastic completely of course he is and any thoughts for Benedict on non Chris's thoughts no it's so don't be don't solve you know dr. strange you're a doctor the doctors are bored come on yeah Haile Ely I love you i ilysm I love you so much I delude Dubois if Loki dies in infinity war I'm dying with him bless wider Maximoff is the strongest Avenger and she will be the one to save the universe and defeat Thanos once she does that all you haters are gonna give her the recognition she deserves okay well first off I didn't know I had hater so she caught me folks here this looks like Iron Man again no it's great I'm just wandering by – man okay oh it's the it's the that the chipmunk what is he called the rodent Jesus girl none of those nipples Oh Jax yes of course it's dryness I'm sorry Josie all right my nipples going cycles nah nah I didn't even know he was in they called me I was like can you be and he was like I doing none Thank You self-drive from New York Alice this is the most brilliant British picture I've ever seen and that's there's gonna be a roll wedding soon April is Gamora Derek is Peter quill and Ben is Thor okay so this is Frank this is from Parkson record so she's saying that this is you uh-huh and that this is me and Hemsworth Oh how do you be like this is my boyfriend quill and this is his boyfriend Thor I have a question are you both my boyfriends yep she's a bathroom joke history yes and I have to say on Instagram yesterday you posted a great video of Linda on the toilet I don't remember prepping for Avengers press can you talk about how that got you mentally prepared for today and I guess keeping with our history it's all about pushing through things do you know what I mean it's all about no but it is it's about it's about it's about being able to lend yourself to something a thousand percent whether it being on the toilet we're doing press let's talk muscles everyone's strong in this film obviously we're superheroes saving the world who would be who actually in real life if there was a man which Marvel Avenger would you rather babysit your kids named baka could blow my back out if you want I've gotten skinemax would you rather battle Thanos or baby Groot baby Groot Thanos yeah baby Groot he's gonna bring everything yeah messing with that psycho I think they would mess you up two fingers and you know this doesn't now we all try to we all try to stay in shape you know some of us do weird stuff like eat seaweed and wring out chicken breasts and get little packets of almond butter when they're about to faint but of evidence yeah it's like a little packet he says all their buddy like okay it's really weird everybody is excited to see who dies in hashtag infinity war I'm just excited to see the banter between rocket and Falcon I don't talk to raccoons I even like not that it's one in the same but one lends itself to the other in order to reach that amount of conviction do you know I mean yeah so when you're on the toilet let's say yeah of course and you're really like having to push through something you know whether it be piles or whatever it is and you don't have any assistance you have to be you have to find that strength within you to be able to do that yeah and then today like doing an interview with you it does take some energy it takes some strength so I'm pushing through this interview Wanda says we should trace basic things up in the bedroom vision says oh good idea later the movies Wanda back its paprika because you ever see a tree without a trunk through this interview why are you saying that I like your bowel movements no I'm saying you're like the toilet that I'm resting on it's helping me through whatever it is that I'm pushing through I'm not that you're a toilet in the negative sense in a positive way that's what we need in the outtakes I'll do anything do iron men – with Robert ten years ago it's I think an experience that I still remember the camera test I remember everything I remember everything I don't drive a Prius I Drive an f250 King cab long bed yeah I got thirty five thousand pounds of towing capacity

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  1. 3:27
    Stan: to do me you just have to look around-

  2. The interview with the actor of thanos was so awkward….ew😂 ——“ I don’t fight raccoons I eat them”- Anthony Mackie😂😂😂😂❤️

  3. "Tom Hiddle-Stan" ugh boy you are horrible at puns but it's underSTANdable since you are probably to tense.

  4. Seb’s laugh and giggles get me all the damn time. My smol bean. Every time I fall all over… again.

  5. Interviewer: “are you saying I’m like your bowel movements?”

    Josh brolin: “no I’m saying ur like the toilet that I’m resting on”

    this had me dead 💀😂

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