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**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | The Lion | Omeleto

Learning with CRG English Prime enables your workforce to be more productive, more collaborative, and ultimately more successful. English Prime is a multi award-winning platform that puts interactive media at the heart of the learning process. Great, thanks Vince. How is that? It sounded good to me, nice and positive. Yes, but I’m sorry, It’s not “English Prime” right, it’s “English Prime”. Right and “the learning” is really important to it. I, I think when you say we should really emphasize “the learning”. Maybe we can, um… Like keep the pace, but slow down some of the words Exactly. Okay great, so a bit of emphasis and watch out for “Prime”, keep the energy, but a bit slower. Yep, okay. Got that Vince? Got it. OK, let’s go again. Learning with CRG English Prime enables your workforce — Hold it, waitwaitwaitwaitwait. It’s not “Prime”, it’s “Prime”. “English Prime”. “English Prime”, like that? That’s it. Learning with CRG English Prime enables — “English Prime”. It’s “Prime”. Prime. Prime. “English Prime”. That’s the one. And again, here we go. Learning with CRG English Prime enables — I’m sorry, I’m just not sure about the word learning. I was just thinking the same thing. What do you got in mind? How about knowledge? It just seems much more… aspirational. Knowledge makes so much more sense. (indecipherable chattering) Look, look, look, okay, I’m sorry, I really think we’re overthinking this paragraph. Okay, let’s move on, I think we all know when you say the same line over and over it loses all meanings so Does that… Is that okay with everyone if we… come back to this later? Yeah. / Sure. Okay Vince. Trusted and proven, next line when you’re ready. Trusted and proven solution English Prime is used by top businesses from around the world with in-depth source monitoring they also benefit from comprehensive reporting as standard. Nicely done, Vince. How was that? Yeah, we really need to bring more energy to “as standard”. We specifically put that in bold. Okay, no problem. Got that Vince? Got it. They also benefit from comprehensive reporting as standard Nicely done Vince, lots of energy in there. Everybody happy? No. Look, we really need to add to this. It’s a major selling point. No one else has a reporting air standard. It’s almost like it needs… surprise. Lots of energy. Lots and lots of energy for this one. Can you go again Vince? I’ll try. We’ll get there. They also benefit from comprehensive reporting as standard. That sounded the same. They also benefit from comprehensive reporting as standard As standard, as standard, as standard, as standard, it’s as standard — Definitely a lot of energy in there. It just doesn’t feel like genuine surprise to me. It needs to be shocked, right? (in background) As standard!! Yes, I understand no one else has this feature (in background again) As STANDARD! Okay, so uh, I think what we’re, um — Okay. How about this? And Vince, um, try this, all right? Imagine you’re walking down the street. It’s just an ordinary day. Everything’s fine, and then suddenly, you see a lion. Yeah, it jumps out at you. “As standard!” Yeah? Imagine it’s a lion. All right, all right Vince. Good, let’s, let’s just, um… Let’s just really push this one, okay? Let’s go for it, and see what happens, okay? Here we go. [inhales then exhales] Trusted and proven solution English Prime is used by top businesses from around the world with in-depth source monitoring, they also benefit from comprehensive reporting… [heavy breathing] Oh god. [frightened stammering] [screams] Ruuuuuun! [more screaming and whimpering] [screams] AS STANDARD!! [screaming and crying] How’s that?

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Comedy Short Film | The Lion | Omeleto

  1. Sorry for my ignorance but I have a question. Why are they so perfectionist when it come to speak a certain word, and what are they doing actually?? Is it some sort of narrating or whatever??

  2. If anyone just randomly saw a lion randomly appear the sad truth is they would just pull out their phone and film it.

  3. How true. I have unbridled contempt for the pompous, untalented, addled brained idiots who do not know how to act or write or even think rationally yet presume to dictate to a voiceover artist how to interpret the script. And that's the majority of those who yield power over the actor.

  4. "He's not communicated the shock, he should be surprised that it's standard." "Nobody else has this feature." That's Hilarious

  5. I love the attention to detail in this sketch , you can see what I think is an fl studio sound goodizer on the audio guys computer a nice detail

  6. Vince showed the 3 dudes that he has been doing everything they've been telling him to do perfectly. they thought they were experts when vince was the expert. they didn't know how much of a professional vince was and probably realized in the end that they were in the wrong.

  7. It's not prime, It's pppppppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. An example of a panel of phony overpaid arrogant executives; pretending to have some sort of special intellectual superiority. Able to instruct professionals how to do what they're the best at, better. It's all bull manure.

  9. "…you're walking down the street…and suddenly, you see a lion. It jumps out at you…'At STANdard.'
    The most literal interpretation of an asinine suggestion ever. Lmgdao!

  10. Excelent film. Titled as a comedy? Yes. Pushing typical comedic vibes down your throat? Not at all! Instead it has a very warm, beating heart in the story and the characters. A loveable little piece.

  11. Some clients are completely gypped in the head lol. I once auditioned for a dumb little fan dub/SFM thingo for Team Fortress 2 (video game). Character is very clearly Australian, and I'm Australian so I thought I'd get the part as everyone else was doing a bad Aussie accent. Then some American does a British accent and the client says "I'm looking for an Aussie accent", the guy replies "well the accent was originally meant to be English for the game before they made it Australian". Client says "oh ok then" and gives him the role.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAA one of the best I have seen thus far, lion standard. In big organizations/ corporate world has the same types of know it all exist!! Well done!!!

  13. As a voice over artist stumbling on this was very entertaining albeit feeling my veins nearly pop. i've been there.

  14. Apparently the lady meant imagine the feeling of suddenly seeing a lion in an unexpected place but from a relatively safe distance. OMG A STANDARD!!

  15. I came home frustrated from work and saw this, now I feel better. But he should have shoved redbulls in their ass for the energy they were looking for.

  16. That was right on the button. I used to work as a designer in the 'creative' sector.Every stinking lousy project was inflicted by this kind of collective decision making, where everyone felt the need to have their 'contribution'. It took ten years before my 'Lion' encounter. I found the best solution was to calmly walk away. And never go back.

  17. Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more:

  18. holy cow i wonder if Robin Williams and that voice guy are related and and all honesty he had a type of voice that would sound like to be featured in a Transformer movie

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