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**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | Alone With People | Omeleto

Boy: So what did you think of the movie? Andie: I thought it was okay. Boy: Sounds awesome. Andie: Yeah well I thought it was okay, until I was like “Man this is awesome…” *nervous chuckle* Boy: My mom’s not gonna be here for a while so, do you just wanna hang out? Andie: Here? Boy: Yeah, we could just like sit, right here, just… Andie: Oh, *Music* Boy: My uncle Maiben has a lot of guns. Andie: *Awkward sigh* Boy: He has like, a lot of ’em, and sometimes I get to shoot ’em Andie: That’s cool. *awkward chuckle* Boy: My sister has fancy rats. Andie: What is it-uh.. Is that like a name you gave them or.. Boy: No, they’re called fancy rats. Andie: So fancy rats is like a- SMOOCH BOIIII Other girls: “…I swear she almost got hit by them-” “Oh my gosh-” “I thought she did too,” “Oh my god my mom’s here.” “Can you drive us home?” “Yeah you guys can ride again..” “Yeah-..” … *Music* Andie: This is me at 15, and I’m very gay. *Music* *Water flowing down* Andie: I just- um… I just really need to talk to somebody… Therapist: When your mom called to make the appointment, um, she said she didn’t know why you wanted to come in. Andie: I uh, I, yeah I didn’t.. I didn’t want to tell her, why… Therapist: It’s okay, That’s- That’s what I’m here for. Andie: Sometimes I smoke pot with my friends. *Pen click* Therapist: Do you do that a lot? Andie: No just like whenever I do I just, I get like really paranoid, like.. I just can’t stop thinking like my mind is just like, crazy. Therapist: What do you think about? Andie: Like I don’t wanna kill myself- but like sometimes I feel like it would be so easy to die. Like I don’t wanna die, like I’m not- I’m not- I don’t wanna kill myself, like I’m not gonna kill myself, but like, sometimes when I smoke it’s like, “Oh my god,” like, “I could die.” ‘chuknowwhatImean? Therapist: Do you think about that a lot? Andie: Killing myself? No, that’s not why I’m- that’s not why I’m here. I mean not to laugh at that. It’s okay to come here, for that.. But I just like.. I’m saying like sometimes I get so high, that I feel like, anything can happen like, I could just like, ’cause I read stories like, people like, peel their arms off, Therapist: Uh-huh, Andie: With like an orange peeler because they think they’re an orange. Therapist: Do you ever think about trying other drugs? Andie: Like what? Therapist: Like.. Coc*, gives some people a really great high. (*cocaine) Andie: Oh. Okay. Maybe I’d just, drink. Show: -but in lesbian world.. ___’s married. *Andie’s zipper* Show: I’ve wanted to call you but… this is a really difficult situation for me- *garage door* *footsteps* *sports channel* Mom: *Laughs* Dad: What? Mom: Andie, what are you doing here? Andie: Hey, oh I’m just-.. Mom: I thought you were going to Judie’s house for dinner. Andie: No I’m um I just, the Cougars were on.. *Simultaneously* Mom: You should’ve come with us. Andie: Uh-I don’t want- I don’t really like steak. Dad: Hm, saved 20 bucks. Tess: We never get steak. Mom: Tess, we just had steak. Tess: Why is it so loud? Andie: *Inaudible* Tess: What are we watching? Andie: You can just- just change it if you want. Show: -forecast, we’re gonna work our way through the next couple of days for your Wednesday… Andie: *Inhale… loud exhale* Therapist: Have you gotten high since your last visit? Andie: What? Therapist: Have you gotten, paranoid? Andie: Oh, oh no, um.. No I haven’t smoked. Therapist: Good. Is there anything else, you wanna talk about? Andie: I’m… *exhale* Guess. Therapist: Guess… what, you want to talk about? *Inhale, exhale* Andie: I don’t- I can’t say it out loud, *sniffle* Therapist: Why not? Andie: *slurred* I don’t know I just can’t say it out loud without crying… Therapist: So cry, it’s okay. Andie: *Deep breath* I’m gay. *Inhale* I said, I can’t say it out loud without crying. Therapist: Do you not want to be gay? *Andie sniffles* Andie: No, like I do wanna be gay, like, I don’t care like, I am gay, but like, *inhale* just not now like, I-I just wanna be gay later you know like, like, when I’m in college or like, *sniffle* in California like, that’s fine.. but I don’t wanna be gay now like in high school. *inhale* like I don’t want anyone from my high school to know.. *sniffle + small exhale* *sniffle* Therapist: I used to date girls. Andie: You’re gay? *small giggle + sniffle* Therapist: I’m, bisexual, I’m married to a man, I have two kids but, I had a girlfriend. I had the biggest crush on this girl, we dated for a while, Andie: Do your parents know? Therapist: I never… explicitly came out to them, they just, knew I had a girlfriend. Andie: Really? Therapist: Yeah.

