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Avvai Shanmugi Best Comedy | Avvai Shanmugi rejects Gemini Ganesan | Manivannan | Delhi Ganesh

Come, Shanmugi Your song advising
Janaki was excellent Don’t know about her
but I understood it very well Janaki is still a child
you have realized it and I’m glad – If you wish, all will end well
– I have wished now What did you sing? “Love will blossom
even in fifties and sixties” Regardless of age
a man must have a woman That’s what you said indirectly – I meant, a man for a lady
– Either way it is the same Can’t I understand this? Oh! No, You have misunderstood it I was talking to her through song You have understood it
wrongly in the cross talk I wish to make it clear This will not succeed
No chance What happened? – Impossible, it can’t happen
– Why are you tense? If a male wants to
marry you how will you feel? No, that’s not right I will tell you
what I’ve told Mudaliar Mudaliar? I meant I will tell you
what I’ve told earlier Earlier some people
proposed to me I told them the same
What did I say? Err…I’m married Like you had a Chellamma
I have a Chellappa – Where is he?
– Somewhere He is on pilgrimage
for the last 10 years Why didn’t you tell me before? It didn’t come to me then
When did you allow me? You just pressed in
the rose flower in my hands That’s Okay
One who has left you 10 years ago Do you think he will come back? He has…by chance if comes Even if he comes back
I can arrange a divorce for you Do you not have any other job? Is your daughter’s
divorce not enough? All five fingers
can have rings separately But I have only one neck
only once you can get married You are so angry now
No discussions now I will wait for your
response, not in a hurry You wait for the response I will wait for my husband “A male has lost his love” When the love is past
When will he get back his peace “When the love is past
will he get back his peace?” I will find out today
What and who you are? Oh God!! Hey! You Follow that auto rickshaw…go fast Stop, follow the person
not the vehicle – Give me the fare
– Free for delivery cases Can’t you consider
the same for emergency too Balance? My God!! What is this? Do not touch, wet cement How is the business? Shanmugi, why are you walking? Going home?
Let’s go in cycle rickshaw If you feel shy, you can sit,
I will run along No Mudaliar, let us walk
I want to talk with you – Please…talk
– You gave me flower that day – No, I didn’t
You gave it to Pandian Yes, I understand You are asking me
Why can’t you give it directly? Why do you seek help of a broker? Let me buy some fresh flowers What happened? The moment you touch
I heard the sound of Veena – Did you play Veena?
– Neither I played veena Nor you can offer me flowers Why? Yes, Your husband,
who is that…? Viswanatha Iyer, is he dead? Even if you become a window
I will give you a new life – Window?
– What then? Oh…that is widow Whatever it is
I will give you a new life – You can’t offer that too
– Why? Someone is troubling me
Who is he? The guy with flowers
in ears and staring at sky – Did he too offer flowers?
-Yes You are at least
carrying it in a box He is roaming
with it in his ears Do not worry,
and go home It will be a contest
between Jasmine and Rose? I will bite the ear
which carries the flower – Spit it soon after biting
– Why? – His ear is so hairy
– Is it more than this? I am big in this also Don’t worry
I will tackle him technically – You may go
– Thanks Old man, did you see
a lady who just crossed you – A lady
– Aunty – Shanmugi?
– Do you also know her? What I’ve been
searching has come across You only came across
I came to give you Rascal, beat him – Don’t hit me
– Why are you beating me? He has come
to this area to eve-tease Beat him Keeping flowers
for his love on his ears Beat him I will not let you go
without biting your ears – Don’t bite
– Beat him Beat him Wait Where am I now? Get up, stay steady – What is this?
– Finger – Did I say hand?
– One – This?
– Two – This
– Three Your finger is also swollen – I only beat you
– Are you okay? – Yes, I am
– Says he is sober, beat again Wait, why are you
beating me again? – Will it pain in intoxication?
– How is it possible? – That’s why, beat him
– Good policy Wait…let me talk Beat him Pandian, are you free
you too may try Pandian, you have
arrived at the right time – Do you know him?
– Yes, he knows me well I will tell Please talk high of me
they are beating me Wait…wait
Stop until he explains He will say Joot
then you may start No violence during peace talks – Who is this man?
– You won’t believe if I say Tell me, I will believe it – Husband of Shanmugi
– I can’t believe it See you are now deviating
This is why I am refused Don’t be angry
tell me, I will believe Shanmugi’s husband
Sethurama Iyer has come back But you told me Viswanatha Iyer Did I say so? – 2 names
– 2 husbands? No, two names Sethurama-Viswanatha Iyer
was shortened and- You do not believe Viswanatha Iyer, Sethurama Iyer – Don’t I know these 2 names
– Don’t you know? It wasn’t right
to part them after marriage – I am not involved in it
– Enough Answer my question only Is it enough, Mudaliar? Her husband has changed his mind
and has returned now It’s wrong to poke
your nose in Shanmugi’s affairs Has my love failed
since her husband has come? She is a jasmine
in someone else’s ear – Forget her
– How can I forget? I can’t forget her till death How about
the due rent from Krishnan? Nearly 6 months rent is due
Why do you ask? – Just now I saw him passing by
– Stop there, where is the rent? Why are you pestering me? – Don’t leave him
– Go Is that the Police station? Why are you
calling up Police station? This guy has to be
handed over to police Do you want Shanmugi
to come there? Why should she come
to the Police station? The person who went
is her husband Is he? Boss told me
her hubby is Chellappa Iyer People are calling
him Mudaliar, how can- Chellappa Iyer got vexed
and converted into Mudaliar Do you know about
her weakness for males? Here it is Mudaliar
and there, your father-in-law He follows her like a cat
and gone to the extent… …of handing over
the house keys to her – Pandiya
– What? She has driven my
Koushi out of the house – I know
– How? Just now you told me Yes, under her influence My boss is going to drive me
out of the house one day That is why, I told you
Mudaliar is Shanmugi’s hubby What way it will help me? You inform this to Iyer
She will be driven out You can bring in
Koushi and steal lamps – How do you know about lamp?
– I saw in the video Has the news
got spread to that extent? Will it spread to
Satellite TV, Cable TV? Don’t waste you time here?
Go and inform to Iyer

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