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | Alone With People | Omeleto

  1. This is so good, we need this as like a show or a full length movie please. Im very gay and i have a girlfriend and this is like exactly like my life

  2. this would be a very good video if she said 'i'm lesbian'. if you're going to make a lgbt based video, please use the right terms.

  3. It's so tiresome that people still make such a fuss about that. Someone is gay. So noted, move on. It's nothing to worry about. I loved 'Tess', she was so annoyed at the therapist's :-). Perfect casting.

  4. Ugh
    I just want to slap Tess in the face
    With a canon ball
    And then slam her against the floor
    And then take her to the hospital because I'm a good person

  5. I love this dad, he excepts her…for who she is…i want that…cuz i am also gay…and want to tell my parents but…i can't say it without just…tearing up or screaming…

  6. Maybe, we could make a lgbt community. So they can live in peace and straight people can live with straight people. 😱 Shocking.

  7. I’m depressed for no reason my family if well off and all but I just get so so sad idk why it is just this bad feeling I get and I get terrified and I have Anxiety

  8. Oh!! My Gosh! I can't believe I'm writing this, but………. I'm bi (bisexual) and I'm all for the lesbians and this one right here takes the cake; I love lesbians. I once said in one of my journals, or a few that I wanted a lesbian girlfriend. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I love this girl and there were quite a few lesbians that I was attracted to and all my life I've been going to school w/ them, but I think her dad a pretty good-looking dude and I am so gay for him!

  9. "I don't want to die. But i can just die."

    That is probably the best quote and the most relatable one too.

  10. Watching this and reading some of the comments here made me decide that when I'm a parent I'll just randomly say to my kids that as long as they're decent human beings, I couldn't care less what their sexual orientation is. It's disheartening to see that some people have to hide the truth about themselves for years.

  11. I love the way she realizes at the very end that being gay is the least of her problems…she's still stuck in a relationship with these dysfunctional lunatics

  12. "I read a book where people peel there arms off because they think their oranges" hahahah what book is this????😂

  13. Is her so called sane boyfriend is allowed to shoot guns and smoke crystal I think he should be the one with therepy

  14. Why does Omeleto call these "comedies"? I've watched about a dozen "comedies" on Omeleto, and none of them are comedies.

  15. I never came out to anyone as straight…or think that my being heterosexual defines who I am as a person. Why does sexuality of any type have to define who you are? I don't care who people sleep with, why should they care who I sleep with? Who I am and how I treat myself and others defines me more than who shares my bed. It's only one facet, not the entire person. Or is that just me?

  16. I am confused how this could be labeled comedy. It is a very sensitive drama dealing with very real issues and the complex reality of family life. But this is a comedy-free zone.

  17. This is a perfect example of a gay women, most of them are not that attractive and they forcefully turn gay because no guy would date them. Yeah I know, a bit harsh but that's the truth, most of the gay women's that I've seen were not good looking. It's like the brain rewires itself to fit the situation.

  18. This really resonated with me but it also left a sour taste in my mouth by the end. What's important to understand is that it's not just about having people know, it's about having a support system that actively and unhesitantly supports you and makes you feel like you're loved. The worst thing you can have when coming out is someone like Tess (I think that's her sister's name) who's very ignorant and her parents, who only care about the therapy fees.

  19. She seemed more sad and alone after the family therapy session than before. Mom just wanted to keep up appearances. My kids know they can be who ever and whatever they want and I will love and support them

  20. 0:58 when they kissed i was lIke HELL NO TIME TO CLICK OF but i ended up watching the whole thing anyways

  21. It would of been funny after her psychologist said she was bi for her dad to say next "hey i used to have a bf and then i met your mother and had you 2"

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  23. As a father, of course I would support my daughter, but it doesnt make it right whatsoever. A real couple of parents is made by the combination of man and woman.

  24. Is this a comedy because its a complete contrast to reality? If she is an asian, coming out would just disappoint your parents and make them cry.

  25. In the middle, there was an ad for Sam Adams where a girl that looked just like her was kissing a guy. At first I thought it was part of the story and I was very very confused.

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